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 What is ClaimSmentor- we offer claim training, claim staffing , claim job opportunities , and claim networking sites!

 Visit all of our Dimechimes Claim Staffing and Training and ClaimSmentor Social Networking and Claims Industry Services at the following sites. We invite all independent and staff employees of insurance companies to join us at the following websites. 

ClaimSmentor is proudly sponsored by Dimechimes Claim Staffing and Claim
(emphasis is training  and claim consulting through the following social networking venues):

We hope you will visit all of our sites for your training,  employment needs, claims networking, or
staffing needs during 2009.

Make sure to read the announcement on the new
direction of our services made 3/1/09 at any of these websites listed below: 

Our Claim Staffing and Adjuster Services website to include
resume preparation service, individual claim career coaching services, mock
interviews, popular claim industry links, and all contact us information for 
all sites. Reputable adjusting firms, insurance carriers, and claim recruiters join us!

Our open blog on claim industry hot topics.
Includes guest blog entries submitted by our members and industry experts on the
Guest Blog link and our “Just One ClaimSmentor Moment” link for quick entries with
a link to a great news article or hot topic for days we just have no time for
forums or blog entries. You will also find links to all kinds of insurance
industry blogs, websites, estimate software, book reviews and much more. You can
search our archives by topic by using the Category tab in the right column. You
might also want to view the About Us page for links to articles we have had
published in major claims magazines. This blog was created for those who do not
enjoy learning through forum discussions or searching for information you might
need in claims.

Is our open Linkedin profile where
you can connect through our group to other claim industry professionals. We have
found it a valuable tool for adjusting firms and adjusters wanting to join in with
other Insurance Professional groups (click on Groups on the left column on my
profile) and make sure to also join our Dimechimes ClaimSmentor Insurance Claims
Group as well for other contacts. It is also a valuable place for adjusting
firms to announce job opportunities and to make contacts with key executives in
claims with carriers for marketing and for adjusters to complete their profiles
as well so that they too may join primary groups supporting the claims industry.
It is an extremely valuable tool and right now there is no charge to
participate. is our online e-mentoring project for claim industry
members and vendors supporting our industry. ClaimSmentor is our forum
discussion site for hot topics in the claims field, headline new on current
claim litigation issues, links to valuable resources and free tools for
adjusters for organizing their claims inventory, for rosters for member
adjusting firms , and for our online Live classes held regularly. This includes
forums on carrier certification class schedule information, annual claim
conference information, adjusting firm seminars, career forums, policy forms and
endorsement forums, estimate software forums, and online training information.
We will be hosting our first field trips in 2009 for our members in territories
where we have a large number of members. We will be sharing our updated program
in approximately April 2009 with many new features for our members as well as
many new sponsorship opportunities for firms supporting our online mentor
project to work with independent adjusters to keep them updated on the industry
when they are in between assignments. This is a great site for those wishing to
network with members nationwide.  This is our only site that does require a login id.

Here is the link to join us!

We are now 1,010 members strong in our fourth year of networking. 

Social networking has become very popular in today’s environment and we hope
that all of these options to network with members of our groups in these
different venues will assist all of us in our claims industry to share

We appreciate all of the participants in all of our various social networking

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