Geico wins case on overtime issues for auto adjusters view Washington Post article

January 6, 2010

Geico has won a case on overtime issues for staff auto adjusters according to the following article posting on the Washington post here.

We have written several other blogs here on staff adjuster overtime issues if you want to view them here.

Spring has Sprung- A Timely Reminder about Adjuster Safety Concerns is Due!

March 23, 2009

We’ve previously posted numerous blogs about adjuster safety issues. With spring’s arrival Sunday, now is a great time to bring these old blog entries back up for new reader’s viewing our blog:

Safety Equipment/Ladder Safety issues for Adjusters:

Center for Disease Control Shot Recommendations for Emergency Workers in Disaster and Flood Zones:

Adjuster Shot in TN in March 08 while on storm duty:

Field adjuster safety concerns- Remembering Katie Froeschle of Tampa, FL murdered while on a field appoint:

Defusing an Angry Insured:

Crisis Intervention while Catastrophe Adjusting-Guest blog by Steve Ebner

Please be safe while out there working this season!

Adjuster Safety- Another warning- March 08- Nationwide Adjuster Shot in Vehicle in TN while on Storm Duty

April 10, 2008

In September 2007, I’d blogged to alert adjusters about safety concerns with a reminder about a Tampa, FL adjuster murdered in the line of work. Here is a link to that prior blog:

Today with the news all around us of storms in TX, AR, OK and other states as the storm is moving, it’s time to unfortunately remind everyone again but this time by a news story which happened in March 2008 in Jackson,TN when a Nationwide adjuster was shot in his vehicle and his laptop stolen. I have no additional details other than that as listed in this news article. A forum post on another site last month reported the adjuster died. I do not know if that is fact or rumor but the story alone is another warning to all adjusters to watch your surroundings and stay extremely concerned about your safety. I pray the adjuster involved did recover. Let us know if you know the actual outcome of this horrible story.

 Here is a link to the story that ran in the Jackson Sun on March 27, 2008:

Our thoughts and prayers are with this adjuster and/or his family as he recovers.

Do you REALLY know what your Errors and Omissions Coverage covers?

January 10, 2008

We continue to be concerned for adjusters and adjusting firms regarding Errors and Omissions coverage due to the increased litigation in the aftermath of Katrina where numerous adjusters and adjusting firms have been named in many lawsuits.

ClaimSmentor  has discussed this issue with Dale Moore and Michael Hale- President of Claims Professional Liability Insurance Company at who are both members of ClaimSmentor. You will also note that NAIIA and NACA both endorse their program by providing links to their E and O program on their sites.

We have set up a Q and A session with Dale Moore -Director of Client Services for CPLIC and Michael Hale- President of CPLIC to host a Q and A session for all ClaimSmentor participants. All information was mass emailed out to our participants with the instructions for submitting your written questions about E and O coverage . They will then prepare written answers to the submitted questions we will be posting in our forums (no names will be released with the questions). This will be followed by an open Chat sessions online for our members to join in a LIVE discussion which Mr Moore and Mr Hale will moderate on January 22, 2008 at 6pm CST.

This should be informative to all participants as there are many questions everyone has such as ….Should you blindly accept the E and O coverage of the adjusting firm you are working claims for if they provide coverage or should you also have your own policy? Who covers your attorney fees if you are named in a lawsuit as many have been since Katrina? If your attorney fees are covered…is that over and above your limits or does it reduce your limits?

Major Changes in the Way Carriers Recruit and Train adjusters…is there really a lack of available adjusters?

November 20, 2007

This is an excellent article from Risk And Insurance regarding changes afloat in the adjusting world. While I agree that the training aspect has drastically changed since I entered the adjusting ranks in the early 80’s, I do not agree there is a lack of available adjusters. (The article points out that the opinion on this depends on who you talk to!)

Handling our staffing firm and talking to hundreds of adjusters each month, I am very attuned to who is available. In spite of what you may read on many forums that there is a glut of new adjusters, we receive calls from hundreds of very experienced adjusters who are available and looking for assignments. Is what the carrier doesn’t understand is that the lack of available adjusters depends solely on the human resource efforts of different adjusting firms. Some are extremely proactive while others rely on adjusters to come to them to apply. I am always amazed at the high quality of adjusters we hear from who cannot find assignments.

I’d be interested in receiving comments from many of you reading this article and your opinions on the recruiting, the training comments, and the availability based on your findings in the market.

Here is the article “Taking Time to Adjust” by Erin Fogg online on Risk and Insurance: