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January 4, 2011

A special thank you to our viewers as we will cross the 200,000 viewers mark today on our blog here at www.dimechimes.wordpress.com!

Thank you for supporting our mission to education independent adjusters on their down time between assignments when they lack the opportunity to learn about current events and trends in the claims industry as a whole since insurance companies do not keep them in the loop when they are not on a current assignment.

We look forward to working with you again this year and talking to the many we hear from each week via email and phone calls to discuss events and hot topics adjusters want to know!

Realtor Associations in Multiple Gulf States Advise Gulf Coast Claims Facility will pay their claims-NCA Adjusting firm to act as Third Party Administrator of their fund

August 25, 2010

Nothing but surprise after surprise with the terms of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility!

Ken Feinburg has been quoted all over the gulf coast in townhall meetings as stating that there were questions as to whether indirect losses from many different segments and industries were going to be covered under the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

Blog AL quotes NCA owner Jim Pearlman as saying this fund allowed for realtors is only going to apply to lost sales and lost commissions to realtors and he also announces the website where real estate agents should report claims to as www.gulfreclaims.com.

Now the Sun Herald posts news  that Realtors Associations in the 5  gulf coast states will be paid by the BP facility for lost sales and lost commissions and that they have selected National Catastrophe Adjusters (NCA) to handle the  “up to $60 million dollar fund” (quote from Ken Feinburg Sunday)  for them as awarded by Ken Feinburg as a third party administrator for the associations.

I have called the NCA Group who I am familiar with and have been advised by those in the know in the HR Department that they confirm they will be administering the fund for these realtor associations but claims are slow to come in as they all have to be reported to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and the announcement on the payment to the Realtor Associations is new information this week. The folks in HR advise they do believe they will be fully staffed with their own members so they are not soliciting additional resumes for these losses at this time. Their website is www.ncagrp.com  if you want to continue to follow up at a later date for claim job opportunities.

The BP claims press release dated August 23, 2010 doesn’t specify exactly how many realtor claims they had received but does show how much has been paid out to the Real Estate profession as 4 million in lost real estate sales ( is this the individual homeowners who lost sales or is this realtor lost sales we don’t know ) and 48  million in rental dwelling lost rental claims so it is hard to say with any validity how much these losses will truly come to. It is my assumption that lost rental income is not part of the amount being paid by the funds set aside for the Real Estate Associations based on the quote from Pearlman of NCA and based on the info on the new website for Real Estate Agents.

Updated Thursday 8/27/2010: Here is NCA’s press release through Business Wire with a few more details:


Mark your calendars now to attend the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters 2011 claim conference -January 2011 in Daytona Beach, FL

August 17, 2010
NACA www.nacatadj.org

NACA National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters

Don’t miss the opportunity to host as a sponsor, exhibitor, vendor or just attend the annual NACA National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters claims conference held this coming year in Daytona Beach, FL January 10, 2011 through January 13, 2011. I am very excited it will be held close to home in Florida this year!

This is an outstanding opportunity to meet many adjusting firms looking for great independent adjusters and obtain your annual CE credits at the same time.

ClaimSmentor will be manning a booth in the exhibit hall this year and look forward to getting to meet many of you attending in person finally! Use our ClaimSmentor invitation code when you register so they know your associated with our group. Our code is 377:


I’ve said it in the past and it bears repeating now that this is the best claims convention I support fully due to the high quality of the many classes they host at the convention along with outstanding opportunities for networking with other independent adjusters and adjusting firms. Well worth the cost of attending!

We support NACA as they are very mentor friendly- we hope you’ll join NACA and support their mentor program for adjusters as well!


They are strong supporters of ClaimSmentor and we definitely appreciate their support!

Talk about Making Great Use of Social Media for Claims! Watch these Auto Claim Direct You Tube Videos!

May 10, 2009

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently researching all of the various social media options available for claims adjusting firms and for independent claims adjusters and we’ve been discussing it in our ClaimSmentor forums. I’d have to say, from the firms I know, that Auto Claims Direct is the most proactive claims adjusting firm with use of social media! They have blogs, sites at Twitter, Face Book, Linkedin, proactive members of ClaimSmentor, and now today I find some training videos on You Tube as well.

Here is a link to their You Tube profile if you wish to follow their videos in your goal to obtain more auto claim adjusting experience.


Very  impressive Ernie Bray (President of Auto Claims Direct) ! We appreciate your membership and monitoring of our auto claim training forum over at ClaimSmentor too. I don’t know how you find time for it all after reading on one of the social media sites that you now have 850 independent adjusters. I was also convinced of the value of Twitter the other night when my husband who also follows you on Twitter told me you posted late Friday night that the deployment calls from carriers were coming in for the midwest storms. What an advantage that would be to an adjuster with your firm that is ready to deploy if they saw that “tweet” on Twitter and had the heads up to get a call in to let your firm know they are available!

You definitely have my vote for Best at Social Media in the Claims adjusting field. Very very progressive new world! You are right there on top of it all! Deb

To view all of the other social media outlets I’ve found Auto Claims Direct on as a fantastic example of professional ways to use social media for claim adjusting firms you’ll find them here:

Twitter:   www.twitter.com/autoclaims

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/AutoClaims-Direct/58266381164?v=wall&viewas=780383851

Forums-ClaimSmentor www.claimSmentor.com  login id- AutoClaimsDirect

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/erniebray

Auto Claims Direct Auto Adjuster Blog: http://blog.autoclaimsdirect.com/     

Their  Property Adjusting Claim Firm: http://www.americanpropertyclaims.com/aboutus.php (and this I didn’t even know until writing this blog)

Thanks for the fine example you are setting for the independent claims adjusting community on dealing with change and setting the pathway to use of new tools available for us all to get the best use of these new social media outlets. Now that is being a ClaimSmentor Mentor Adjusting firm at it’s finest!

Spring has Sprung- A Timely Reminder about Adjuster Safety Concerns is Due!

March 23, 2009

We’ve previously posted numerous blogs about adjuster safety issues. With spring’s arrival Sunday, now is a great time to bring these old blog entries back up for new reader’s viewing our blog:

Safety Equipment/Ladder Safety issues for Adjusters:


Center for Disease Control Shot Recommendations for Emergency Workers in Disaster and Flood Zones:


Adjuster Shot in TN in March 08 while on storm duty:


Field adjuster safety concerns- Remembering Katie Froeschle of Tampa, FL murdered while on a field appoint:


Defusing an Angry Insured:


Crisis Intervention while Catastrophe Adjusting-Guest blog by Steve Ebner


Please be safe while out there working this season!

Just A ClaimSmentor Moment #4- LexisNexis List of Top Law Blogs on Insurance and Claims Issues

March 12, 2009

I don’t have time for blogging today but did come across this list over at LexisNexis on top blogs for insurance. There are so many good ones I had not heard of on this list so hopefully this will link us to some great new sources of information. Clck here to view the list.

We also have our list of favorites where we find so much good information already shown in the Claim Blogs of Interest section located in the right column of this  website blog. I’ll add to my list of favorites for claims news as I get through the LexisNexis list.

Here is a video hosted by the Insurance Journal suggesting insurance companies should be blogging in this blog entry.


Here is a link to other great Insurance information resources found at Lexis Nexis:


Breaking News (Smile)- David Rossmiller is Back! First full post on Zach Scruggs

March 3, 2009

In the first of our Just a mentor moment sponsored by ClaimSmentor for quick claim hot topic links here we go!

Wow, I had just posted about two days ago in a post about how much those who follow the legal developments on social networks miss David Rossmiller’s posts at the Insurance Coverage Blog.

 Between David’s famous blogs that thousands in claims on our side of the fence (and those just lurking from the other side) get a pretty well rounded pictures of current claim litigation hot topics if you combine reading at Rossmiller’s site expressing an insurance coverage /defense attorney standpoint, Chip Merlin’s blog from a consumer advocate attorney ( an now the infamous Citizens Mission Task Force Consumer Advocate) , now throw in a Slabbed blog review and we have atleast all sides of the published internet social network opinions for viewing.

Yall politics you will love if you want all sides of the stories published together! Hey Yall Politics- when you are you going to add in the Chip Merlin blog to the Scruggs stories so we have all the important blogs? Hint hint…. by the way – wouldn’t claims adjusters and managers love to see these 4 together LIVE on a panel for a Q & A discussion? It would be sold out within 10 minutes!

By the way- if  you scroll down the right side of our blog here, you will find links to Claims Blogs of Interest I have found quite interesting when trying to locate information! We hope you will enjoy them!


Just another mentor minute link-When was the last time you thanked your mentors?

Here is who I thank as my mentor! Have you thanked yours by paying it forward?

http://www.claimsmentor.com/about.php (Now at 1,010 members and growing)

ClaimSmentor began on 12/08/2005 in recognition of William Robert Kane Sr. my father, my mentor, my friend.ClaimSmentor inception was on the 5th anniversary of his departure.. I thank him continuously for his willingness to mentor me throughout my life and my career. We hope all of you seeking a mentor get matched up so you have someone to truly thank for helping you along the way and that you too pass that on to a new trainee years from now.
Thank you David, Slabbed ( I still don’t know who they are), Chip Merlin, and Ya’ll Politics! Now when  will the carriers pipe in? (Yes we know they  THINK they can’t) Feel free to reply to this post and let the claims community know who you want to thank publicly!

Settlement negotiations between Plaintiff E. A. Renfroe & Company, Inc. and Defendants Cori Rigsby and Kerri Rigsby -Whistleblower Case- Links Updated Information

March 3, 2009

Thanks to Slabbed for updating this topic many claims industry professionals are interested in. You can find any news your looking for over there:


You will find links over there to all prior posting they have done. I’m looking to the future working on training issues but will just post quick links as I come across them so you can view updates from other sources you may not know about.

***Update- David Rossmiller is back at  The Insurance Coverage blog (see right column for links-Wordpress says I’ve linked too many times to this blog so I’ve edited these entries 3/21/09)  and has more posts than you can imagine on this case and hopefully now that he is posting again, he’ll post on some of the major developments during the six months he has not been posting. David- thank you for your humorous online e-mentoring. It is appreciated more than you know.


Adjuster Overtime Issues Supplemental Info from none other than Attorney Gloria Allred’s current news letter!

February 27, 2009

Speaking of reading interesting information found on the internet! I found this information on Gloria Allred’s law firm website. If you are a Greta Vansustern  fan on Fox News (9 pm CST week nights) you will definitely recognize her. This is a post she has on her current newsletter about overtime and wage and hour issues you will find interesting:


Here is a link to our prior blogs on Adjuster overtime issues. One of these days we’ll get a great employment attorney to answer adjuster questions on overtime issues. (Gloria…..hint we are a big fan of Foxnews but this is a  volunteer free non income producing volunteer effort blog trying to educate trainee independent adjusters with no ads so we need pro bono-smile! ):


**Update 2/27 4 pm CST:

Had I read Gloria Allred’s Bio before making this entry I might have been less likely to have teased her on an open blog. She has a most impressive background. Here is a link:


Compare TWIA Manager Jim Oliver’s comments about a major Galveston storm 6/08 to 2/09 Statement on Ike Claims- Part I of II

February 26, 2009

It is amazing what you can run across on the internet when you just spend some time looking around.  Anyone that follows posts made here knows we certainly do that…if only we could afford a great editor to turn this information into fine editorial posts!

Atleast we plug along the best we can here given very very limited time these days due to my daughter’s medical recovery from tumors discovered in 2008 and subsequent major surgery a few weeks ago to correct damage caused when the tumors shattered nerves and bones as they developed and the radiation damage caused in the aftermath of tumor removal operations. So bear with me  here and take the information and article  links we post here and gather as much information as you can from the articles. Our goal here is very clear to those in the independent claims industry who have a most difficult time when they are not on assignment with carriers gathering hot topic information to educate them on the problems facing our industry. Reporter NOT…Editor NOT..Journalist NOT but interested in helping independent claims adjusters understand our industry…now that is a BIG YES! I sure miss the days with a carrier having a great administrative assistant to take my reports and by magic turn them into professional appearing work product! (Thank you Gail, thank you Cindy and many others!). So set aside your grammar, spelling, and run on sentence checkers and read the professional articles linked within this post.

While researching information today after reading an article from the Galveston news the other day updating the statistics on TWIA (Texas Windpool ) claims from Ike quoting manager Oliver found here, I ran across another article quoting the General Manager at TWIA, Mr Jim Oliver, over at Gene Taylor’s old website/blog here .

I hope you read both- it is almost scary how very dead on he was about the “what if a Category 3 hit Galveston” written in June 08. I have to say that manager had the intuition and knowledge to evaluate the what if’s correctly and what effect it would have on the state of  Texas and the policyholders. He was almost dead on as well about the dollar amount of damage. This is a don’t miss comparison. Do his comments sound familiar about major carriers pulling off the coastal coverage?

A few comments on the first link in the February 09 article found on MS Congressman Gene Taylor’s old blog.

Here we go again about “inexperienced adjusters” quoting from comments by Jim Oliver. I’m sorry but someone has to stand up for those inexperienced adjusters  and independent adjusting firms (whose hands are tied as to who can and cannot attend the carrier training based on experience) who they had working some  of the TX Windpool claims. I am not blaming TWIA .It is a constant problem in the Insurance Company/ Independent Adjusting firm/ Independent Adjuster relationships.

Let me explain why. I feel qualified to do so after founding and supporting our site  at ClaimSmentor where we have over 1,000 partipants with about 50% of them being new independent adjusters. I can tell within 30 days of membership those who are serious about their training and those that thought  it was a “get rich quick scheme” or career because they either 1) walk away and forget the thoughts of a claims career  when they find out how much is really involved BEFORE deploying or 2) they are extremely serious in their pursuit of professional claims development and I see them on the site forums at night and on weekends (you would NEVER find staff doing so if they aren’t on salary or on the clock).

They spend literally thousands  of dollars and time without the benefit of an employers expense account for per diem while attending carrier certification classes, taking required estimate software training classes, adjusting firm conferences, being forced in some cases to pay for training   just to get on rosters in hopes of being deployed on a storm (I’ll post some unbelievable samples for you tomorrow).

Now here is the real kicker that goes on every day in this industry which drives all of us crazy as there is no such thing as a carrier mentoring new independent adjusters. All national carriers and the windpools set a minimum number of years experience  required BEFORE an independent adjuster can sit  in at an independent adjusting firm designated by the  carrier’ to administer  required training for them. The carriers may send one to a few representatives to the adjusting firm selected to present the material but that isn’t always the case either.

It is usually a minimum of two or three years experience required yet the carriers do NOT allow them to take carrier certification exams without the experience….until something major hits and then they often waive the certification requirement if they are licensed. Heck- look at TX emergency adjuster license information  on the TX Ins Dept website and they even allow emergency adjusters to work under an experienced adjuster (unless they changed something recently).

 Also, check around on the majority of carrier websites and you will not even find mention on their claim links  information or links to independent adjusting firms who they can take classes with so independent adjusters  even know who presents them. It is all based on who they  (independent adjusters )  know and what advertisements or forum posts they find as to where they can find an exam to take.

In additon, thousands travel across the country just to find one. I do not know of any carrier yet adminstering them online. Rumor has it one major carrier will be presenting their training on laptops given to the adjusting firm but the independent will still have to travel across the country to watch the laptop presentation and to take the test. We understand the need for a proctor to administer the exam but come on….how about Prometrics or one of the exam centers with national services where adjusters take license exams? How about the fact that an independent has no clue who may call to deploy them from an adjusting firm standpoint so they have to take as many carrier exams as they can complete before each storm season so they can go? What about the fact the carrier’s often think that there are no experienced adjusters available when the reality is there are many many independents who are turned away because they just haven’t taken their exam yet prior to the storm the carrier will not make any common sense exceptions yet they have 20 years in the  claim industry? Believe me this does go on…I hear it from adjusters, adjusting firms, and my claim staffing firm has experienced this many many times.

I am not supporting inexperienced adjusters with a license only…just the inexperienced adjusters who have taken classes (not 3 day schools or worse yet a one day class!)  and by that I mean classes approved by state insurance departments who approve  trainers  for CE courses sometimes requiring  at minumum 5 years or more experience in the m industry person and continuing insurance education in insurace such as the AIC or CPCU designation?  It is one thing to have field adjusted claims and an entirely different thing to manage claims and understand all of the reasons there are file requirements due to Bad Faith claims and the current litigation environment.

Today there are many experienced adjuster resumes from adjusters with 10 plus years experience with a vast amount of litigation experience that can run circles around some carrier “claim examiners”, reinspectors, and entry level claim managers. I hear these war stories too from the field. Why is ok for all the blame about what went wrong on a storm squarely on the shoulders of independent adjusting firms and independent adjusters who are required to follow carrier established guidelines. As the saying goes “if they tell you to staple the photos upside down…don’t argue or we will lose our contract to service their claims”.

Now exactly how are they  (independent trainees ) supposed to gather that experience?

Experienced independent’s do not have time to train them as it slows down their productivity and they do not make one dollar until closed files get approved and they receive payment usually weeks and months later. Believe me, the carrier quotas for contact and inspections in  this industry are sometimes impossible for staff or independent adjuster to meet. The carriers are driven by Department of Insurance deadlines for contact, inspected, and closing numbers and atleast in the past they had to report those numbers at minimum to the department of insurance on a weekly basis. The second concern I hear regularly is that they would be concerned about liability issues if a trainee they aren’t responsible for as an independent fell off of a roof or if the adjuster happened to be involved in an accident while handling inspections on their daily agenda? These are valid concerns. That is why we started ClaimSmentor- to see what we could accomplish online to avoid those concerns and I can tell you – it works and they will be much better trainees when they can accompany a field adjuster later during a storm.

I agree with the decision of carriers to best service the policyholders however….when something major such as Ike or Katrina causes massive damage those requirements are thrown out the window and anyone with a license can successfully deploy without any real life training or often given a one day training seminar when they arrive on site.

How about the carriers that cross train  staff claim central adjusters who have NO field experience versus a good percent of independent adjuster trainees that often have fantastic construction general manager experience, insurance agency experience, or other skills much more easy to work with than trying to train someone on construction.

I can vouch for the fact it is easier to teach a contractor who knows construction and estimate programs to complete claim forms and learn policy than it is to teach an in office phone adjuster who has no construction experience to learn that side of adjusting. I know- I started in office and moved to the field after two years in office so I understand the difficulty dealing with construction training while handling an insured in crisis.

Ask anyone who has deployed with merely a license if an adjuster’s license prepared them whatsoever for a carrier’s file requirements, estimate format or estimate scoping guidelines and they will tell you definitely NOT!

What about the carrier staff adjusters who may not even have a non resident license in that state? Check any insurance department website and see what they have to say about waiving non resident licenses for staff adjusters. Is it because the carrier has deep pockets and independent adjusting firms and adjusters do not in the event something goes wrong or do the insurance departments merely assume the carrier’s have trained all in office folks before deploying them on a major disaster?

 How about the carriers that are forced to use auto adjusters to adjust property claims because their executive office forbids use of independents in these poor economic times and worse yet underwriters who definitely have a great grasp on coverage but no clue how to handle a claim or to understand construction  repair concepts?

This is a nationwide problem with most carrier’s which I have never understood.  If we accept premium dollars do we not owe it to policyholders to have the properly trained claims adjusters?

Hail damage experienced adjusters do not necessarily understand total losses for major hurricane damage or major fire loss damage estimates.

There is alot of improvement needed all around in the catastrophe claims industry on the carrier side , the independent side, the insurance department regulations, and the National Assn of Insurance Commissioner’s who cancelled the proposed National Independent Adjusters Model Licensing Act which those who are independents do not understand to this day. I’ve blogged about that in the past and will post a link to that blog in Part II.

Watch later this week for part two….for tonight- enjoy reading the two articles. You will definitely be quite shocked at Jim Oliver’s correct assessment of what would happen in Galveston.

I’ll also leave you with a link for Slabbed’s  interpretation of this article and TWIA from a consumer perspective written today after I shared a link to the Galveston article with them based on an entirelydifferent  blog discussion we had the day before . You’ll find their blog article here.

You may disagree with Slabbed posts but if you follow them regularly you will atleast come to the understanding they are diligent in their efforts to help slabbed  homeowner’s(those who lost entire home but the slab during a storm) in the fight about homeowner policy exclusions that create the non coverage issues . I feel the same way about Attorney Chip Merlin’s blog entries. If you don’t know Chip…and I have never personally met him..he is a force to be dealt with. He has offices in FL, MS, and now Houston as well.You can also find photos of him giving a seminar at the National Public Adjuster Association conference at www.NAPIA.com.  

 In fact, I link to his  blog often as well for training purposes. Yes, I do understand he represents the insured not the insurer but that does not change the fact we can learn from his articles and blogs when you don’t find any insurance attorney’s writing such great blogs (except Rossmiller who hasn’t blogged for almost 6 months). If an independent or staff adjuster read them such as his posts on Bad Faith…he is “shouting from the roof tops “that would prevent adjusters from being sued if they just followed fair claim handling guidelines. You just have to “toughen up” to read both and have a thick skin so you don’t take the negative comments about the insurance industry as a whole personally. By the way…if you are a Fox news  fan or Headline News  fan it might be, he is regularly interviewed on the horrific missing childrens cases in central FL (Caylee and Haleigh) . You shouldn’t let the negative comments keep you from reading some important information and articles on his website and blog. Both Slabbed and Merlin’s blogs post links to court documents on active insurance claim litigation we all rarely ever get an opportuntiy to view since staff nor independents are privy to file documents on a claim not assigned to them.

 Truth be told, adjusters inheriting files from a few bad apples  (experienced and inexperienced it just depends on the adjuster’s ethics and training) make the same comments about some files involving poor file claim handling by a percentage of adjusters. The only difference is staff and independents cannot post publicly for fear of losing their jobs. It still doesn’t mean we can stick our heads in the sand and not study the issues and all work a little bit harder to do the right thing no matter what pressure we are under and we all know how bad that pressure is on storms such as Ike and Katrina.

I’ve been there and have so much empathy for not only the claims industry but for policyholders suffering these losses with no coverage. I’ll post more on the 2009 Multi Peril Act as well later this week.

Speaking of Attorney’s, what happened to one of the rare great blogs with the insurance company perspective many of us followed over at David Rossmiller’s blog? Those of us who follow these forums and blogs miss the point and counterpoint between the insured’s perspective and the carrier’s perspective! If you know if Rossmiller is ok, let us know! I think his last blog was in September of 2008 which is remarkable considering his opinions posted on Scruggs and Scruggs recent appearance in MS court with no comment from Rossmiller.


Update 1:24 am CST- Ok- I just had to add one more great article titled “Talent Cultivation” from a February 09 issue of Claims Magazine found here:


**Link will move to archived links there when the March issue comes out.

When will carriers learn if they are going to depend on independents for major catastrophes as they downsize their staff that they need to make carrier certifications more accessible online and that independent adjusters need to be trained when they don’t have an inbox overflowing with new assignments waiting for them after a storm class on scene. They can have an “A” list of experienced certified independents that are activated on regular hail storms and a “B” list of less experienced independent adjusters also trained and ready to go when the major storms like Ike and Katrina! Now that would be talent cultivation and a claims mentor of the finest nature! We have hundreds of very trained adjusters  as well as experienced adjusters. At ClaimSmentor  you can deploy with NO fee as we invite your HR departments to post job opportunities for both experienced and for trainee adjusters  and independent claim managers and claim examiners regularly!

Join us and come in and download their resumes!  You decide if many of them are better than a newly licensed only trainee!

**Update 2/27/09…Just one more link: Here is a Self Assessment Test with 125 questions a newly licensed adjuster can review and see how many of these topics covered in our Fundamentals Class at ClaimSmentor  and this is far from a complete list of basicessential things they need to know before deploying.

You can’t teach this im a 1 day or a 3 day class. They may learn very very basic essentials but many that take my class online after taking many very good field classes advise that much of this material was not covered. Mind you these are new adjusters who have taken and passed adjusters license exams, estimate software classes, and in many cases have passed atleast 1 carrier certification exam. They usually have the 3 basics at minium (license, software, and 1 carrier certification ) and tests that cover basic estimating but not the majority of these other important topics. Is it any wonder we have files often mishandled due to a lack of training?


Carriers should not complain about needing inexperienced independent adjusters not trained on claim file requirements if they are not willing to let them take their training. They pick up the expense as independents. Follow the example of NFIP who allows them to attend their workshops but will not certify them without 4 years experience….but sometimes make exceptions during major disasters IF they took the current year’s workshop.

My many heartfelt thanks go out to the now hundreds of experienced adjusters who participate on ClaimSmentor to help answer trainee questions without any hassle in our forums and even join us sometimes stopping by in our live online classes for trainee adjusters as well as thanks to the claim managers who also do the same. Our site would not be possible without their partipation and willingness to support our e-mentor project.

**Update 2/28/09 10:45 AM: I had not been following the claim statistics that often recently and today ran across an Insurance Journal article form August 08 about the TWIA losses already depleting funds when two other minor hurricanes came in before Ike. Read this link for the information:


Independent Agents Rank Claim Service as Top Measurement of Carrier Performance- Part III of Claim and Agency Relationships can Make or Break an Adjuster

September 17, 2008


Due to major storm damage as a result of Hurricane Ike, it is timely to bring back to the surface a former blog we wrote on Claims and Agency relationships due to the fact many adjusters do not understand the need to keep the agent in the loop on the status of the claim. I was amazed when teaching a fundamentals of claims class how many new adjusters felt they had no obligation to communicate timely with the agency force. If you missed our first two  blogs on this here is a link:



The Claims Journal has just released the results of a survey of Independent Agents who also consider claims and agency relationships a top concern by considering it a top measure of performance of a carrier. Here is a link to their article:


Please keep the agents- both agents who are committed to one insurer as well as independent agents informed timely on their claims. It will make a world of difference in your ability to resolve difficulties on some of your toughest claims.

Citizens expects to Post Rebid RFP for Independent Adjusters on August 19, 2008

August 18, 2008


We had previously posted that Citizens of FL had cancelled RFP 08-0016. They now have a Current Notice posted that they expect to repost the RFP on 8/19/08. We will post about the new RFP once they get it posted on their website. We know many are curious why the RFP was once again cancelled for the 3rd time in 2008 so hopefully that mystery will be resolved tomorrow! Here is the current notice posted:






RFP # 08-0016

Opening Date: May 27, 2008


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation anticipates issuing the rebid for

Independent Adjusters for Daily and Catastrophic Claims on August 19, 2008.

We recommend monitoring the Citizens Purchasing website for the

notification of the rebid at






Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Purchasing Department

Citizens Center

2101 Maryland Circle

Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 575-0936Facsimile




Tropical Storm Fay heads towards FL- Standby calls abound!

August 18, 2008


Adjusters are reporting receipt of numerous standby emails from adjusting firms nationwide with the impending arrival of TS Fay early this week. Many are headed to Citizens of FL duty already in preparation for the arrival of TS Fay.

Here is the latest of hurricane advisories based on the 5am advisory. The storm is moving more east than originally expected and this link shows the projected path:


We will continue to update the blog later today as our staffing firm also receives standby requests for adjusters on our rosters. Watch for updates late today.

Please send your resumes to Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training should you need to update your resume or wish consideration for opportunities to deploy as they become available. All contact information is found on the About page here on the blog.

Breaking News- Citizens has posted 30 firms selected for Tier 1 on new RFP

June 18, 2008

Special thanks to the claims manager who has shared that Citizens has now posted the names of the 30 adjusting firms selected to fill the new RFP for daily and catastrophe claims.

The information is not in the usual Awarded or Closed Purchasing documents but is listed in the FUTURE Meeting dates section for the Board of Govenor meetings due to a 6/18/2008 2:30 PM Claims Committee meeting where they are seeking approval on their selection of these 30 firms out of the 69 firms submitting RFP documents.

Here are the links to read all of their uploaded documents as they have posted on their website:


**UPDATE 6/19- they’ve  now moved the meeting notes to the PAST meetings link when you click on the Board of govenors notes. Here is the new link where you’ll find all of the documents



**note if your system is like mine, I get a security warning any time I try to access a Citizens web page but if you just keep refreshing your web browser the page will eventually come up

These are the documents they presently have uploaded on the left side of this link to the June 18, 2008 Claims committee meeting:

Meeting Documents:
Main Agenda Document:
Agenda Items:

02A: 02A RFP 08 0016.pdf

02B: 02B 08 0016 Addendum.pdf

03A: 03A IA Daily CAT Exec Summary.pdf

03B: 03B Exhibit A RFP Timeline.pdf

03C: 03C Exhibit B Statement of Work.pdf

03D: 03D Exhibit C Contract Terms and Conditions.pdf

03E: 03E Exhibit D Firms Recommended.pdf


It is my understanding directly from the claim manager who advised the documents were posted that they have not yet received communication from Citizens notifying them that they were not selected/were selected. They found the information by searching the web site as well. I had been watching it every several hours for the announcement but in the usual places for Awarded and Closed purchasing documents.

This is a major disappointment for the firms not selected who participated and incurred the expense to host the new face to face training for the 2008 storm season and now “feel like lame ducks” knowing they will work catastrophe claims in 2008 but not selected for 2009. Our sympathies are with these firms.

Make sure to read all of the documents uploaded for their meeting this afternoon as they contain timelines for the transitions for the new firms who will be working as well as designated training periods for the new vendors.

We note that there are several firms not on the current list of 46 firms for the 2008 season so we’ll be furnishing website links for the new firms as soon as we have the list completed for our members over at ClaimSmentor.

Ladder Safety Concerns for Adjusters-Safety Equipment Suggestions

June 18, 2008


Here we are in the midst of major hail storm activity thus a timely reminder about adjuster safety when it comes to doing roof inspections. Don’t let the carrier quotas for inspection and closing numbers cause you to lose perspective of the dangers involved in working roof damage claims.

Each year we hear of adjusters who have fallen off of a roof. As an independent adjuster, most of these folks are self employed and unfortunately many are without health insurance or long term disability policies to protect them should an injury occur  while out on assignment. Here are a few articles and blogs that discuss these issues:

The Consumer Product Safety alert below says there are over 164,000 visits annually (another consumer report indicates it is 180,000 visits) to emergency rooms resulting from ladder usage:


Here is a link to  OSHA ladder safety information:


Here’s another article on ladder safety by the National AG database not only on ladder placement against buildings but also for safety using ladders in trees:


Our hats off to Worley adjusting firm  as the only adjusting firm I know of which requires adjusters sign off on a ladder safety quiz to be sure they know the  guidelines as part of their new applicant package ( I do know many other adjusting firms do discuss the ladder safety issues at yearly conferences):

http://www.worleyco.com/joinourteam.php **Just scroll down to the ladder safety quiz

Several adjuster forums discuss ladder safety if you view the following links on ladder safety topics and falls many adjusters have experienced:


Here’s the link to the Petzel rope harness products mentioned in that discussion:


Here’s a link to another blog on adjuster ladder safety after yet another adjuster’s death from falling off a roof:


On a more upbeat note, you’ve got to see this Atlas Devices’ new in 2007 Rope Ascender- what a cool tool! Watch both videos on the roof ascender here:


And the product info on these roof ascenders here:



Have you seen the Ladder EZE Automatic Ladder Level?


Another favorite product  are the “Custom Tool Belts” designed for field adjusters. I had a discussion today with Chris Miller, the owner, who is also a member of our adjuster training site,ClaimSmentor, providing information on roof safety issues as well as on siding matching issues as Chris also owns www.sidingmatch.com. Chris was sharing with me that he has attended many adjuster training seminars where ladder safety is discussed and he has noticed that the ladder safety videos never show the common practice of adjusters climbing a roof with camera in hand, tape measure, roof chalk for marking hail hits, and their sketch pad and pencil for diagramming and how very dangerous this is. These belts provide the relief adjusters need to safely handle roof inspections while hands are free for safe access to the ladder. If you haven’t seen these custom tool belts, here’s a link:


Another favorite ladder safety product we tested in our ClaimSmentor Roving Reporter program (firms donate 1 sample of their product for testing or allow us to send a student free of charge to an adjuster training class where an objective evaluation is done by a designated volunteer participant in our forums) is the Guardian Walk Through Ladder attachment. I know without a doubt that I wish I’d had a set of these walk through devices during my years of climbing roofs on storm losses for a much more secure feeling. These walk through ladder extensions received glowing evals from our tester who himself was an experienced contractor/roofer prior to becoming an adjuster. Here is a link of a picture of these walk through devices:


We found these today at Rock Supply on sale for $185.00 which is about $100.00 off of the price we’d located last hail season:


There was a recall on one of the walk through ladder extensions and a fix has been provided as well so ask about the repair attachment if you do order one of these just in case those being sold today still do have these issues:


We also found the rope and harness kits available here:


You can also order your rope and harness equipment through KSquared-see below comments for their rope and harness class as well. 

Speaking of Guardian Fall, we did successfully obtain a 20% discount on their Safe_T ladder walk through extensions last year for ClaimSmentor participants so you might want to check  there to see if you can obtain a discount (ask for their National Accounts rep):


K Squared is one of the only firm’s I’m familiar with who offers the Rope and Harness training for adjusters but the owner himself is a field adjuster so we’ve experienced delays trying to get the classes when participants wanted them in groups if the owner was out on assignment. The catastrophe adjuster book sold by this firm has also received an excellent rating by one of our participants who also evaluated the book for us from a new adjuster’s perspective:


We are working with another group who has developed a rope and harness class and will post more information on that training when it is finalized. If you know of other firms offering this training for independent adjusters, we’d appreciate links to their websites.

 Carriers offer the rope and harness training and equipment to their staff adjusters but not generally to independent adjusters. You can add this to the list of Pros of going staff adjuster. As a staff adjuster working regular non storm claims, your unit receives theft losses, liability claims, grease fires, and many other claims that don’t require roof inspections. Members of my unit would always gladly trade me a steep roof loss for one of these losses which required much more work and a much longer tail in closing. As an independent, you don’t have the luxury of file swapping. If you missed our prior blog on the Pros and Cons of Staff vs Independent adjuster…. here’s a link:


I’d make sure to stop by and view the Consumer Safety information found on ladders for many ladder recalls and safety issues by manufacturer before using or purchasing ladders for your adjusting inspection duties:


Here’s are 13 ladders they found unacceptable as well:


Carriers often require double pulls with your ladder which has always caused me great concern as a claims manager. Be sure you are properly trained on doing so BEFORE you attempt this. I recall the very limited training I got back in the early 80’s when I first moved to the field from an in office position. It consisted of an experienced adjuster riding with me and showing me how to unfold the Stapleton ladder we were required to use in the quickest manner possible for unfolding it and getting it back in the company car in the most efficient manner. Out on my first storm, a reinspector gave me additional tips to include keeping one key in the car truck so I didn’t have to waste one valuable minute taking keys in and out of the car to get the ladder in and out of the trunk (also a great tip as it’s very common for adjusters to lock the keys in the car in the rush of meeting inspection quota daily requirements).

Here is a cute story about “Closer to God” written by a Home Inspector about his experience on a steep roof loss with great advice to be sure you carry a cellphone ON the roof with you in case you can’t get down:


I can assure you that I for one should never have done roof inspections! I had a serious fear of heights and hugged many a chimney in my 11 years in the field before progressing into management. I also was never comfortable with the double pull requirements although I saw female adjusters much more petite than I do it successfully due to their confidence level. The only time I was ever happy climbing up that ladder was when being chased in the yard by an insured’s dog and the ladder looked like a better option than the unavoidable dog bite I might have otherwise incurred. I will never forget a reinspector training me in the early years taking me to a loss for training. He did not have a ladder with us and I was told to climb the roof from the insured’s paint ladder. While it was difficult enough getting up, getting down was virtually impossible for me since I was under 5 ft tall. He simply laid on his stomach and rolled off grabbing the gutters and jumping. I was horrified doing so to say the least.

Today, I just would have said no and waited for a ladder even if it meant waiting 30 minutes for one to arrive no matter how angry he may have become.  Seriously consider the many claim central in office claim positions that are now available should you suffer a similar fear of heights. It is not worth the danger to your life and I should never have put myself through the heartache of doing something I made even more dangerous due to my fear of heights. There are so many more options available for adjusters today to work as contents specialists, additional living expense team members, business interruption claim specialists, and of course as liability adjusters.

A few other thoughts for new adjusters from some of the mentors who taught me during my training years:

1) Always honk your horn before jumping out of your vehicle to see if any loose dogs around. I’ve heard numerous stories of adjusters in the process of removing their ladder or setting it up only to be charged by a dog with vicious movements.

2) Never deny a claim from the roof. It’s not unheard of for insureds to remove an adjuster’s ladder in anger!

3)Watch out for your adjuster buddies in the neighborhood. Pranks are often played taking off with an adjuster’s ladder leaving them stranded (more a staff adjuster prank to destroy quotas of a competitor!)

4) Carriers always require your photos be taken from the ridge. Drive by photos as I’ve seen some try to get by with aren’t going to fly nor photos taken from the eaves. They want your photo to reflect you were on the roof.

This leads to another great tip received to circumvent some insureds who call in alleging you never got on their roof- leave your calling card near the chimney under a shingle. Use the same spot routinely so you can direct someone to where you might have left it. It’s really humorous as an adjuster to go up on a roof and see what adjusters have been up there before you on prior losses when you find their business card as many use this tip in our industry!

5) Don’t ever ever climb a roof you are not comfortable with. It seems that most carriers expect you to climb atleast up to a 7/12 pitch. They also usually have rope and harness certified adjusters to work steep/two story teams where they will send those folks out on the ones you just are not comfortable with. In many cases they will do this for independents as well as staff but check with the carrier or adjusting firm management for specific directions for their procedures.

 It is ALWAYS a good idea to take a risk photo to show the steep nature of the roof before requesting a two story team conduct the roof inspection.

These rope and harness teams this year are providing excellent opportunities for new adjusters with construction backgrounds to work as an assistant to the rope and harness team senior partner while also having time to train in the field on file requirements before being let loose on your own. The rates I’m hearing from some of the adjusters doing so is a daily rate between $200-$250 per day while they are an assistant and the daily rate being bumped up to the $500-$550 rates (your portion of this would depend on the fee split you have agreed to with the adjusting firm- usually 60/40 or so) once you are the senior rope and harness adjuster with your own team. I’ve mentioned this before and will do so again here- I would be sure to specify you are rope and harness certified on your resume if you have the training as it is sure to get you additional assignments.

There are many  stories on the internet about tips if you find yourself (escaping a fire..or your ladder falls and the insured is not home) in the position of having to jump off a roof…here is one example:


There are also some great articles from firefighters who must access a roof for fire ventilation and many safety tips if you must climb a roof after a fire in firefighter manuals such as this to avoid the roof collapsing beneath you. While these many articles are directed to fire fighters, what great advice for adjusters also working fire losses before climbing these roofs. Consider these same dangers when inspecting a roof that has been compromised with a tree that has punctured the roof structure:


This next link has some fascinating pictures of how firefighters anchor themselves with the use of axes and other tools from interior walls as a means of escaping if their interior escape route is cut off (I’m sure adjusters have had these same concerns about collapse of structural components while inspecting severely damaged structures from fires, hurricanes, etc).


Speaking of ladders- have you seen these great EZ-GLIDE System van ladder racks which lower the ladder to you with the switch of a lever? What a great option for adjusters who must pull their ladder in and out of a vehicle multiple times a day which is exhausting when you are working 7 days a week/ 12 hours daily:



Cougar Paws are the favored shoe of many independents for roof climbing safety concerns:


If you are an experienced adjuster and have some great advice for new adjusters on roof safety issues, feel free to reply to this post. We’d love to hear from you as you share your helpful advice with others entering this industry. I’ll end this blog with one final link to a great article that sums up the safety issues, double pull conversations and some good comments by others participating on the blog:


Remember, what is safe to one adjuster who is highly skilled and comfortable on steep roofs may not be comfortable with you. Your life is much more important than a fee bill for a roof inspection. Walk away from the assignment without a second thought if you are not comfortable working the loss. Do not be pressured to inspect something unsafe to you.

 I’ve been on the receiving end of pressure from managers who were supervising steep two story teams who had complaints about some files turned in for a steep two story team inspect with comments that my assigned adjuster should have inspected it. I strongly disagree. If you find a trend with an adjuster you are supervising showing they clearly cannot work a territory which consists of steep roofs but other indications are they are a great adjuster, my first course of action would be to see if there is another territory at the storm location with less steep roofs. Charleston, SC was one great example where downtown had horrific roofs to climb yet I could move adjusters to a different residential area easily thus keeping two great adjusters instead of the alternative of sending one home who couldn’t work the downtown area.

We wish you all a very safe storm season and very glad to see so many adjusters out in the field after two very dry years for most independent adjusters.

Adjusters….Do you need your Nationwide Catastrophe Certification? FREE Class Next Week

June 11, 2008


We had previously written about the need for experienced adjusters to obtain their carrier certifications in this blog:


We are assisting an adjusting firm who needs additional independents for standby for Nationwide catastrophes. They are holding their Nationwide Certification next week in Charlotte, NC. The class is FREE and includes certification for Homewise ( a FL carrier who bought out some Citizens policies) and for American Integrity. According to the claim manager, Nationwide must have a manager present the training so they cannot just schedule these certification classes wherever and whenever they wish.

If you need your Nationwide Certification and are available to attend class next week in Charlotte, NC on 6/20/08 or 6/21/08 (your option of either day), please email me at  our staffing firm, Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training, with your resume, 2 references and your choice of the two dates so we can get you registered. YOU MUST HAVE TWO YEARS OF CLAIMS EXPERIENCE TO SIT FOR THE EXAM according to the Claims Manager we are working with.

We will send those who confirm they can attend all information on the class. Once we get you registered you will also receive the entire training day’s agenda and information to give you an idea of  what you need to study for the exams that day.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

If you already have your Nationwide Catastrophe Certification and wish to be considered for catastrophe deployment opportunities, please forward your resume, 2 references, and the specific information on the approximate date you passed the certification exam as well as the name of the adjusting firm you certified with so our client can confirm your record with nationwide for approval to deploy you on new assignments.

Current Claim Adjuster Job Opportunities

June 6, 2008

We have been requested to staff for Nationwide Certified adjusters for one of our clients. We are looking for experienced adjusters who also have completed their Nationwide certification exams.

Should you be an experienced adjuster and need to obtain your Nationwide certification, we can place you in an upcoming FREE class taking place 6/20 and 6/21/08 with our client. Email us  should you need the class for more information. You must supply your resume for consideration and referral. All Contact info can be found on the About page here on the blog. 

We have also been asked by another client to update our Commercial Large Loss adjusters roster in preparation for hurricane season. Please email your resume for consideration to us if qualified. Please be sure your email/ resume includes specifics about the types of commercial claims and the type and size of the condominium claims you have handled. Include information on the carriers you have experience working commercial claims for.

We are also accepting resumes for experienced adjusters for the upcoming hurricane season as well as for daily claims. With the large number of hail storms and tornado losses the past month, many adjusting firms are rapidly running through their rosters and are requesting staffing assistance.

You can find all information we need from applicants at our staffing firm site on the Opportunities tab. See About page here on the blog for all contact info.

Carrier requirements are much stricter this year. Many adjusting firms are requiring that you have non resident licenses versus operating under emergency adjuster licenses due to the fact many of the storms this year while causing serious damage did not generate the number of claims for a state to approve emergency adjusters thus to work claims in a state not declaring approval of emergency licenses you must have a non resident license. I will blog more about that next week and provide information that many of the adjusting firms are presenting as far as the states they are recommending you secure your non resident license in (states prone to storms).

Unfortunately, on some recent staffing requests we had to turn down even some very experienced adjusters because the carrier would make NO exception allowing experienced adjusters to deploy as they did not have that carrier’s current certification exam completed. We all know those requirements become more lax during a major catastrophe but thus far most carriers are not being flexible about waiving this requirement.

Review our FAQ for more information on our process. There is never a charge to the adjuster as all fees are paid by the insurance carrier or adjusting firm engaging our services:


Final Reminder for 40 hours Fundamentals of Claims Class to begin 6/9/08- Also Vendor and Carrier Field Claims Mentor Opportunities- Post Yours Now

June 3, 2008

We are beginning our next online LIVE 40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims Class Monday June 9, 2008 .

 All information on the class and registration information for ClaimSmentor is listed in this blog topic:


**Note the start date was moved to 6/9/08 with first pre-class reading assignments to be posted this Friday and self study guides on ALE, Contents Claims, and much more to be emailed out to class participants this Saturday.


These are very exciting days for many of the ClaimSmentor trainees who have received their first assignments for deployment on hail storms nationwide. We are most appreciative to the adjusting firms offering these folks trainee opportunities to work in the field as assistants to experienced adjusters on rope and harness teams to assure their first files go well and to assure great claim customer service is provided to insureds.

If your firm is offering field claim mentor opportunities this hail or hurricane season with the vast number of storm claims now being reported, we will post these opportunities in our Career Forum at ClaimSmentor for trainee adjusters to submit their resumes to your designated HR personnel. We have worked with hundreds of trainee adjusters since the inception of ClaimSmentor (now going into our third year) and can attest to the fact that most of these adjusters have obtained their adjuster resident and non resident licenses, obtained many of the required carrier certification courses, and done much more to obtain excellent claim training from ClaimSmentor as well as from many other reliable training sources.

We hope one day to see Insurance company claims departments offer storm season claim intern opportunities to independent adjusters similiar to the programs many insurance companies offer to college students and summer intern opportunities for teachers. Having worked in the claim management carrier ranks and interviewed hundreds of folks for trainee positions, I can attest to the fact these are much more qualified trainee adjusters having their licenses, estimate software classes, construction backgrounds and agency backgrounds, as well as much more training then you ever find by candidates applying for trainee positions normally have. This will save carriers months of training and also help resolve some of the baby boomer retirement and personnle issues many carriers are facing today. Join ClaimSmentor today if you are in HR at the carrier level or adjusting firm level and have free access to our rosters and view these folks resumes yourself.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find such a large group (now 823 members) of valuable candidates! All registration info is on the About page here on the blog. Just advise you are HR personnel  or claim management with the carrier using your carrier email address and we can register you without further identification.

Auto Adjuster Claim Training Updates

June 2, 2008


We seem to be getting more and more inquiries about Auto Claim Training options so we wanted to update our  blog for you.

First, here are links to our first two Auto Adjuster Claim training blogs:



We’ve located some additional information to share with the trainees looking for more auto claim training information:

Vale National Technical training school has a Basics in Auto Estimating book you can purchase online for a mere $38.00:


They also are developing some online auto estimating courses as outlined here:


You’ll find a drop down menu on Automobile Claim training options with Vale using this link:


We’ve mentioned in prior blogs about some Auto Estimating program options for writing auto claim estimates in the first two blogs but I’m not sure I mentioned Audatex and here is a link to their estimating program:


Here’s a April 2008 press release advising that  Mitchell/ CCC Pathways auto estimating software firms are merging and will be known as CCC-Mitchell, Inc:



For a complete schedule of Vale Tech’s 2008 Auto estimating courses which they have listed at a cost of $2,295 for the two week program (note Vale is used by insurance companies frequently thus staff auto adjusters would have this fee paid by the carrier sending them to school along with their housing expenses and meals):


You might also wish to check with Pacesetter Claims regarding upcoming Auto Claim training classes:


Wardlaw Claims is offering an online auto adjuster claim training class in Investigating Auto Liability Claims for a most reasonable $23.95 :


I’ve heard through some participants at ClaimSmentor that CNC-Resource adjusting firm in Mobile, AL is also offering some insurance company auto claim carrier certification courses if you want to check with them for their next classes which come highly recommended by a moderator at ClaimSmentor who has taken their classes:


Pilot Catastrophe Services has recently been running advertisements for experienced Auto Claims adjusters and their website link for Auto Adjusters indicates they do offer a yearly three week auto adjusting class so you may wish to check with them as well:


There are many auto claim training programs for insurance company auto adjuster trainees and some excellent carrier staff adjuster training schools such as this Progressive Insurance ad explains from a 2005 press release:


And this article about Progressive’s five training facilities from 2006:


We’ll continue to add information to this Auto Claim Training blog series as we learn of new training opportunities in the field and online by other sources.

We welcome input and replies from experienced auto adjusters who have more information to share with new adjusters.

Update 6/11/08:

Automobile Adjuster Online Estimatics book is now offered by Vale Tech at a most reasonable price and highly recommended:


Hurricane Season 2008 begins today..read some interesting articles you may not have seen

June 1, 2008


We’ve all read the normal yearly hurricane season predictions/announcements predicting the number of storms as well as the intensity such as this NOAA report:


We all know how well the forecasts matched the reality the past two years when very few independent adjusters were deployed due to the lack of actual hurricanes.

I thought you might enjoy these other less common articles discussing hurricane season this year:

This first link discusses the change in the jet stream and what that can mean to the future increases in damage caused by approaching US hurricane:


Here’s a most interesting article indicating the Hurricane Prediction center would like to de-emphasize the hype around the yearly predictions:


Here’s another story explaining the drones that are going to be used in forecasting this year which should be able to improve hurricane strength forecasts for hurricanes approaching landfall and also provides some interesting discussions about the personnel changes and problems at the Hurricane Prediction center:


Today we released a list of great free downloads for training information for new adjusters as well as some cool tools for their use at ClaimSmentor to mark the day to include detailed business interruption training, comprehensive equipment lists and some great excel worksheets for adjusters use on ALE claims, to track fee billing invoices, and excel call log sheets . If you are a member of the staff or independent adjusting community and have not yet joined us, you can submit your registration documents and we’ll get you registered to join us so you can also enjoy the huge library of information we’ve gathered for adjusters at ClaimSmentor.

View our About page here on the blog for all website and contact information.