Auto Adjuster Claim Training Updates- Blog 4 of 4 on Auto Claim Training

February 17, 2009
It has been a while since we updated information on training options available for new adjusters looking for auto adjuster training for auto independent adjusters.

Here is a link to our prior three blogs from 07 and 08 on Auto claim training options:


Here is an interesting  Q & A about Auto claim adjusting over at Pilot Catastrophe at  here on this link:

It was very interesting to see in that post that they say most of their carrier clients provide the auto estimating software for the adjusters. When you read the other blogs we’ve done here, you’ll see it is quite an expense to pay the monthly fees for auto estimating software programs required to write the estimates.

We’ll be writing more tomorrow about Crawford and Company training courses but for now let me give you a link to their newer online claim training options and one is for the the auto claims career path for both a class on Auto Physical Damage claims and Auto Liability claims:

The main website for their online classes is . I am simply amazed at the reasonable price of their courses as well as the fact they are a very well known and respected independent adjusting firm not just a catastrophe vendor!

Pacesetter Claims is often recommended for auto adjusting by members of our ClaimSmentor site and here is the link to their Auto section of their website. You’ll have to contact them for specific details on auto class training schedules they provide:

Here is an online option on a self study course over at Wardlaw Claims on Auto Liability Investigating:

Their auto lab site says it can house up to 15 damaged vehicles used in their lab:

Wardlaw also has  four classes available from Basic Auto Adjusting to total loss evaluations at very reasonable costs here:

I’ve also recently spoken to Mr Bray with Auto Claims Direct. You can view their current openings for appraisers and auto adjusters with atleast 3 years experience in auto claims or body shop experience:

Mr Bray also has an interesting blog up for auto adjusters here:

Watch for more training options for Auto adjusters in the coming months as we hear from new service vendors  at ClaimSmentor!

Auto Adjuster Claim Training Updates

June 2, 2008


We seem to be getting more and more inquiries about Auto Claim Training options so we wanted to update our  blog for you.

First, here are links to our first two Auto Adjuster Claim training blogs:

We’ve located some additional information to share with the trainees looking for more auto claim training information:

Vale National Technical training school has a Basics in Auto Estimating book you can purchase online for a mere $38.00:

They also are developing some online auto estimating courses as outlined here:

You’ll find a drop down menu on Automobile Claim training options with Vale using this link:

We’ve mentioned in prior blogs about some Auto Estimating program options for writing auto claim estimates in the first two blogs but I’m not sure I mentioned Audatex and here is a link to their estimating program:

Here’s a April 2008 press release advising that  Mitchell/ CCC Pathways auto estimating software firms are merging and will be known as CCC-Mitchell, Inc:


For a complete schedule of Vale Tech’s 2008 Auto estimating courses which they have listed at a cost of $2,295 for the two week program (note Vale is used by insurance companies frequently thus staff auto adjusters would have this fee paid by the carrier sending them to school along with their housing expenses and meals):

You might also wish to check with Pacesetter Claims regarding upcoming Auto Claim training classes:

Wardlaw Claims is offering an online auto adjuster claim training class in Investigating Auto Liability Claims for a most reasonable $23.95 :

I’ve heard through some participants at ClaimSmentor that CNC-Resource adjusting firm in Mobile, AL is also offering some insurance company auto claim carrier certification courses if you want to check with them for their next classes which come highly recommended by a moderator at ClaimSmentor who has taken their classes:

Pilot Catastrophe Services has recently been running advertisements for experienced Auto Claims adjusters and their website link for Auto Adjusters indicates they do offer a yearly three week auto adjusting class so you may wish to check with them as well:

There are many auto claim training programs for insurance company auto adjuster trainees and some excellent carrier staff adjuster training schools such as this Progressive Insurance ad explains from a 2005 press release:

And this article about Progressive’s five training facilities from 2006:

We’ll continue to add information to this Auto Claim Training blog series as we learn of new training opportunities in the field and online by other sources.

We welcome input and replies from experienced auto adjusters who have more information to share with new adjusters.

Update 6/11/08:

Automobile Adjuster Online Estimatics book is now offered by Vale Tech at a most reasonable price and highly recommended:

New Job Opportunities Effective 11-14-07-Immediate need for Auto Adjusters, Auto Examiners, Auto Claim Management

November 14, 2007

Thank you all for your patience while we have been out for major medical surgery for our daughter. We are very happy to report that while her surgery was major that her recovery is much more successful than we originally anticipated!

We have also relocated our headquarters to Franklin,TN and will continue to provide nationwide staffing from our new offices in TN with Destin,FL now being our secondary location.

We have the following CURRENT job opportunities available. Please be sure that you view the opportunities page on our  staffing firm website  for specific details you need to submit for consideration for the following opportunities: (All Current opportunities require EXPERIENCED personnel):

Job Name:   Immediate Need for Auto Claims Adjusters and Claim Managers or Examiners
Job Email:
Compensation:   See Comments Below

Auto Claims Examiner
Auto Claims Management
Auto Casualty Adjuster
Auto Bodily Injury Adjuster
Auto Claim Adjuster Estimator
CCC Pathways Experience Required

Job Description:

Dimechimes Corporation, a Nationwide Staffing firm specializing strictly in Property and Casualty Claims staffing has the current opportunities available to fill staffing requests received from adjusting firms we service:

Current Openings Effective November 14, 2007


We are staffing direct for a carrier for a 3 week temporary assignment for EXPERIENCED Auto Claim Examiners for a temporary position based out of Springfield, IL to conduct claim audits. Position requires experience working auto casualty/liability files. Inexperienced cannot be considered for this position. Must be available to work beginning 11/26/07 for 3 weeks. Positions will pay daily rate to adjuster of $350.00 per day. 15 positions available.

We are also staffing for Auto Daily adjusters (non catastrophe) for auto estimating positions. Multiple states available. Must be a permanent resident and licensed adjuster in state of interest WITH experience using CCC Pathways. Fee to adjuster is 65% of auto estimate fee of $110.00 per inspection. CCC Pathways will be provided at NO COST to adjuster. States immediately available include West Virginia, VA coastal areas to include Norfolk, VA Beach, Phoenix,AZ, MD, DE, DC, AL, TN, NC, and FL.

We continually accept new resumes from Independent and Staff adjusters seeking daily adjusting opportunities as daily branch assist or for daily independent assignments. This includes property residential,commerical,auto, bodily injury, marine, and liability adjusters.

In addition, we continually accept new resumes for experienced Catastrophe Adjusters for our rosters.Please be sure to put note if you are billingual or steep/two story rope and harness certified.

We continue to look for additional NFIP certified adjusters for our rosters and California Earthquake Certified Adjusters.

Requirements for resume and reference submission is outlined on our website here:

Please check for frequent updates on additional opportunities on our Adjuster Information Blog found here:

Job Classification(s):
    Insurance Industry
Job Location(s):
    * Relocate – Any Location
    *CAT – Any Location
Employment Status(s):
    Full-Time Position
    Part-Time Position

Auto Adjuster Claim Careers An interview with Carey O’Connor with CSP Claims

October 13, 2007

Special thanks to adjusting firm owner, Carey O’Connor with CSP Claims for spending time with me Friday as I interviewed him for this blog series on careers in auto claims adjusting.

Carey’s background is similar to mine with many years on the staff claims side of the business prior to opening CSP claims with several other partners who also had claim staff management experience. I find that a very important element in the success of an independent adjusting firm since they know the “ins” and the “outs” of the business and how things work from a carrier management perspective. We are here to serve the carriers and I’m continually amazed to read some postings by some independents that don’t seem to understand that major point. I will say during my years as a staff claim manager, I worked with many wonderful outstanding independents who “got it” and did a great job for us and I’m sorry to see that many of those types of independents are gun shy about posting on some of the public forums where we could all be getting better reputations with the carriers. I’m seeking out some of these folks for blog interviews and would love to hear from many of you even if only in reply via comments to some blog entries.

Carey’s recommendations he agreed to share with our ClaimSmentor and Dimechimes Corporation readers interested in a career in auto adjusting includes the following:

1) The BEST place to get the multitude of training on the auto side( as well as the property side) is to work as a staff adjuster FIRST for a number of years to gain access to a thorough training program and a large variety of losses.

2) Carey feels the number one auto estimatic software a trainee should learn is CCC Pathways. He advises the majority of smaller and medium carriers who are using independents are either using this system currently or are moving to the system which he sees happening more frequently.

3) Carey highly recommends trainees participate in I-CAR training for learning many more aspects of collision estimating.

4)Carey advises that the top 2 catastrophe property assignments on auto claims assigned out to independent auto adjusters is for hail damage and flood damage to vehicles which can be learned in a very short period of time. Much more difficult is collision losses with many more car parts involved requiring a much more indepth training to properly estimate collision repairs to vehicles on daily claims.

5)Carey advises the majority of auto liability assignments they get from numerous carriers involves limited assignments for the property damage claims involving the repairs to a claimant’s vehicle.

6) In both cases (insured and claimant vehicles) the fee allowances by carriers runs on average about $70.00 per vehicle if inspected at a carrier’s catastrophe drive through operation or $110-$155.00 per vehicle for those handled at a body shop or storage facility or other location for non driveable cars. This rate depends on the allowance of the carrier. There is a fee split with the adjusting firm just as there is on the homeowner claims.

7) CSP Claims has access to a Paint/Dentless repair company for training auto adjusters and a new facility for property training classes and hopes to be offering the auto claim training classes in the not too distant future so you should check back with them after the first of the year if you are looking for a reputable source for your auto training classes.

(8) Carey also indicated the biggest challenge new auto adjusters face is dealing with the repair vs replacement parts issue with body shops and repair facilities similar to what property adjusters face in the home estimating side of things. To comfortably and professionally deal with these issues, Carey feels it is of utmost importance that a good auto adjuster stay up to date on current repair standards by continually taking advantage of the courses available to auto repair technicians to stay current and that you obtain your I-CAR Certifications.

(9) Similiar to a homeowner adjuster having an advantage if they have a background in construction, Carey thinks it is very valuable for auto adjusters to have previous experience as auto estimators or technicians involved at auto repair facilities so they can better be in a position to discuss estimate reconciliation issues with repair facilities. Better yet is to have prior experience as an auto staff adjuster with solid experience not only in repair procedures but claims experience and a significant understanding of the auto policies.

10) Carey felt from an assignment standpoint, the carriers are much more willing to assign auto claims out to independent adjusters due to the lower fees involved (vs homeowner fee schedules) and their firm has been successful in bringing in new carriers for assignments on the auto side while things from the homeowner side have been much slower for everyone in the independent industry. He agrees with our assessment that the majority of carriers have vastly increased the number of staff catastrophe adjusters leaving much less work on the independent side without major storms.

We thank Carey for his time sharing information with us for this blog to assist you in making your decisions regarding auto claim adjuster careers. We hope you’ll take a minute to visit their website at

Here is also a link to information about I-CAR certifications mentioned above as well as to CCC Pathways with Paint/Dentless repair software that Carey mentioned.

We’ll address other Auto adjusting issues later this coming week as well as provide information on other auto estimatic software often requested such as Mitchell.

Auto Adjuster Claim Training- What options do I have?

October 11, 2007

One of the interesting aspects of owning a website or blog is reading the user statistics on what search terms bring users to your website. One of the most frequently used search phrases we often get on both this blog and my staffing firm website  is “Auto Claim Training” so today we are going to concentrate on that topic.

Adjusters in our ClaimSmentor forums often ask if they should train as auto adjusters in addition to the training they are doing on property claims. If you are looking at it from the aspect of working as an independent and expanding the value you have to bring to the table to adjusting firms and carriers, the answer is a definite YES! I do recommend first you complete your training first on property claims if that is where your primary interest lies as it is of utmost importance you first do a great job in your primary area of expertise such as residential claims. I’ll blog in the next week on my favorite picks on property claim training options for new adjusters with some online options, self study training options, and field classes and schools but for today, let’s concentrate on the auto side of things!

First, why learn auto claim handling? Let’s look at some statistics on recent storms in 2007 to give you an idea on the number of auto claims reported versus property claims so you have a true perspective on the opportunities to work auto claim losses. Click HERE to see a Claims Journal article from August 2007 regarding a major hailstorm in Colorado which says in part:

“The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association says insurance companies expect claims from nearly 5,200 homeowners and 11,000 car owners.”

These are not isolated numbers as it is very common to see these kind of loss statistics on auto versus property claims during a storm. Matter of fact, here are some interesting numbers from the Insurance Information Institute in this article stating that $68.00 of every $100.00 in auto insurance premiums is used to pay claims. This article also attributes 25% of the comprehensive claims on the auto policy are for theft losses. Claims for property damage account for $16 for collision, another $16 for property damage liability, and $7 for the comprehensive claims for a total of about $40.00 of these claim dollars going to property claims when you add in the other expense dollars shown in this report. Unbelievably the attorneys fees are 11% of the $68.00 claim dollars split evenly between plaintiff and defense counsel according to this report linked above.

Claims Magazine ran a very good article in the October 2007 issue regarding a survey with auto repair facilities polling them on their complaints with insurance carriers on auto claims. Here is a link to this article. This article lists “Lack of field staff training” first on the list and then lists the 3 worst carrier offenders according to the shops survey results. Having worked for an excellent carrier, I was surprised to see some of these negative results for carriers such as Progressive listed as the worst offender at training (in the eyes of the repair shops surveyed). Take the time to read the rest of this survey on other topics as the carriers involved might just surprise you! I’d also previously posted a bad faith article on the Merlin Law Group website and carrier training is one of the issues listed in this article as a reason for bad faith claims against carriers. In today’s environment, I’m amazed to see this as even an issue since all carriers should have training as a top priority. As a staff claim employee, we often cross trained between the auto claims department and the property claims division especially in the catastrophe claim divisions when there may not have been enough work to keep auto catastrophe adjusters busy year round. In 1985, all fire adjusters went to auto school and property adjusters to auto school! That effort to switch us around lasted about 1 year when property adjusters wanted to paint cars by the square foot like a wall! (Just kidding but the project ended and we returned to our former positions when they felt it was best to let auto folks do what they knew best and fire adjusters do their residential estimating they did best,etc).

Here is an example of an auto staff adjuster opportunity with Farmers Insurance. You will see that while they prefer a 4 year degree, they will accept those with a 2 year Associates degree and substitute auto body management experience or lead estimator experience for the degree requirements. Just as with staff homeowner positions, each carrier will differ on their requirements. Here is also an article you will find interesting about Nationwide Insurance indicating they were reducing homeowners policies and concentrating on auto…another reason in the “Who moved my Claims Cheese” blog series comments as a reason to consider auto claim training to find an additional source of claim assignments when the property side remains slow. I constantly keep my eye on all job opportunities on the staff side as well as the independent side to post in our Career Forum on ClaimSmentor and recently have seen alot of postings for Auto property and liability adjusters as well as for claim managers. Just two companies that come to mind are Safeco and Farmers with recent postings. I can also tell you from an independent staffing position, I am thrilled to receive resumes from multi line adjusters who can work residential property AND liability AND auto claims as they are most useful for adjusting firms who can utilize them for all operations as needed. It’s definitely something to consider!

Here is a list of some of the auto claim training options we are aware of you may wish to consider if you are an independent requiring training. Today, we’ll limit that training information to property claim training on the auto side. We’ll have further blog information on liability training on the residential and auto side down the road. Just as with property claims, you need your adjuster’s license first and foremost. After that follows policy training and auto estimatic training as well as auto file requirement training. Auto has many sections of the auto policy to learn. I remember years ago attending a 3 week auto claim training school and finding the policy very frustrating to deal with for a homeowner adjuster. We are used to a coverage section and an exclusion section while the auto policy had many subsections each with their own insuring agreement and exclusions. Testing without an open policy was a true nightmare trying to remember which section applied to which test question,etc. The point I am making here is to make sure you don’t make the mistake that some new property adjusters make thinking that estimatics is all you need to know!

Wardlaw Claims- I list this first as one of their instructors, Tim Whiteman, is a member of ClaimSmentor and has been very supportive of our online mentoring program as well as the fact several of our participating adjusters have taken their Auto classes and highly recommended them. I particularly like the fact that they handle property AND liability claim training at their school in Waco,TX and the cost of the programs looks very reasonable. I note there are auto training classes that Tim is teaching listed for October and November on the auto training classes.Here is a link:

Wardlaw Claims
Auto training classes:
( Maximum cost is $550 for Auto Claim school)
Auto Self Study classes: (Unbelievably priced at less than 24.00 each)

Pacesetter Claims:

You need to call them for their latest training schedule. I’d ask for Jim Shrewsbury-VP of Claims in the Auto Division who is also a member of ClaimSmentor.

Crawford and Company
Tractor and Trailer Appraisal School- for adjusters with 3 years of auto experience

Vale National School Neil Robertson in the Fresno, CA branch is a ClaimSmentor member if you want a contact there
( Auto Estimatics only) Cost $1,095. There are 3 locations to choose from.

CNC Resources– Mobile, AL Ask for Becky Leckband, Hr Director for class schedule- she is a member of ClaimSmentor

Southern Farm Bureau Tech– Tractor Trailer School
Auto Claim Training- 3 week program
2007 Course Schedule

Worley Adjusting Company

While I don’t see a current Auto Basic Claims Class on the current schedule, they did hold one in March 07 so you might want to contact them for more information on the next class

Here’s a link to a prior Accident Reconstruction CE course you may want to contact them for the next class since it is 7 hours of TX CE’s:

While looking into a career in Auto claims, you might also want to check out this Independent Auto Appraisers group at They held an interesting automotive repair conference in FL in 07 and I see they have the next scheduled for 2008 in Las Vegas. They have some great links on their site for NADA book values and other useful links for Auto Adjusters and Auto Claims Representatives.

There does seem to be advancement opportunity in the Auto Claims field atleast from the staff adjuster standpoint. Here is a link to a recent job with Travelers Insurance for Training managers to train new auto adjusters as just one of many examples.

Fee payments to auto adjusters differs from independent fee schedules we previously blogged about. From the staffing requests we have received, they seem to pay by the vehicle inspected and payment depends on whether you inspect the damage in a carrier drive in or catastrophe operation or if you inspect it at a body shop or other storage facility for non driveable cars. The ranges we are getting are $75.00 per drive in inspection average with the carrier setting the drive in appointments about 30 minutes apart. One such position scheduled 20 appointments per day through the drive in. Remember you will be splitting that fee with the adjusting firm somewhere along the lines of a 60/40 split. The field appointments have averaged about $150.00 per inspection with similar splits. I’ll be interviewing a few Auto Independent Claim managers and blogging about their input on income for auto independent adjusters. I read many forum posts saying there isn’t enough auto work to keep them busy but during 2007 we’ve had as many auto requests for staffing as we have for property so I’m not sure that is true overall in the industry. It is also important to note that normally carrier auto management decisions are made by a seperate group of claim executives on the Auto side so just because the property side may not be using independents does not necessarily mean the auto side will not be. We’ve been working along side an adjusting firm on a consultant standpoint on marketing in recent weeks and it seems our leads are generating more offers for auto independent assignments than property as well. I do believe this in part is due to the fact there are much less adjusting firms willing to take the auto claims versus property as the fee billings are significantly less. We do have several auto associates who also differ with that opinion as they have been fortunate to get multitudes of claims from car dealership carriers for hail damage to vehicles on the lot and to commercial fleets of vehicles. It certainly remains worth exploring these opportunities.

I’ll post a supplement to this blog tomorrow adding additional information. Forgive any format problems as I’m on a Mac today and it’s been difficult going back and forth between websites not being used to the features on this system. I’m counting the days until our computers are set up here!