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 Welcome to our new public  blog here at www.dimechimes.wordpress.com. This blog is sponsored by Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training at www.dimechimes.com for members of our roster and members participating at our online forums for adjusters we also proudly sponsor at www.ClaimSmentor.com where we currently have over 1,270 members participating as of June 1,  2010. We differ from other forum sites as our concentration is on claims training and claim job opportunties. We also have personally verified the id of all participants and require real names be used on all postings. We do not rely solely on posts by members but daily provide links to hot topics in claims and I personally spend over 40 hours of week volunteering my time to this site conducting research to keep training opportunities by reputable firms posted and great claims job opportunities. I am very proud as founder of this site now in operation 4.5 years.

You can also visit us for more information at LinkedIn on our profile:


Visit us at Twitter here: www.Twitter.com/ClaimSmentor *updated March 2010 to ClaimSmentor from Dimechimes

**We welcome those in the claims industry and those supporting the claims industry to join our group by clicking on the Join tab on our profile at linkedin. We will accept members who have completed profiles documenting their association with the claims industry other than public adjusters or public adjusting firms.

To make the best use of the blogs and resources found in the right hand column of this blog, read this blog entry with tips on locating information for adjusters:


This blog is sponsored by Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training at www.Dimechimes.com. We also proudly sponsor ClaimSmentor, an online site for adjusters and adjusting firms (independent or staff), with forums, live online classes, and the latest news about the claims industry for the property and auto adjusting community.

Don’t forget to view our latest published article as the cover story in the August 2007 issue of Claims Magazine (now called www.PropertyCasualty360.com titled a “A Box of Chocolates?”. They did a fantastic job with the cover photo to match the article:


 Updating this February 2008, here is a link to our newly published article in Claims Education National Underwriter’s quarterly magazine on “Luck- Where Preparation Meets Opportunity”  :



Here is also a link to our first published article from June 2006 on Catastrophe Adjuster resumes published on Claims Magazine(now called PropertyCasualty360.com):


See our March 1, 2009 Announcement as Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Training is transitioning to 100% Claim industry Education and Claims Adjuster and Independent Adjuster online training for claims and field classes and networking opportunities through volunteers participating in our online e-mentoring group at ClaimSmentor.


Thank you for stopping by! We hope you will visit our blog often!

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