Update on Status of State and Federal Appeals on Citizens of Louisiana Class Action on Claim Settlement delays post Katrina

April 13, 2012

Today must be state windpool day- atleast it is for me as I make the rounds in the news getting updates on pending claim staffing and claim litigation that I’ve previously blogged about.

Here is an article providing the status on the state of Louisiana Citizens state and federal appeals on the Class Action lawsuit filed against them post Katrina due to claim handling delays beyond the state statute of 30 days to handle claims:


Obama signs NFIP National Flood Insurance Extension Through 3/28/10- Just a ClaimSmentor moment post

March 3, 2010


Just a ClaimSmentor Moment- #10 2009’s Most Dangerous Vehicles

May 26, 2009

I was quite surprised at the cars that made this list published at Forbes based on the Insurance Institutes information on the 10 most dangerous cars for 2009 based on crash performance tests:


Happy Memorial Day and Safe Travels….A Special Tribute Shared by USAA’s Paul Berry to The American Widow Project

May 21, 2009

We wish all of our members of Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claims Training groups and to our ClaimSmentor members a very safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial weekend also spurs memories of my hero- my dad -who I dedicated the ClaimSmentor project to in his honor as the best mentor in my life and my career. Memorial day is always now a day of a heart felt missing him and yearning to talk to him just one more day, one more time, and even just one more word. I wish so much we could be in FL this coming weekend to visit NAS Barrancas Cemetary at NAS Pensacola where not only my father is, but my brother, my brother in law, and several other family members were laid to rest there. Coming from a military family we all know the quiet beauty and tribute to our military on days such as Memorial Day as they place the small American flags at each marker.(See photo on link above) How I wish I could share that this weekend with other family members in the area.

I just ran across this USAA article by staff member, Paul Berry, which is the perfect story to honor our American military families. It is quite moving and I hope you’ll share it with others who will prayer for the women of  The American Widow Project- a group of very young women who are widows of American soldiers who have lost their lives fighting in recent years for our country. They are leaving from USAA headquarters going to Washington, DC and stopping to meet and support other young American widows in similar situations having lost their spouses. Mr Berry says it all in this article along with providing email links to the women hosting this most worthy effort. We hope you too will send well wishes their way and prayers for all of our military this holiday weekend.

It makes me proud to be a USAA policyholder so thank you Mr Berry for sharing this most moving story as we enter this holiday weekend. I hope many of you will take the time to view The American Widow Project website and their many heart wrenching stories of loss of their spouses due to war.



We will be back on line Tuesday after Memorial Weekend. God Bless the USA and God Bless the American Widow Project members!


We’ve crossed the 100,000 mark on this blog! Thank you to our readers!

May 21, 2009

WordPress keeps statistics on our blogs which are most informative such as the number of hits on your blog each day, the search engine topics that lead folks to your site, the number of clicks on various blog posts and links within the blog that we check daily. I love viewing them as it helps me know what information those in the claims industry are out there searching for which often leads to topics we post.

We crossed the 100,000 mark on hits for this blog on Tuesday for views  since we started publishing this in July of 2007!

Thank you to our followers! As time goes by we hope to have more folks commenting directly here on the blog versus the behind the scenes emails we constantly receive as a result of our posts here on the blog as well as in our forums at ClaimSmentor. We look forward to many more years of information sharing in our continued efforts to mentor independent adjusters searching for career information.

If your a stats person like I am, you can follow our total hits count in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

Breaking News- Liberty Mutual Acquires Safeco

April 23, 2008

 The Insurance Journal is reporting that Liberty Mutual has acquired Safeco:


We’ll be doing additional research shortly to determine what these changes mean for adjuster certifications and provide more details on the adjusting firms you can take your Liberty Mutual certifications with as soon as we can acquire those details.

Carriers taking notice on Blog comments- USAA responds to blog comments on 3.5 million punitive award

April 11, 2008


Remember recently I’d posted a blog about communication efforts carrier’s need to make with all the new popularity of news blogs and other blog sites? Here is a link if you missed that blog.

Well, USAA is one carrier taking notice and has issued a response to an article out of San Antonio which received over 90 comments from readers regarding a punitive damage award against USAA (which the response says they will appeal by the way). There is some interesting reading both over at Rossmiller’s blog which will give you some background on the case and the 3.5 million punitive award as well as in USAA’s side of the story and information about the appeal. You should take the time to scroll through the 90 or more by now comments and see also the comments by alleged employees about working conditions there.

If you don’t believe blogs are starting to catch the eye with carriers- read this article where USAA responds to blog entries (make sure to click on the words in the article about 90 comments and it will take you to them. It’s interesting reading with 3 or 4 USAA employees even posting about what a terrible company USAA has become for adjusters…(hopefully they are just poor employees on a mission but we never know from the outside).


Here’s David Rossmiller’s story about the 3.5 milion dollar punitive award against USAA: