Join us July 17th and 19th, 2012 for our online Homeowner policy Liability Claim Training Series- Info to register

July 6, 2012

We are hosting our next LIVE online claim training series on the Fundmentals of handling liability claims under Homeowner Policies for adjusters who wish to expand their claim handling abilities by understanding the Fundamentals of Liability claims.

For additional information to register and class syllabus, email

We will host both an evening and a daytime session should there be a need. The evening class will be held from 6pm to 9pm ET on Tuesday 7/17/12 and the daytime course will be held from 11am ET to 2pm ET the same dates. All course material will include a self study field guide for your use when receiving liability claim ass

January 2011 classes for Property and Casualty Adjusters to begin soon! Register now!

December 28, 2010

We are hosting the following classes in January 2011. Registration information and full class syllabus info is now posted in our ClaimSmentor forums for the following courses:

1) Introduction to Claims Careers for newly licensed independent adjusters:

We will host a two night session on January 4, 2011 and January 6, 2011 live online at ClaimSmentor for those newly licensed adjusters who need to further their knowledge about opportunities in Property and Casualty claim training. We cover salary information for staff adjuster postions and fee schedules types and samples for independent adjusters. We cover resume requirements and how they differ in the claims industry as well as providing resume templates. We cover the differences in staff and independent adjuster careers, the differences in inside adjusting and field adjusting as well as information on catastrophe versus daily adjusting. These will be held from 6-9pm CST on the nights listed above.

For complete details send request to join ClaimSmentor to as you must be a registered member of ClaimSmentor to sign up for the classes and to login to the forums for complete details.

2) Eight session Fundamentals of Property Adjusting course held Monday and Thursday nights beginning January 17, 2011 from 6-9pm CST live online. It is recommended you begin with the Claims Career Introductory courses in #1 above before taking this course. Course covers Additional living expense claim handling, contents claim handling, disaster mass file assignment handling, coverage question handling, all claim forms and samples, night spent with live claim management system to learn how to work with CMS assignments, file requirements and file order, and much much more. Same instructions apply about registering for ClaimSmentor to view complete syllabus and details on this course.

3) Liability claims handling for homeowner policies. Course covers medical bill review, liability claim reporting, recorded statement outlines and instructions, CPT and ICD-9 billing applicable to all medical payment and liability files. This is followed by sessions covering dog bite liability investigations and claim file requirements, premises liability claim handling, and dangerous instrumentality and intentional act claim handling. These liability classes will take place once each week for 5 weeks on Tuesday evenings or Tuesday day sessions. Complete details can be accessed once you follow instructions above to get registered for ClaimSmentor!

June 2010- ClaimSmentor Begins New Series for Liability Claim Training for Independent Adjusters

May 28, 2010

We constantly receive requests to expand on our online claim training options for independent adjusters at ClaimSmentor.

During May 2010, we held 10 class sessions covering property damage claim fundamentals and just wrapped those classes up this week.

In June 2010, we are hosting our new liability claim training classes for independent adjusters who need training on claims to expand their claims handling ability to work daily (non-catastrophe) claim assignments. To accomplish this we are beginning our liability claim training classes for independents. These will be held each Monday evening beginning June 7, 2010 from 6:30-9:30 pm ET as well as an option to take the Monday day session from 9am ET to noon ET. These are held live on line at ClaimSmentor.

The four liability claim handling sessions will include the following:

June 7, 2010

I. Session One- General Characteristics and File Requirements for all Liability Claims, Medical Payments claims, and Damage to Property of other claims under Homeowner policies.

June 14, 2010

II. Session Two- Dog Bite Liability Claims handling- According to reports over one third of all Homeowner policy liability claims are due to dog bite claims. Learn the investigation elements required, view actual claim litigation case studies involving dog bites, elements of recorded statements and other investigation and reporting applicable to dog bite claims investigations.

June 21, 2010

III. Session Three- Premise Liability Claims handling- Slip and Falls, Premise Defects, and much more

June 28, 2010

IV. Session Four-  Dangerous Instrumentalities- Firearms claims and other Intentional Act liability claims handling information

To participate and register for these four classes, here is the link to our registration information:

The deadline to register is June 2, 2010 at midnight.

We hope to see many of you there!

Helpful Claim Resource Links for Adjusters- Software, Magazines, Training, Licenses, Forums..much more

February 19, 2009

 We have updated all of the links on our  Dimechimes ClaimSmentor Adjuster Information Blog and now have seperate links for Adjuster Forums, Claim Career sites, Claim Estimating Software Sites, Claim Blogs of Interest, Insurance News, Claim Conferences, Claim Forums , Claim Magazines,and much much more.

To find all of these links just scroll down all of the entries on the right side of our blog. Just click on a link you are interested in to find resources available  for that topic.

To find blogs related to your training needs, you can also scroll down on the right column and find a drop down menu by Categories or use the Search tool found on the right hand column to find all blogs on the claim topic you are looking for.

We hope this helps all of you who find your way to our Adjuster Information blog through search engines searching for these many topics! Happy Hunting!

Updated 3/1/09-Dimechimes Claim Staffing and Claim Training-Adjuster Opportunities for 2009/Now Accepting Claim Recruiting and Claim Staffing Requests And Training Opportunities for 2009

September 15, 2008


Very Important update to this post with our 3/1/09 announcement here:

We will continue accepting resumes at our ClaimSmentor site where there will now be many many more job opportunites posted there for new opportunities not just from my firm  Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training. If you are already on our rosters, you should be receiving an email from us in the next few days. If you will just reply to it with your first and last name and your city and state I will automatically move you to our ClaimSmentor rosters where we have 66 adjusting firms participating who will be presenting job opportunities. We have now opened it up to staffing firms, recruiters, and to carriers so you will see a major increase in the number of assignments and job opportunities you can consider.

We are still looking for people through ClaimSmentor in all opportunities listed below.

For other claim adjuster (staff trainees or independent adjuster) services visit us at Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training for:

. Adjuster Resume Services

. Private Career Coaching Sessions to prepare for  career opportunities in claims, Setting goals for claim professional development customized to your background, work history, educational background, and your specific interests. There are many different paths in claims which may interest you which we can discuss then set a path for you to achieve your goals based on your continuing education budget available.

. Claim interview preparation services -mock interviews conducted to prepare you for what to expect

. Adjuster Information Forums you will be registered in free of charge.

. Our Career Coaching Classes can be packaged together with our 50 Hour Fundamentals of  Claims Class teaching you the basic essentials of property adjusting claims such as homeowner, rental property, condominium claims, and small business losses. We can then offer you Xactimate, Powerclaim, and other software classes at discounted prices through instructors specifically certified by the software manufacturer.

Please do not spend thousands of dollars before you participate in our forums at ClaimSmentor and see what class options are available for online and field class options through reputable companies that we have researched with direct contacts with their education directors. There is entirely too many problems going on in the claims industry with hundreds of new websites and and training classes being taught without clearance by the state department of insurance for CE  credit which is an outstanding tool to prevent you from wasting hard earned dollars then becoming victim to insufficient training. Watch for the new ClaimSmentor seal of approval coming soon to many training firms you are considering. This will guarantee we have researched the firm and discussed with a panel of  experienced adjusters the course presented before we recommend them in our ClaimSmentor links in an attempt to prevent you from paying for classes that are not presenting  insurance carrier quality standards to better prepare you for assignments.



We thank the many adjusting firms and adjusters who used our services during 2008.

Due to the overwhelming response received from hundreds of adjusters during hurricanes Ike and Gustav=e, we are still in the process of evaluating incoming resume submissions and will be in contact with you during the coming weeks as we prepare for 2009 claim handling opportunities. We have also been out in recent months due to significant surgery and medical issues for family members and hope to be caught up contacting all applicants by the end of February prior to the March hail storm season.

We are now updating our claim rosters for 2009 and accepting claim recruiting and claim staffing requests from independent adjusting firms and insurance companies.

If you are with an insurance company HR department an independent adjusting firm who has been in business atleast 5 years with carrier references  and have staffing assistance needs for fulltime, part-time, or temporary claim staffing needs, contact for pricing.

If you are a claims adjuster or claims manager looking for either staff adjusting or independent adjusting opportunities for daily or catastrophe assignments, please submit your resume to for consideration for future opportunities.

Please see the list below for the types of opportunities available and the independent adjusters and claim managers we are looking for. We continue to receive new requests. . We also continue to frequently receive new requests for daily (non catastrophe) claims. Thus, we continue to accept resumes for the following type of positions for future deployment/employment opportunities for adjusting firms and carriers we receive staffing requests from. It is important you send us your resume in lieu of a phone call first so we are familiar with your qualifications to know if you meet our current qualification needs for various opportunities.

Adjusters and Claim Managers,be sure your resume includes your estimate software experience, the adjusting firms and carriers you have worked claims for, the carriers you have completed certification tests for, information on the types of claims you have successfully completed, and 3 references who can verify your claims experience.

Future Opportunities:

Here are the type of positions we are accepting resumes for:

Opportunity 09-0204 Independent Adjusters with Inside Claim handling experience. Must be familiar with Claim Management System electronic claim file handling and handling claims in a catastrophe or daily claim central operation or as a field adjuster familiar with CMS (Claim Management systems) claim handling.

Job Opportunity- 09-0205- Independent Commercial Adjusters needed with Commercial Claims handling experience. Please be specific when submitting your resume for consideration as to the types of Commercial claims and the range of damage (dollar amount of loss you estimate on the average) as well as any business interruption and business contents and salvage handling you have. Be sure your resume includes any specific carrier certification exams you have completed as well as specific information on the estimate software programs you have used such as Xactimate (and version), MSB, Simsol, Powerclaim, and/or Symbility estimating programs.

Job Opportunity- 09-0206- Independent Residential  Property Adjusters for Catastrophe Loss Adjusting. Please be specific on the adjusting firms and carriers you have handled claims for and the types of damage such as wind, hail, hurricane, fire, theft, etc. Be sure your resume includes any specific carrier certification exams you have completed as well as specific information on the estimate software programs you have used such as Xactimate (and version), MSB, Simsol, Powerclaim, and/or Symbility estimating programs.

Job Opportunity 09-0207- Auto Claim Independent Adjusters for Catastrophe Loss handling. Please be sure your resume includes any auto claim estimating software you are trained/experiencd using and any technical courses completed such as I-CAR, etc. Please be sure your request for consideration includes any specific carrier certification exams you have successfully completed for Auto claim handling as well as adjusting firms and carriers you have handled claims for.

Job Opportunity 09-0208 Daily Property Independent Adjusters and Daily Auto Claim Independent Adjusters- this applies to adjusters interested in working claims from their home base that are definitely NOT interested in dropping everything when a catastrophe hits. These are for branch assist openings for carriers and independent adjusting assignments. Daily (non catastrophe claims) generally require a more extensive background as they are not usually confined to wind, hail, and flood losses and include fire, theft, vandalism, and many other types of daily claims which require more extensive claim reports and much more long term type of assignments such as lawsuit file management. Be very specific on the types of claims you have handled and for which carriers if you are applying for daily claim positions.

Job Opportunity 09-0209- Multi Line Independent Adjusters– for those adjusters interested in daily claims that have both property and liability claims experience for either Property or Auto Claims. Please provide complete details on the type of property AND liability claims you have experience handling as well as information on the carriers and adjusting firms you have handled claims for.

Job Opportunity 09-0210- Casualty Adjusters- Auto or Property Only– This opportunity is for applicants who have a liability background only and interested in Casualty assignments as an independent adjuster. Please be very specific on the types of liability claims handled such as premise liability claims, dog bite claims, etc

Job Opportunity 09-0211- Marine Adjusters– for experience personal watercraft adjusters for catastrophe and/or daily claims. Must be familiar with boat and jet ski repair estimates and methods of repair. Please be sure to include information as to any Section II Liaibility or Medical Payments claim experience under your typical pleasure craft boatowners policies.

Job Opportunity 09-0212 Two Story Rope and Harness Team Adjusters- have you completed rope and harness certification safety courses and willing to work on a two story rope and harness team either as the assistant or team leader for the rope and harness team? Submit resumes explaining your experience on rope and harness two or more stories roof assignments with details as to whether the experience covers residential and/or commercial.

Job Opportunity 09-0213- Staff Adjuster positions Auto and Property- Interested ONLY in Staff adjuster positions? If so please use this job code if you are an experienced adjuster. Be specific if you are mobile or do not wish to relocate. Include minimum salary expectations in cover email. We will match you with insurance company job opportunities for staff adjusters. Please note that the majority of insurance companies do require a minimum of a two year degree for consideration for the majority of openings for claims adjusters or claim management opportunites but prefer a Bachelor degree for consideration.

Job Opportunity 09-0214- Claim Management jobs for staff/ carriers only– please be sure you include all educational achievements on continuing education such as AIC Associates in Claims, CPCU courses, SCLA courses, and any other continuing insurance programs as these are often a prerequisite for management positions. Include other details as requested above i.e..adjusting firms and carriers you have managed claims for before, span of control, management duties, as well as any carrier certifications completed. Please be specific when submitting your resume as to whether you are mobile or not.

Job Opportunity 09-0215- Claim Management OpportunitiesField/Inside- Catastrophe Duty- Property– Please provide usual details mentioned above for catastrophe adjusters but include details of prior catastrophe management positions held to include span of control, length of assignments, adjusting firms and carriers involved as well as types of claims you managed. Specify field and/or inside only on your cover email.

Job Opportunity 09-0216- Claim Management Opportunities- Field- Catastrophe-Auto Claims– includes management of auto claim adjusters working in the field through shops, drive through carrier operations, claim offices, and other assigned locations. Please provide complete details on prior auto claims management positions.

Job Opportunity-09-0217- Claim Examiners-Catastrophe-non management-do you have experience examining files worked by adjusters in the field through Claim Management- CMS systems for review prior to submission to the carrier for pre-approval of files to verify file documents comply with carrier file requirements? Please provide all details if you are requesting consideration for these opportunities to include type of claim such as residential, auto, commercial, etc

Job Opportunity 09-0218- Claim Trainee Opportunities- Catastrophe-Auto and Property– if you have successfully completed your state adjusters license exam and are seeking claim adjuster trainee opportunities, please use this job opportunity code when submitting your resume for consideration.

Job Opportunity 09-0219- Claim Trainee Adjusters- Insurance Carrier or Independent Adjusting Firm positions- Non Catastrophe– for those who have successfully completed your state adjusters license exam interested in non catastrophe claim adjuster trainee openings that do not involve travel on storm assignments. Specify on your resume if you are mobile.

It is important that all resumes for adjusters with billingual skills include that information as we have many firms looking for billingual adjusters throughout the year. All resumes for non catastrophe positions do need to specify your Objective (position/s desired) and whether or not you are mobile. If you are mobile, please specify cities you would consider. Read the rest of this entry »

August 2008- Career Coaching Updates and August Online Claim Class Updates

August 5, 2008



We had previously blogged about our Career Coaching Services for individual one on one sessions for claims career consultation services here:

We are receiving many many emails that basically say “help me” from folks who do not know where to get started in the claims business and from those who have obtained licenses but don’t know where to turn next.

If you are interested in information for new adjusters in a group setting, we offer our services at no charge on ClaimSmentor which is an online mentoring site for new adjusters through forums where we provide information about upcoming adjusting firm and vendor training seminars for CE credits and for Carrier Certifications and other valuable training offered in the Claims Industry. You can find contact and website information for all of our Claim Industry websites on the About page here on our blog.

Website search and information in group settings isn’t for everyone and many prefer one on one information specific to their background for a quicker jump start into their claims careers. If this is your preference, you can order our Career Coaching Services to assist you with goal setting, resume development, mock interviews to prepare for upcoming claim interviews, and much more training available on an individual basis through our Career Coaching services. Here is a link:

We have also updated our online claim training options for new Adjusters for August on ClaimSmentor for the following August Classes:

40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims Class for Property Adjusters-Starts 8/11/08

Condo Loss Adjusting Class for Condo Unitowners and Condo Master Policies- begins next week- 2 night online Live Class with pre-class self study material

Contents Loss Adjusting Class- 1 night class- online Live- begins next week

Additional Living Expense (ALE) 2 night training class-August 2008

To learn more about these classes, you can view complete details once we get you registered on ClaimSmentor in our Training Roots and Wings Forum.

We also offer self study guides for those needing training but no time for classes due to other obligations. This material can be ordered through our Training link at our staffing firm site. (See About page on blog for contact info)

Note- contact us for pricing information if you are a carrier or adjusting firm wishing to have these programs presented LIVE to your group for a group discount. These can be presented online OR in the field.

We hope to see many new members join us! We presently have over 850 members registered at ClaimSmentor to include experienced adjusters, claim managers, claim firm owners, and trainee adjusters as well as adjusting firm HR staff visiting regularly accessing our resume data base for assignment potential among our members.

Next 40 Hour ONLINE LIVE Fundamentals of Claims Class Begins June 2, 2008

May 15, 2008

 We are now beginning a registration list for the next 40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims class which we hope to begin June 2, 2008. It will run on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm LIVE ONLINE on our ClaimSmentor site. 

 We are registering new members who are interested as well. The class will run Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm CST for four consecutive weeks so we’ll wrap up right before the July 4th vacation week. 

There is an $80.00 fee to take this class which amounts to a minimal $10.00 per 3 hour class as we hold 2 classes per week for 4 weeks. All fees MUST be paid by 5/29/2008 as we will begin posting pre-class reading links for Lesson one on 5/30/08 as well as distributing by email the many self study guides distributed to class participants to use along with the lessons. We have been told many times over by other training groups that we need to raise this price but try to keep it almost to a bare minimum to stand steadfast on our goal at ClaimSmentor to make training available to all adjuster trainees as we try to enhance the image of independent adjusters through our educational efforts. The cost of the class is ridiculously low for the time spent distributing course material, grading pre-class assignments as well as each 3 hour session with LIVE presentations. We could never accomplish so much in one course if it weren’t for the hours and hours spent researching current information found on the web to provide links to reading material on all subjects discussed. Carriers prohibit adjusters from releasing their confidential information so we constantly update information found on the web via lawsuit document pdf’s posted on various sites, news articles, and much more we share with you throughout the course to keep the information up to date and current with each new class.

 Class includes pre-class homework reading assignments as well as pre-class homework. There are a total of 24 hours online instruction and 16 hours of pre-class reading/homework assignments as we figure 2 hours pre-class reading and  homework per lesson. You must attend ALL 8 sessions to receive your 40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims certificate. There is also the option to AUDIT the class only which allows you to attend all 8 sessions and receive the reading material without the need to complete the pre-class homework questions. The cost of the Audit only participation is $50.00. This course covers much needed information that new adjusters have shared is not being covered in many conferences, seminars, and estimatic classes thus many end up having an overall view but not detailed information needed to understand the  processes required to complete a claim file.

Both training options include the self study guides for Contents Claim Handling, Additional Living Expense Claim handling, Actiivity Log-File Requirements-Electronic Claim File Documents self study material, and the self study material on condo master policy claim handling. We cover this information within the classes below as well.

Here’s a breakdown on the 8 sessions but we cover much much more as those that have attended the class can attest to:

I. Career Forum discussion- review of all topics listed in the Career forum on ClaimSmentor through self study pre-class reading assignment links emailed to you prior to class and through discussion in the 3 hour online class on Careers in Claims and options available. Concentration in this first class is concentrated on vendor/adjuster relations and carrier/ adjuster expectations, vendor applications, vendor/carrier relationships and communication. We will also cover vacation and absence requests once you have accepted assignments and “no show” adjusters. This class covers things you very much need to know before you sign independent contracts, errors and omissions coverage, pros/cons of working staff vs independent, info on training school options, adjuster resume recommendations and templates, general terms found in carrier code of conduct forms and much much more regarding careers in claims. Most informative are the discussions on networking opportunities and what associations are available for you to join to enhance your job opportunities.

2.Ethics- class assignment will include a review  of adjuster ethics standards while  dealing with insureds, contractors,and accepting vendor assignments and an online class on ethics discussions while using current hot topics in the news regarding adjusters and carriers as real class examples of issues facing adjusters and adjusting firms in today’s claim environment.  We go over common errors new adjusters make that frequently lead to carrier complaints that lead to adjusters being released from assignments as well as hot topics on dress codes and news topics on adjusting firm ethics as well so you don’t get burned on your first assignments with non payment issues. We will also discuss carrier salvage handling during this session. We cover carrier certification requirements and vendors offering the certification classes for different insurance carriers. Class will include pre-class reading links required as well as a pre-class homework assignment based on the reading material.

3. Catastrophe Claim Mock Disaster Assignment Drill- Organizing/Zoning your file assignments- Items covered include but aren’t limited to organizing your assignments, carrier service standard expectations, carrier quota expectations, tips on working around storm difficulties to meet carrier quota expectations, things to consider when choosing a cat vendor (what will be most profitable for you- there are major differences in the types of assignments), examples of fee schedules and the different types, information on which adjusting firms are handling certification exams for different carriers, severity code, catastrophe coding, and working with the claims/agency relationship as well as discussion on high profile assignments and condo loss handling. This assignment includes our self study research paper on Condo master policy loss handling as well as reading links to much more important info you need to know before going on catastrophe duty.

4. Activity log entries and file documentation requirements- Who would ever think you could spend a 3 hour class discussing activity logs, file requirements, electronic documents, file order,etc but it is a very much needed discussion so you are aware of proper file entries to avoid bad faith. and carrier rejection of your closed assignments. This assignment includes links to many file document samples, a self study research paper with links to forms you will commonly use, a walk through a demo on electronic claim management systems so you can see how they operate, and much more.

5.Insured/Agency communications-/Contents Claim handling- how to properly handle complaint issues from an insured,  insurance department complaint handling, public adjusters and state regulations, communication requirements when attorney is representing an insured, and proper communication standards.You need to know what state mandated language must be on forms and letters and many other rules for properly communicating coverage decisions such as state requirements for mediation options and more. Documenting the file, communicating with the insured in letters and correspondence, much more in depth discussion about investigation methods and an overview of the self study material and reading links on Contents Claim handling.

6. File negotiations- dealing with contractor bids, lump sum bids, and estimate reconciliations.  3 hour class to include extensive details about what you need to be looking for on contractor estimates to resolve differences much more quickly, matching issues, minimum charges, carrier expectations on estimates and  much more covered about common reasons files are rejected and or reopen in this session Six. A must know to work claim files and resolve them to bring them to conclusion! We will also discuss the various building estimatic software programs and training options available to you to acquire this must have training. We do not have time in this course to cover estimatic training but this lesson will open your eyes to carrier expectations on building estimates and how they differ from what you may know from a contractor’s standpoint versus from an insurance carrier damage covered perspective. You’ll know atleast the top 10 problems to avoid on common errors made by new adjusters so you can reduce file rejections upon management review.

 7. and 8. Additional Living Expense Claim Handling- you will receive our self study guide with step by step instructions for handling Additional Living expense claims under residential policies which covers carrier generally accepted standards for ALE loss calculations. Homework will include practice assignments on mock ale situations where you will use actual ALE forms to input your ale decisions we will then go over in class. Lesson 8 also wraps up your questions on all the various assignments during our live training sessions.

Two of the most enjoyable features of the class by all participants is getting to interact LIVE during sessions asking questions and the drop by visitors they can obtain advice from on the evening’s topic when experienced adjusters drop by to help with the sessions.

Here is also a recent blog entry we did with information about the course:

If you are interested in the June 2, 2008 class, you will first need to register at ClaimSmentor.Website registration info is found on the About page here on the blog.

You can pay the cost of the course once you have registered online and access our forums.

Note we will present this course in field format classroom training for adjusting firms. Contact us for more information and pricing through our staffing firm, Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training. All website info on the About page here on the blog.

There is no charge to join ClaimSmentor to just participate in our forums for others interested in joining our online claim mentoring community where we currently have 818 members to include hundreds of experienced adjusters and claim managers as well as trainee adjusters. The ClaimSmentor site is open to all trainee adjusters (staff or independent), experienced adjusters(staff or independent), independent adjusting firm personnel(support through management), and all carrier staff claim and HR personnel. We also welcome vendors who support our industry such as estimate software firms, training firms,etc. The site is not open to public adjusters or attorneys.