ClaimSmentor sponsor University of Central FL Insurance Dept advises Connecticut announces no hurricane deductibles will apply to state Sandy losses

Thanks to long time sponsor Dr Michael Birzon of the University of Central Florida Insurance department for notifying me for distribution to our members that Connecticut has now mandated that the hurricane deductible cannot be applied to Connecticut Hurricane Sandy losses per the following:

From: Florida Insurance University
“” <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 2:45 PM
Subject: Hurricane Deductibles Not Applicable to Sandy-Related Connecticut Claims

The Connecticut insurance department issued a notice
alerting the insurance industry that companies may not impose a hurricane
deductible on Connecticut claims related to superstorm Sandy.

“Please be
advised based on information received from the National Hurricane Center and the
National Weather Service, a ‘Hurricane Warning’ was not issued for the State of
Connecticut nor did Connecticut sustain hurricane force winds as a result of
Storm Sandy,” according to the department’s notice.

“Therefore, pursuant
to Public Act 12-162 Section 1. (b) and the Department’s Filing Review
Guidelines Related to Underwriting Coastal Homeowners Insurance Policies
re-issued on December 9, 2011 (the “Coastal Guidelines”) as it relates to the
use of hurricane deductibles, companies may not impose a hurricane deductible on
Connecticut claims.”

Based on National Weather Service data, the max gust
wind recorded in the state was 86mph in Madison, Conn., and the max sustained
winds recorder were 59mph in Bridgeport, Conn., according to

Dr. Michael R. Birzon
UCF/Florida Insurance
PO Box 952379
Lake Mary, FL

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