Claims Magazine has their 2009 Claims Salary Survey Results Up!

November 6, 2009

We’ve been following the annual claims salary survey results on Claims Magazine annually for years now and have the ones from the past few years all posted here on our blog.

Here is a link to the 2009 Claim Salary Survey results posted in their magazine in October 2009 while I was out.

If you missed the new salary survey results from Claims Magazine’s Claims Salary Survey for 2009, here is the link!

I have the 2007 and 2008 also posted on ClaimSmentor in the forums as well as here on the blog if you want to compare them! Just enter survey or salary survey in the search function to locate them!

We’ve updated our About Us page to include new Twitter location and new links to our Published articles!

May 15, 2009

Claims Magazine made a recent update on their site which changed the links to our published articles over there.

We’ve also added new opportunities you may be interested in to follow us at Linkedin and Twitter. I’ll post the Facebook link as soon as we finish updating our location there. I hope you enjoy visiting our various sites often. We have added job postings on our Twitter feed as well.

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Please Participate in the 2008 Claims Magazine Annual Claim Salary Survey

August 21, 2008


We have been asked by Eric Gilkey, Editor of Claims Magazine to distribute this link to as many staff and independent adjusters and managers as possible in hopes of great feedback on this year’s claim salary survey. Below you will find the information to participate:

 We are excited to see many questions specific to independent adjusters are included in this year’s survey.

Please pass this email on to all you know in the Claims industry to make this
the most helpful survey possible!

Here is the email received:

Every year, Claims Magazine asks its readers to participate in a salary survey
in an attempt to better understand and convey the working conditions and
salaries of the claim professionals for whom we write. Today, your input and
opinions are requested.

Below is a link to a short online survey. It should only take about five minutes
to complete. The survey is confidential, and respondents’ identities will be
concealed. Answers will only be used in tabulation with others, and comments
will not be directly identified.

Since the number of subscribers being asked to complete the survey is small,
your participation is critical to the accuracy and usefulness of the survey’s
results. We value your input and thank you in advance for your assistance.


Eric Gilkey

Editor in Chief

Claims Magazine

Thanks Deb. Hope everything is going well for you.


Eric Gilkey

Editor | Claims Magazine

Conference Chair | ACE America’s Claims Event

The National Underwriter Company



Note- we had previously published the results of the 2007 Claim Salary survey results. If you missed that blog, here is a link:

Thank you for participating!

Claim Salary Survey Results are up at Claims Magazine!

October 19, 2007

We had previously asked our readers on the Dimechimes Corporation Adjuster Information Blog and on ClaimSmentor to participate in this year’s National Underwriters Claim Salary Survey for Claims Professionals from adjusters up to executive level managers. Here is a link to the initial blog requesting readers participate.

Claims Magazine by National Underwriter has now published the results of the survey with some very interesting findings on salaries for both staff and independent adjusters.

Here is a link to the article and  survey results in Claims Magazines Feature story in the October issue. Due to other things going on, I hadn’t had time to check to see if they were up. Here is the link to the actual salary statistics with several surprises ….I didn’t see one entry at the mythical 200K income level many new adjusters hear about from their friends in the survey reports but hey…maybe those independents earning those big bucks were out on a cruise spending it and missed the survey!

Managing Editor, Eric Gilkey’s done such a good job on the article, I won’t add much by way of comments and let you read it for yourself. The only HUGE thing that stuck out to me was that while the average independent adjuster income from those surveyed was at $60,436 compared to a staff adjuster average income at a bit less at $56,747 there is no true comparison as the independent had huge expenses against their income for hotel, vehicles, and equipment versus the staff adjuster with everything provided by the insurance carrier. I was amazed to see the average Independent adjusting firm owner at only $94,000 against information I often receive indicating with their bonus added in it’s more like 250K…maybe that information was a myth too! Independent firm managers/supervisors came in at 75K versus Staff at the same level earning 83K. Now that is really pretty bad when the IA firm manager had big expenses against their lower income.

Other results in the survey outside of salary correspond to what is going on in the industry….less staff with company cars and cell phones would be right considering the many claim central operations and lower field staff which is one of the very reasons for centralizing or outsourcing claims to cut huge carrier expenses. I don’t understand the part about independents with the company cars unless they are considered employees to the IA firm since independents normally supply all of their own equipment and transportation at their own expense.

If you missed our other blogs on adjuster income for staff, independents, and auto adjusters here are links to other blogs on adjuster income:

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We hope everyone enjoys the survey and we thank Claims Magazine for this 17th annual poll so we all have a source for determining average incomes of our claim peers!

Watch tomorrow for a new survey up by owner Thomas Brown- there’s a surprise in store for those participating! I’ll have it posted as soon as I have the go ahead to announce the details!

Claims Magazine Claims Salary Survey is up..please participate!

August 24, 2007

We are honored that Claims Magazine, Managing Editor, Eric Gilkey has requested both ClaimSmentor participants and Dimechimes Corporation roster folks participate in the 17th annual survey on claim salaries. Feel free to pass this on to anyone participating in claims whether carrier personnel or independent adjusters. The more participants the better the results will be when we read the survey in the October 2007 issue. Please help make a difference in claim income for adjusters by taking this survey.

Here is the information from Eric:

Claims Magazine is currently conducting its 17th annual salary survey for claim professionals. The survey is meant to convey opinions and salary ranges for carrier and independent claim staff professionals, from adjusters to vice presidents. It’s meant to be a tool for industry professionals to use to compare their salaries to other professionals in the industry and get a snapshot into the industry’s current state. All salary figures will be kept confidential and are only used to tally results. Comments used in the write up will be ensured anonymity if used. To participate, go to and look for the survey link under the breaking news section. 

Eric Gilkey

Managing Editor | Claims Magazine | Florida UnderwriterProgram Chair | Calif. Insurance Fraud SymposiumThe National Underwriter Company


We had recently posted two different blog entries on adjuster income as found publicly on many websites and in the press here if you missed them. Here and Here

Thank you all in advance for participating in this survey.

 “Make things Happen” by participating!

Claims Magazine August 2007 issue is up online! Visit our Featured news article ” A Box of Chocolates “

August 6, 2007

Last week we mentioned in our blog about adjuster opportunities to handle losses for condo’s that Claims Magazine would be publishing an article we wrote along with Dennis Martin, CPCU  who is VP of Claims for William Kramer and Associates in the August 2007 issue. The article is now available online here:

We have also published a self study guide for handling FL Condo losses which is available through our staffing firm.


Note that we have also just listed more LIVE online classes for Condo claim handling to be held in both evening and daytime sessions  during August at ClaimSmentor. The classes will include the self study Condo guide. Should you like to participate, visit us at  our ClaimSmentor site today!