Look Before You Leap! New classes scheduled online LIVE in April 2009 for Staff Adjusters and Management Considering an Independent Adjuster or Independent Claim Management Career

March 15, 2009


              Look Before You Leap! The Grass is NOT always Greener on the other Side!  

                       This class  is designed to improve understanding by Insurance Carrier HR managers considering independent adjusters for staff claim opportunities as well as staff adjusters and Claim managers wishing to make a career move to the Independent Claims Adjuster or Claim Manager fields in the claims industry.       

***Updated 3/21/09: Note this program can also be presented in an individual career coaching order session for those who wish to remain anonymous versus participating in this online class at ClaimSmentor . We will present this to you individually through a career coaching session. Just contact Debbie@Dimechimes.com to schedule your private session.



This is a new course offering in our Roots and Wings  program  at ClaimSmentor for all of the staff adjusters sending us resumes  as they  consider career moves to the independent claims industry.

You can read more about these classes hosted on Saturday April 4, 2009 and Saturday April 18, 2009 in the following blog topic:


This link contains a blog link to the registration information for ClaimSmentor. This site is our online e-mentoring program for Independent and Staff adjusters or managers involved in the Property or Auto Claims industry. There is no charge to join our ClaimSmentor forums. You will be able to review more details about this class once you become a member and can view the topic in our forums.

 We also welcome Human Resource managers interested in participating in this class so they better understand the independent adjusters applying to their insurance companies for staff adjuster positions as we would like you to appreciate those that have outstanding experience in are independent industry. We strongly recommend continuing education for newly licensed adjusters participating in our forums at ClaimSmentor and  you will also find valued candidates for your claim trainee job opportunities.

View the About tab for contact information if you are interested in this class.  



New online Claims Adjuster and Claim Management training Class offerings for late March and April 2009 at ClaimSmentor

March 15, 2009




ClaimSmentor online classes held live during April and May  2009

The S stands for our services to the claims industry!

We have just listed our upcoming classes for adjusters to be held at ClaimSmentor online LIVE  through the end of May  2009. These most likely will be our last classes for 2009 as we will be assisting adjusting firms with their training needs when hurricane season arrives in the field.

This includes:

Considering a transition or career advancement opportunity from field adjuster to Claims Examiner or Claim Management? This is a new course offering!

Our newest class for adjusters considering opportunities to work as Claim Examiners and in Claim Management positions. We will meet for two evening sessions to discuss the pros and cons of these two positions versus working as a field adjuster.

We will explore the major differences in both positions from that of your duties and obligations as a field adjusters. Many do not realize the vast differences in these opportunties and going into an assignment in these positions whether catastrophe or daily (non-catastrophe), independent or staff, they assume it is just reviewing files of others. It is a given you will be doing that but that is just a small part of your duties in these positions. We will explore the much greater duties of management responsiblities for reporting requirements, followups on claim file status, soft skills (people) directing others and controlling their work load, as well as walking you through the management side of a claims management system (CMS) system to show you the management tools available LIVE during lesson two of this class. It is imperative that you understand the hurdles and issues you will face in these positions as well as the difference in the way these positions are paid on daily rates for independents and salary ranges for staff employees.

We are hosting these classes on March 31, 2009 and April 1, 2009 live online at ClaimSmentor. You must be a registered member to attend our class. Here is a link to the registration information if you are not already a member. We are offering a daytime session for this 2 day class which will be held both days from 8am-11am CST and an evening session from 6-9pm CST both notes for those taking the evening class. Once you have received your login id to participate, we will direct you to the complete details on the class posted in our Roots and Wings Training Session Forum (forum for all of our online classes offered at ClaimSmentor).

Deadline to register is 3/27/09 so you have time to read pre-class reading assignments so you can actively participate during class and have your questions you want answered ready to go to discuss during class.


Look before you Leap…the Grass is NOT always Greener on the other side…Class for staff adjusters interested in changing careers from staff to independent adjuster. Things have greatly changed on the seen so “look before you leap” is our motto!  All new class!

We will discuss the major differences in life, stability, assignments, salaries and /or payments based on many different types of independent fee schedules. Please do not assume that because you are an experienced adjuster working for a carrier that you will automatically be assigned claims as an independent adjuster. Things just do not work that way with ever changing carrier certification exams, with adjusting firm seminar requirements and fees, and with the terms of independent contracts you must sign with independent adjusting firms. The use of  catastrophe adjusters by carriers also changes regularly and we can share the most up to date information we have gathered. We are required to turn down even the seasoned adjusters from assignments when they are in non-compliance with required independent  firm requirements for licensing for out of state assignments and carrier certifications. As my daughter likes to say “it is what it is” and you need to know what it really is before you make the leap or are forced to as major carriers pull away from the coast lines around America and you are subject to finding new employment opportunities in the claims industry.

Please don’t make the leap without either particpating in our class or by consulting with us in our career coach consulting services where we will discuss your options individually with you. If nothing else, talk to independent adjusters you work with who are NOT yet core adjusters for one adjusting firm. Visit us at www.Dimechimes.com  for contact information if you prefer individual career consulting versus registering at ClaimSmentor to join our class. We have made the transition after a 28 year career as a staff adjuster and manager and can share our transition road map to success with you. The information is definitely not readily available and takes years to understand this other side of the claims industry. Things have changed in major form since I left the staff claims industry in late 2001. Then you could easily obtain independent assignments once you left your carrier. In today’s world it is not that easy without knowing the ropes of the behind the scenes information independents are forbidden to discuss with carrier staff managers and adjusters or risk being sent home from assignment and removed from an adjusting firm’s rosters of available independent adjusters.

We receive resumes regularly from staff adjusters looking for independent assignments so we know there is a great need for this class. The first two sessions are scheduled for April 2009. They will be held on Saturday April 4, 2009 from 9am CST to 1 pm CST and Saturday April 18, 2009 from 9am CST to 1pm CST. We must register you for ClaimSmentor to attend the LIVE online class. We are holding this on Saturdays so we do not interfere with your need to remain focused on your staff duties during the week. We can host them at your claim association meetings or carrier presentations at anytime to meet your needs. Just visit our About page for all contact information.

We will also be glad to offer this program to insurance company claim departments who are facing massive layoffs due to downsizing as underwriting guidelines continue to change. While there are some large firms who offer employment advice for carriers referring employees, I do not find they are helpful as those folks do not major in understanding the independent industry and the ever changing claim opportunities we study thoroughly on a daily basis.

To get you started, just take a look at our prior blog on the Pros and Cons of Staff and Independent Adjuster claim careers. There a vast differences. I worked side by side with independents and managed them on storm and on field unit branch assist assignments but I can assure you that there are major roadblocks for independents before they get regular life sustaining income from independent assignments. You need to learn what they are through our presentations. We present this class with an overall look at the independent claims industry versus information you might find at an individual adjusting firm as we will discuss all types of opportunities on independent claim adjuster careers. We will also share with you some of the top firms our participants have had good experience with and preparing your resume to tranisiton to claims. Most staff adjusters or staff claim management have not completed a resume in years and years and we will explain the differences and offer you recommended resume tips for key important information to include in your resume as an independent adjuster or independent claim manager.



ClaimSmentor 50 Hour Fundamentals of  Claims Class  for Property Adjusters and Catastrophe Adjusters

We have totally updated our Fundamentals of Property Claims class effective March 2009. Just as the “who moved my claims cheese” job opportunities change (see our blog post on that in this link), so do things going on in the claims industry. We have watched major changes in claims litigation through class action lawsuits post Katrina and the increased volume of lawsuits involving claims. Many of the windpools are also requiring you file an Answer to any Complaint (lawsuit) on a claim you have handled then later named in a lawsuit.

We developed this essential basics of property claims class after networking with the members of our ClaimSmentor program and learning that the majority of “cat 101” claim handling classes cover the very basics of  estimate software skills, damage scoping, and claim file basics. Many programs are taught by adjusters with barely any experience themselves. Our class is designed to fill in major gaps of important things you need to know. We do not cover the estimate software programs and scoping classes but concentrate on the majority of other things that are a must to know before you handle your first claim. You cannot go out in the field and “wing it” and learn as you go when dealing with consumers who have bought a policy expecting “above and beyond” service from adjusters servicing their claims as they have a right to when they need us.

Rather than post the syllabus here in a public forum (after seeing another forum website posting our information), I’ll let you decide if you can benefit from taking this class by taking our 125 question self assessment test which is just a very basic list of things we cover during our  5 week 10 session classes. Also, I personally host these classes and teach you from an experienced claims management standpoint (both staff and independent management) based on my experience as a claims manager. You will obtain rare insight into the real expectations so you understand the importance of complying with a carrier file requirements. While you may barely cut the muster to work storm losses at a time when carriers believe they have exhausted their resources, you will not be the adjuster selected long beyond the immediate rush of assignments to handle reinspections. It is not worth ruining your employment opportunities but being removed from a carrier’s list of deployable adjusters but barely meeting file requirements your first time out!


The next classes are hosted in daytime and evening sessions. These begin on the following dates:

Evening sessions begin on April 20, 2009 through May 21, 2009 and will be held from 6pm  CST to 9pm CST on Monday and Thursdays for two sessions a week for five weeks.  The deadline to register is April 10, 2009 to allow us time to provide registrants with class reading material which is done for each class before the session is held so we can be most productive discussing the issues and answering your questions LIVE in each class session.

The daytime class will begin on March 30, 2009 and conclude on April 30, 2009 and will also be held on Monday and Thursdays but will be held from 8am to 11 am CST. The deadline to register for this class is March 25, 2009 so we can also mail out the reading material to registrants.

We hope to see many of you in our upcoming classes!