Hurricane Rina- Now a Category 2 Hurricane- see projected path- Is Florida a Potential Target?

October 25, 2011

Here is the latest 11 am statistics for Hurricane Rina and projections for a possible Florida target location from Central Florida news:

I’ll have the selected Citizens of Florida 2011 Vendor link posted later today for those looking for legitimate Florida assignments from assigned vendors. As anyone who follows my information, I do not recommend ANY adjuster work for anything but a Level I adjusting firm- meaning a firm who has the direct assignment with a carrier- not a 2nd, 3rd, or more tier adjusting firm for your own protection getting paid. More on all of this in a later post today.

Here is a link to North Carolina Windpool Independent Adjusting firms for Independents Looking for Work

August 24, 2011

Here is the link to the NC Wind pool Association’s list of 2011 Independent Adjusting firms for those wanting to get their resumes in early as Huricane Irene, now a Category 3 hurricane, approaches the projected North Carolina coast for those wishing to submit their resumes ahead of landfall:

Best Regards and be safe as you travel and work your new assignments!

Hurricane Season starts 6/1/2010- Must read article for Claims- Hurricane Plus Oil Equals More Problems

May 28, 2010

I highly recommend reading this article in addition to yesterday’s blog on CDC recommendations for those working in the oil spill zones which may end up effecting many of us in the claims industry this coming hurricane season if we have a hurricane make landfall in the gulf coast.

Here’s a link to the article which makes it clear we will be operating in unknown territory should we suffer damage in the gulf coast:

We had a beautiful afternoon collecting sharks teeth on the beach at Mickler’s landing today here in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  but it was hard not to feel guilty about having such a great beach knowing what’s been on the news about Grand Island in LA.

Our hearts and prayers are with the residents suffering from this disastrous oil spill. We also wish safe travels and assignments for all adjusters heading out to new hail storms and bp oil service assignments.

Here is a link to the claim statistics from the BP Oil Spill for today indicating over 26,000 claims thus far reported to BP with over 11,000 paid and over 96,000 calls into their claim operation:

*update added 5/29/10: More information on the BP Oil Spill Claims Process- BP to Appointment Independent Mediator-BP Claims Process and update on federal court hearing on BP Oil Claim Litigiation:

Here is an article by medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta regarding health concerns and the BP oil spill. I’ll also try to find a link to a video he did in Louisiana this week while exploring the spill that was also excellent:

National Hurricane Center Changes the way the Saffir Simpson Scale will be used due to Storm Surge stats

June 17, 2009

This was a very interesting article about the 2009 changes to the way a hurricane is categorized using the Saffir Simpson Scale due to problems with the storm surge and hurricane categories. For instance, the article indicates Hurricane Ike came in as a category 2 but the storm surge was equivalent to a category 4 hurricane at landfall. Most interesting are the arguments for and against the proposed 2009 changes in the comment section of this article:

For more details from NOAA National Hurricane Center on the 2009 changes here is a link on the storm surge component of the saffir simpson scale and reasons for the changes:

FloodSax- New product to combat flooding- replaces cumbersome sandbags for flooding

June 6, 2009

This new product looks quite promising for combating flood damage- called FloodSax:

Here is the link to the firm’s June 3, 09 Press Release announcing this product:

Preliminary Damage Statistics from Hurricane Gustav/ Updates on Temporary Housing in Gustav damage territories

September 3, 2008


Prior Blogs on Temporary Housing for Adjusters- includes temporary rental apartments through corporate housing vendors, RV rental locations and much more:

Great FEMA website with Housing Portal currently shows 2,310 rental locations available in LA- great resource for adjusters: 

Two other great sources are In Town Suites and Microtel which both are reasonably priced and have locations in MS and or LA:  **rates usually about 200.00 per week 

You can always check with the carrier you are being deployed with as well to find out if they have reserved a block of rooms for independent adjusters and/or if they have a corporate discount at near by hotels you can take advantage of. 

Here are some very preliminary damage statistics showing while initial damage assessment were between 7 to 10 million that damage assessments are now being decreased to the 2 billion to 5 billion dollar range as of late last night:

Very low numbers of claims thus far reported to carriers as evacuees have yet to return:

Initial reports were at 10 billion:

Bloomberg news reports damage estimates reduced to 2 billion to 5 billion dollar range:

Updates on Deployed Adjusters:

State Farm deployed 1700 and Allstate 1000 adjusters:

Discussion of SF and Allstate Mobile units and satelitte equipment. This takes about the SF Dallas and Jax facility too which are both of their cat claim central in office operations:

Carrier Market Share for Residential and Commercial Policies in States with Gustav Damage:

Hurricane Gustav Expected to be Major-Emergency TX and LA license links / Claim Statistics for TS Fay/Eduardo/Dolly

August 26, 2008


What a surprise to wake up today to find that Gustav reached hurricane strength so quickly and also to hear the current news with predictions it will make US landfall as anywhere from a Category 3 to a Category 5 strength hurricane.

My favorite weather reports over at Ralph’s Tropical weather show not only Hurricane Gustav now at 90 MPH but other areas with potential for development:

Here is also the latest 11am stormtrack report over at Ralph’s:

The 2pm NOAA hurricane tracking map looks dead on for LA again (unreal with the 3 year anniversary of Katrina this week):

Here are important links on Adjuster licensing for TX and LA. It’s important to remember that LA has added adjuster licensing post Katrina so the rules have changed since the last major storm in LA:

TX emergency adjuster license info:

TX Resident and Non Resident adjuster license link:

LA emergency adjuster licensing info as well as resident and non resident info is very difficult to find. The new law was effective January of 2007. Here is a link to the info we found last year on their website:

(Make sure to read all such as Claims Adjuster License Act,etc):

Worley adjusting firm actually has the LA Adjusters study guide link up on their site:

**Update Wednesday 8/27- See comments at end of this blog for addition of MS emergency adjuster and non resident/resident license info and applications

You might want to keep this LA Road closure and evacuation route info handy if traveling into the area next week:


Many of you are following or searching for claim statistics from TS Fay. Thus far, the majority of reports are showing statistics anywhere between 9,000 and 11,000 claims from the top 5 carriers depending on which report you read. Here are numerous links to update you by carrier:

Here are more stories of St John’s River flooding HO claims:,0,6799981.story

Another interesting story on flooding hitting non covered HO’s hard:

This report alleges 11,000 claims vs the 9,200 in other reports above from top 4 carriers:


In other interesting 2008 Hurricane Season updates, you’ll want to take a minute to read this update on the status of the Texas Windpool (TWIA )funds available post Hurricane Dolly and Eduardo:

Updates 9/2/08: Damage Stats and Temp Housing Links in Gustav damage zones: