Registration is now open for the January 2012 National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters Conference in Las Vegas, NV January 15-19, 2012

October 19, 2011
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Registration is NOW open for the 2012 NACA Convention, January 15-19, at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada!
The links on the left will provide you with information regarding class scheduling, convention registration, discount hotel rates, vendor registration and sponsorships still available.
NACA MEMBERS: Don’t forget the rebates and discounts your membership provides you:
  • $100 discount off of your convention registration or vendor booth
  • $50 rebate if you paid to attend the 2011 convention
  • $100 rebate for a paid new attendee
Not a NACA member? Visit the Members Page of our website to download an application. Complete and submit the application and dues payment prior to the convention and you are eligible for the rebates and discounts!
Register NOW to:

Lori Ringo

National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters, Inc.

Mark your calendars now to attend the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters 2011 claim conference -January 2011 in Daytona Beach, FL

August 17, 2010

NACA National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters

Don’t miss the opportunity to host as a sponsor, exhibitor, vendor or just attend the annual NACA National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters claims conference held this coming year in Daytona Beach, FL January 10, 2011 through January 13, 2011. I am very excited it will be held close to home in Florida this year!

This is an outstanding opportunity to meet many adjusting firms looking for great independent adjusters and obtain your annual CE credits at the same time.

ClaimSmentor will be manning a booth in the exhibit hall this year and look forward to getting to meet many of you attending in person finally! Use our ClaimSmentor invitation code when you register so they know your associated with our group. Our code is 377:

I’ve said it in the past and it bears repeating now that this is the best claims convention I support fully due to the high quality of the many classes they host at the convention along with outstanding opportunities for networking with other independent adjusters and adjusting firms. Well worth the cost of attending!

We support NACA as they are very mentor friendly- we hope you’ll join NACA and support their mentor program for adjusters as well!

They are strong supporters of ClaimSmentor and we definitely appreciate their support!

National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters (NACA)deadline for 2010 Membership Applications is 3/15/10

March 2, 2010

The National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters (NACA) has just released their March 2010 newsletter.

It is a great newsletter full of information about their recent 2010 Claims conference in Austin, TX as well as announcements on the new officers for this year. There is quite a bit of valuable new information on the new committees and requests for volunteers. Also, be sure to review the information for existing members that started out in the apprentice program about the need to submit your request to move to the General adjuster status if you have completed atleast one year in catastrophe adjusting as I know many of you  have.

Last but not least, be sure to see the details posted about the May 11, 2010 Texas Windstorm conference- another don’t miss event for claims adjusters. This is only the 2nd conference the Windstorm network has held in TX and I understand their conferences are always full of great information for the claims community!

I can’t close this out without telling Woody Britton, former past President of NACA (twice! ) and active ClaimSmentor member, congratulations from all ClaimSmentor members on his lifetime award at the 2010 NACA convention for years of dedication to the NACA association.

We are very proud to have the National Association of Catastrophe adjusters as a sponsor at ClaimSmentor. If you are not currently a member of this association, we strongly encourage you consider joining before the March 15, 2010 deadline for this year’s applications.

Link for NACA membership and application forms:

Link for NACA mentor program:                             

Subscribe to their newsletter:                                   

National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters Membership Drive to 3/15/08

March 6, 2008

The National Association of Catastrophe adjusters has changed their membership drive deadline to a new deadline of March 15, 2008 for new and experienced adjusters as well as adjusting firms wishing to join (prior deadline was this past November).

I’ve written about this organization before after becoming quite impressed with them while attending the 2006 yearly convention. I was quite pleased to find such a professional organization holding a meeting that was equal in value to annual carrier claim conventions with their professionalism, opportunities to obtain CE credits for adjusters and I note this coming year (Jan 09) they will offer the National Flood NFIP certification classes as well as the California Earthquake certification.

Here is a link to their membership information! Won’t you consider joining this very worthwhile group? By getting your application in prior to the March 15, 2008 deadline, you will have the opportunity once approved for membership to be in their 2008 directory.

Again we appreciate the 2007 President, Woody Britton, for letting us know about the extension of this year’s registration deadline. We also wish a very successful year to incoming 2008 President, Angelo Cassanese.

Tomorrow is Postmark Deadline to get applications in to join NACA-National Assn of Catastrophe Adjusters

November 14, 2007

Special Thanks to President Woody Britton of NACA- National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters for providing us an update that tomorrow is the deadline to get your applications in for membership for this year. Here is a portion of his email which explains:

“If you get time, tomorrow is the deadline for NACA membership applications to be post marked, maybe drop a reminder in the pot for everyone. The class schedule for the convention is on line and the classes are filling well, so we are trying to encourage everyone to get going on registering. I know it has been slow, but these are the years that we need to stick together and meet with other adjusters and the vendors to try and get our names on their lists.”
We have an ongoing very popular topic over at ClaimSmentor for those blog readers who are members there.

In addition to tomorrow’s deadline to apply for 2008 membership, we strongly
encourage all adjusters, adjusting firms, carrier members, and other vendors
supporting the claim industry to participate in this year’s annual NACA
convention to be held in January 2008 in Myrtle Beach, SC. I had the pleasure to
attend the convention in 2007 in Dallas, TX and have become a strong supporter
of their program after experiencing the quality of the educational and
networking opportunities at their convention which was equivalent to attending
an annual major insurance carrier claim convention during my 28 years in claims
as staff.

Here is a link to the upcoming 2008 educational opportunities for the January 2008 convention taking place in Myrtle Beach, SC along with a few additional words from President Woody Britton:

“Enclosed is the link to the NACA educational sessions at this year’s convention. The classes this year are excellent. We also have lined up the accreditation for California Earthquake Authority.  This is the mandatory class you have to take prior to handling claims for them.

Overall, we are excited for the classes and the networking possibilities. It is a great arena to meet fellow adjusters and network your talents and skills to the vendors, face to face.

We look forward to seeing you there!!”

Woody Britton, AIC


Please let NACA know you were referred by ClaimSmentor/Dimechimes Corporation Adjuster Information Blog…Thanks!

Here’s a link to our exhibitor booth from last January’s convention. For you fans…it’s a great chance to meet owner Roy Cupps at the convention in the Crawford booth