Claim numbers reported thus far as a result of April 2011 Tornado damage

May 9, 2011

AIR is reporting 65,000 claims reported thus far in Alabama as a result of the April 2011 tornado damage with an estimated 3.7 to 5.5B in damages according to this  PropertyCasualty360 report. There is also a May 6, 2011 Press Release from the Alabama Department of insurance verifying these numbers and indicating that 2,000 adjusters had already arrived in their state with more expeced.

The comments made by Jim Loveland, President and CEO of Xactware Solutions  in this April 28, 2011 CEO  blog also indicate access to XactAnalysis is up to an all time high record up 60% over 2010 numbers due to the April storms. View his complete blog post here.

Missouri Insurance Regulators are quoted as stating 7,000 homeowner and auto claims had been filed as of May 2, 2011 as a result of the tornado in St Louis, MO in this article which provides a breakdown on the claims reported there.

One of the most interesting updates on the tornado damage is found in this May 9, 2011 report by NOAA updating the April 2011 tornado and fatality numbers. You will also find this Huffington Post article excellent as far as providing historical information on US history and indicating these twisters were the 2nd deadliest in US history.

We were not able to locate numbers on the TN claims and MS claims but will update the blog as numbers come in.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the adjusters working these claims full of emotional issues for homeowners and residents who have suffered severe damage and loss of life in their communities and families.

Update Tuesday 5/10/2011: Georgia and Mississippi Claim Statistic info is now added in this link.

VA Tornado Damage- The Carrier Claim Numbers Are Coming In

April 30, 2008


We have been monitoring the news for updates on the Carrier number of claims reported as a result of the tornado damage in VA this week in Suffolk County and other communities. Here are some news stories of interest quoting carriers. At this point, the number of the carriers polled in these news stories does not exceed 200 for any carrier so I do not imagine there will be a major need thus far for independent adjusters. Having said that, the news stories linked to below also indicate that homeowners still are not allowed into some areas due to power lines down and gas leaks so those numbers are expected to grow as many of the carriers interviewed indicated.

Here is information on the Declaration of an Emergency declared which normally triggers a state to allow adjusters in to operate under an emergency adjusters license. Checking the VA Dept of Insurance website, I am not finding any information related to adjuster emergency licenses or even resident adjuster licenses required. Here is a link to the Virginia Insurance Department-click here. I was able to get through to the VA Insurance Licensing division and spoke with “Richard” at 804-371-9631 and was advised that VA does not require a license for resident adjusters or emergency adjusters. Quite amazing and so NOT a good idea these days!

Here’s some great video footage of the damage in VA: click here

 According to the Virginia-Pilot news, none of the carriers were reporting more than 200 claims as of yesterday – here’s a link to their news article quoting several carriers and also indicating many homeowners have yet to be allowed to return to their neighborhoods thus they are expecting many more claims to be reported. Click here for the article. Also, according to this second article at the same site, the damage is expected to exceed 20 million dollars. Click here for the 2nd article. This next article contains a bit more information on damage and has some good links to photos of the damage as well. Click here to view.

The NAIIA (National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters) has 29 Adjusting firms listed for VA. Click here to view. This wouldn’t be all inclusive but a good start if your core firms you prefer aren’t sending folks in (and of course if we don’t get staffing requests for the assignment since the numbers are relatively low as far as deploying independents). Sometimes, the carriers will still deploy a few independents from some of the local firms who assist with daily claims and branch assist assignments when there isn’t enough work to warrant calling in their national catastrophe teams (usually requires 500 or more claims in a state as a result of one storm for most carriers). Here is also an AM Best Adjusters list of firms they list where you can search by state for firms-click here.

You will also find the link to the VA Fairplan for adjusters wanting to send them resume (site presently shows no employment opportunities but given the damage this week that could change) or for adjusting firms wishing to solicit their business- click here .

Possible Tornado in FL and MN on 9/20/07- Tropical Disturbance 93L

September 21, 2007

We received state of FL emergency alerts throughout the evening as high winds and tornado warnings went up in various FL counties as a result of the soon to be expected tropical storm passing through FL yesterday and today.

We are gathering damage assessment reports now on the storms. Thus far, Eustis, FL in Lake County FL is the area suffering the largest amount of property damage. Fox news is reporting only 50 homes damaged with 20 of those being uninhabitable. This will definitely not bring in the need for storm troopers. Many carriers such as State Farm and Liberty Mutual  have regional offices in the area in Orlando and Winterhaven,FL. The great news is there are no fatalities. Here is a link to an article coming from their local news.

There was also a possible tornado and definite storm damage in MN in many counties. Here is an article that summarizes the damage and also indicates they had large hail. Unfortunately, there has been 1 fatality with a 13 year old boy in this storm. Without reading more reports at this time, it is hard to assess what the need may be for independent adjusters but we will update this blog entry throughout the day as more becomes known.

You can continue to watch Florida tornado warnings throughout the day using this link here to state alerts for reports and of course following the NOAA storm reports for today and yesterday by using this link here to storm reports which is constantly updated.  The reports for 9/20/07 in this link do show hail in MN on 9/20 and wind damage reports from several FL counties. The FL county reports are already reporting many tropical storm alerts posted for panhandle counties for  subtropical storm depression ten. The first advisory was posted at 10am CDT.

Note that the Mineral Management Service website is reporting oil rigs and gas platforms in the Gulf are already undergoing evacuations in preparation for 93L possibly turning into a Tropical storm in the next few hours and Fox news is reporting possible tropical storm status or hurricane status later today on 93L currently being investigated. Here is a link to the top story on the Mineral Management website.

I sure hope we don’t lose power here later tonight in the panhandle! I’ll update this today if there are significant updates on damage assessment information from the 2 storms and to 93L warnings and progress today.