Independent Agents Rank Claim Service as Top Measurement of Carrier Performance- Part III of Claim and Agency Relationships can Make or Break an Adjuster

September 17, 2008


Due to major storm damage as a result of Hurricane Ike, it is timely to bring back to the surface a former blog we wrote on Claims and Agency relationships due to the fact many adjusters do not understand the need to keep the agent in the loop on the status of the claim. I was amazed when teaching a fundamentals of claims class how many new adjusters felt they had no obligation to communicate timely with the agency force. If you missed our first two  blogs on this here is a link:

The Claims Journal has just released the results of a survey of Independent Agents who also consider claims and agency relationships a top concern by considering it a top measure of performance of a carrier. Here is a link to their article:

Please keep the agents- both agents who are committed to one insurer as well as independent agents informed timely on their claims. It will make a world of difference in your ability to resolve difficulties on some of your toughest claims.