Upcoming Claim Committee Teleconference for Citizens Insurance of Florida is today 4/13/12 9:30-to 11:30 ET

April 13, 2012

I know many of you are certified or in the process of certifying to work Citizens of Florida Insurance Corporation– CPIC- catastrophe and non catastrophe claims as independent adjusters.

Here’s your chance to get a current update on their staffing model in the event of a storm and much more information as outlined on today’s teleconference which takes place from 9:30-11:30 ET. As far as I know, all are still welcome to join in the teleconference. I have seen on prior meeting minutes where folks call in even just as citizens of the state of Florida.

The teleconference information for call in as shown on their Board of Governor meeting link is listed as:

Claims Committee Meeting

When: April 13, 2012 9:30 – 11:30am EDT

Where: Teleconference

Teleconference: 866-361-7525 Code: 5219676193

For a complete list of documents and the agenda, here is the current link on Future Meetings link  here:


Note that this same information with very informative documents is usually moved to the Past Meetings link  after the meeting so if you are wanting to view this information after today’s meeting, here is the link to Past Meetings here:


I’ll make another post later today with my comments regarding the staffing model of 120 days as proposed in the February meeting minutes that is presented for approval today as well as other things mentioned in the well prepared minutes from February.

The advantage of sitting in on the teleconference is not having to wait more than a month to know what happened at the committee meeting as it takes them quite a while to get the minutes posted in preparation of their next scheduled Claim Committee hearing.

Update on Results of Carrier Certification Poll- 750 Votes!/ Also- Updates on May and June Carrier Certification Classes you may be interested in

May 9, 2009

Remember our poll posted 2/13/09 created to survey independent adjusters on the value of carrier certification courses they took? Here is a link to it if you missed it:


We had 750 total votes to different questions asked with some not so surprising results. The results tab does show at the bottom of the link. I think it goes without a doubt that independent adjusters are traveling far and wide to attend these carrier certification exams, incurring a large amount in expenses for travel and hotels to attend, and not gaining much value from them. Just take a  look at the findings thus far on information provided to process the entire claim such as additional living expenses and contents claim training!

 We’ll let the poll continue to run and take a final look at it a year from the date posted in February 2009.

As far as updates, we have seen some great things by way of improvement for independents by two carriers. For instance, Tower Hill Insurance  sure gets our first award for being independent adjuster friendly by providing the very first entirely online program for their certification course. According to the information we see on the AmCat website, it is first of all FREE and 2nd of all it is entirely online. Thank you Amcat and Tower Hill! Note also on the Amcat site they say that this also certifies you for the new FL insurer Royal Palm Insurance company.

Another big improvement is finding that there is a USAA class being offered as a stand alone class with a cost of only $50.00. We’d seen one at $25.00 in Chicago (by Allcat adjusting firm) this year but that wasn’t a convenient location for the majority of adjusters in TX and FL who work cats. We’d also seen it offered by Eberls this year FREE. I’m thankful to see these stand alone offers at no charge or at these minimal prices. Two earlier this year had been offered at $300.00 because they were included as part of an adjusting firm seminar so there was an entrance fee for the whole conference.

As anyone who follows us on ClaimSmentor knows, we aren’t fans of fees being charged by adjusting firms for required carrier certification class and exam. If there is to be an expense I strongly feel it should be incurred by the carrier who could present these at field claim office locations throughout the US at no charge yet they all continue to insist that the exams be hosted by adjusting firms they select to handle their claims. Try looking at any of the carrier websites and I only know of one who even mentions who the firms are that they use (State Farm and Citizens of FL). They should also provide enough staff to get present these at central locations nationwide. One of the major carrier in fact only designates ONE- yes ONE- staff manager that must attend all carrier certification classes thus it is next to impossible for the assigned adjuster firms to book theirs even when they do service their claims. It makes it kind of hard to have adjusters available if they can’t get into the classes! I’d like to name this carrier as it is so ridiculous but I try to keep things positive around here as commenting on the industry as a whole versus pointing the finger at  one firm or carrier individually. It’s not easy sometimes! (Smile!)

On the negative side of things, we were told in April that one of the major carriers is now insisting that their adjusting firms not use their company name on any blogs or forum posts or other websites to advertise their upcoming training. That is utterly ridiculous. If an independent adjuster does not know who handles a specific carrier, they would have no way of searching on line to find where to get the carrier class if the carrier’s name is never mentioned. Geez…..I still say we have not run out of independent adjusters (check the Department of Insurance licensed adjuster numbers if you doubt it)- it is just that the independent adjusters can’t jump through the hoops in the “where is waldo claims game” as I’ve written about before in the Claims Organization Blame Game blog here:

Organization Chart for the Claims Handling Blame Game- A Humorous Graph -A Serious Look at Claim Bad Faith Issues « Dimechimes ClaimSmentor Adjuster Information Blog

I will give you one hint on which carrier won’t let the adjusting firms mention their name anymore but if IDL means anything to you as an experienced adjuster- you know which carrier I’m talking about!! Here’s a link to just one of the four firms now offering “IDL” training (a big thumbs down for this new carrier requirement: click here to view.

Well- Here are my favorite picks for carrier certifications coming up for May and June 2009. If your adjusting firm would like to be added to our Carrier Certification Forum  where we list all upcoming classes  we know about on ClaimSmentor for our members just give me a shout with a copy of the info on your class for participants so they can register.  We are going to begin posting them all as well here on the blog due to the large number of search engine hits our blog gets on carrier certifications ….I’m sure from adjusters who are looking for them! We hope these links are helpful to adjusters following this blog:

1) Tower Hill Carrier Certification Class: Amcat Adjusting firm http://www.amcatusa.com/edcenterpage.htm

2) Royal Palm Carrier Certification Class: http://www.amcatusa.com/edcenterpage.htm I also know CNC-Resource  out of Mobile AL does the Royal Palm certification exam as well http://www.cnc-resource.com/

3) USAA Carrier Certification Class: http://www.amcatusa.com/edcenterpage.htm

Claim Conference- A BIG THANK YOU TO CRAWFORD AND COMPANY– 5 days of FREE training to include Carrier certification for Cypress Insurance in FL.  We are very hopeful that their conference sets the standards for all adjusting firm standards. By providing this seminar FREE it makes it possible for all independents who need to update their training to attend. Many have not been out to work since they came home from Hurricane Ike in late December or so or worked very few weeks on some of the recent wind or hail storms.

4) Crawford and Company  upcoming 5 day Claim Conference for adjusters training- FREE in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX (even includes FREE estimate classes-what a savings over paying for individual Xactimate, etc classes!). Here’s the direct link to all of the Claims conference Information for these two events:


NFIP Certification- here’s another chance for 15.00 if you missed all of the ones provided directly by Fema over at CNC-Resource in Mobile. 5/14 and 5/15 in Mobile www.cnc-resource.com .

If your not yet a ClaimSmentor member and wish to join to find all other carrier certifications coming up, you can view the link to join us at the bottom of our home page there or on the About US tab on this blog link.

If you are still looking for Citizens of FL Daily and/or Catastrophe trainings to certify to handle there claims in 2009, here is the link to our former post providing the names of the 30 selected firms:


The feedback I’ve gotten from attendees at all of the Citizens required training is that they are real nap takers! The adjusters certainly are not seeing any improvement over their online classes they did in 07 versus the new face to face requirements. Also- it will take an entirely seperate blog to discuss the huge disaster with Citizens stating adjusters have to be appointed by one adjusting firm although the independent has no clue which of the firms will end up getting assignments. The Fl Dept of Ins allows independent adjusters to be self appointed. They are NOT required to appointed by an independent adjusting firm- atleast when we got research and opinions on this from Dr Birzon at UCF Insurance Department who helps us with licensing issues. We are looking into this new Citizens requirement and will post more on the Citizens class topics next week. The first thought that comes to mind is that Citizens is sure taking the “independent” status out of the equation and making them more of an “employee” but we shall see with further research! It is very disturbing to independent adjusters who work for many different adjusting firms and don’t want that information known to other firms. It’s a real mess. I’ve gotten more phone calls over this issue than any issues since a major hurricane hit!


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