Mississippi River Flooding- Finding which insurance companies sell Flood insurance by state search

May 14, 2011

Here’s a link for the adjusting companies searching for which insurance companies write flood policies by state:


Our Prayers are with those in MS and LA flood zones this weekend- Articles says if spillway not opened that flooding in New Orleans could be worse than during Katrina

May 13, 2011

I had started to post a few humorous claim stories for some light hearted claim news this weekend but after checking on the status of the flooding expected in MS and LA and watching some news reports, I’d rather share this Reuters news story discussing projected flooding in MS and LA including the statement that should the spillway not be opened tomorrow that New Orleans will suffer more flooding than post Katrina:


I think when independent adjusters were hoping for assignments this year, no one ever could have asked for the severe amount of tornado damage and flooding damage which has happened just in the past few weeks.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims AND the adjusters and claims personnel working in these storm zones.

Register now for your 2010 NFIP Adjuster Flood Certification Workshop- all info here

December 31, 2009

We will be posting many 2010 Claim Conferences and Adjuster Seminars next week in the ClaimSmentor Forums. If you know of any coming up, please email a link to the information to Debbie@Dimechimes.com and we’ll include this information in our ClaimSmentor Forums and Certification class lists for 2010.

In the meantime, I didn’t want to wait to get this 2010 NFIP Adjuster workshop schedule posted since their is a new website location for it for 2010:


For FAQ on the NFIP claims adjuster certification-here is another useful link:


I will be attending the January workshop in Jacksonville, FL…..should you be also, let me know so we can meet there!

FloodSax- New product to combat flooding- replaces cumbersome sandbags for flooding

June 6, 2009

This new product looks quite promising for combating flood damage- called FloodSax:

Here is the link to the firm’s June 3, 09 Press Release announcing this product: