8.8 EQ and many after shocks in Chile- Translation services adjusters may need!

February 27, 2010

We are watching all of the news on the Chile 8.8 Earthquake which struck today. News stations are reporting over 25 after shocks already.

We are posting in the Storm Forum on ClaimSmentor news from the adjusting community should any be deploying adjusters for our members. We are also retweeting important posts we come across on Twitter if you’d like to follow at www.twitter.com/ClaimSmentor as well.

This is a great time to bring back up a former blog on translation services insurance adjusters may find useful:


6.5 Earthquake near Ferndale, CA Saturday January 09, 2010- Resources for Adjusters

January 9, 2010

Twitter feeds have been coming in for the past few hours regarding a 6.5 earthquake in northern CA today near Ferndale, CA.

California Earthquake Authority guidelines for adjusters can be found here.

Included in the CEA Claims manual in section 1-6. are the adjuster training requirements. Here is a link to the April 2009 manual here

While many adjusting firms offer CEA training at their annual conferences, I haven’t yet located the CEA certification offered right now. You can always contact Haag Education for their CEA certification course at www.haageducation.com . ClaimSmentor members can secure a 10% discount off of all Haag courses so let us know in the forums if you need the Haag Education ClaimSmentor discount code for our group. You can also contact Director Ryan Holdhusen directly and let him know ClaimSmentor referred you. Rholdhusen@haagengineering.com 800-527-0168.

I also found that Vale National also has an online CEA class for adjusters so here is that link as well.

We are posting all twitter feeds from news sources indicating alot of broken glass, gas lines damaged, and cracks in road ways. You can follow our twitter feed on the right hand column of this wordpress blog or by going to www.twitter.com/dimechimes  . The Twitter hashtag for this quake is #humcoearthquake . For those new to twitter, just go to www.twitter.com and enter the #humcoearthquake in the search field and it will call up all twitter postins regarding this particular 6.5 earthquake.

More info as more news becomes available. Thus far 6 aftershocks are being reported.

Should you be looking for California independent adjusting firms who may be looking for adjusters, here is a link to the California independent insurance adjusters organization.

I’ll be updating this post with pictures of earthquake damage as they come in. Here are the first few posted by the weather channel on their twitter postings:

Eureka, CA earthquake earlier 2day: http://bit.ly/8wAQ0n Pics: http://twitpic.com/xg89n http://twitpic.com/xgala http://twitpic.com/xg1ar