ClaimSmentor Property and Casualty Group- Join us on Linkedin! Social media updates and stats for ClaimSmentor

August 17, 2011

We continue to grow our ClaimSmentor Property and Casualty group by leaps and bounds!

Thank you to all of our members participating at all of our various social media outlets.

Here is where we are today in our efforts to grow our membership in support of professional training and education opportunities as well as current event updates of interest to Property and Casualty claims personnel from the trainee adjuster to the claim executive level:

Here at our blog at which is our ClaimSmentor blog we have now surpassed 236,000 views with the hottest topic always adjuster salaries. I’ll post our 25 hottest topics by number of views which are often directed our way through search engines in the next few days.

My favorite social media site is at Linkedin where you will find us for networking in two locations. First is my own personal profile at:

as well as our ClaimSmentor Property and Casualty group which we’d love to have you also join us for news you can use as well as posting of many job opportunities. Here is the link to our Linkedin group (note you first have to become a member of Linkedin yourself. We only approve those with completed linkedin profiles to verify they are “linkedin” to the claims industry:

We have almost reached 1600 members on my personal Linkedin profile and almost 1,000 now in our new ClaimSmentor P & C group on Linkedin.

Twitter- now at over 1,200 followers at


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Thank you to all of our members for networking with us!


We are only 3 viewers short of reaching 200,000 hits on our ClaimSmentor Blog

January 4, 2011

A special thank you to our viewers as we will cross the 200,000 viewers mark today on our blog here at!

Thank you for supporting our mission to education independent adjusters on their down time between assignments when they lack the opportunity to learn about current events and trends in the claims industry as a whole since insurance companies do not keep them in the loop when they are not on a current assignment.

We look forward to working with you again this year and talking to the many we hear from each week via email and phone calls to discuss events and hot topics adjusters want to know!

Happy Mothers Day to all of our ClaimSmentor and Dimechimes Claims Staffing Firm Moms!

May 10, 2009

Just a moment of your time to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day! Here are two articles you might enjoy and wish to share with your own moms as you visit with your children and families today.

Here’s wishing all of our ClaimSmentor moms a very happy Mother’s Day 2009!

We hope you enjoy the following links on the origins of Mother’s Day and a Tribute to Mothers to honor you all and perhaps share with your moms.

This first one is about the origins of Mothers day- it is beautiful with the background and the music:
And a tribute to Mothers by same author:
I often have the opportunity to get a glimpse into your lives as you progress up the stair steps in the claims industry. It continues to amaze me the personal work-life issues many of you face yet you continue on in your studies and your catastrophe assignments while balancing these issues. You truly are an amazing group of women and today we celebrate you!

As I work with new adjusters and talk to experienced adjusters through both my claim staffing firm, our adjuster service programs, and ClaimSmentor, I often hear your personal stories behind the scenes. The issues you face as national catastrophe adjusters out on the road missing many important events at home while you service the needs of disaster victims, the balancing acts you manage every day working claims and/or training for new assignments and annual carrier training programs to work as an independent. You truly are women of strength and endurance and we are blessed to share events in your life with you as we work together to enhance the image of independent adjusters in the claims industry.


Best Wishes for a Great Mother’s Day- Deb

Welcome to our two newest sponsors at ClaimSmentor

May 9, 2009

We’d like to welcome Adjusters Now and Emergency Response Training  as our newest sponsors at ClaimSmentor to help support this volunteer project to mentor new adjusters. Both firms come to us based on recommendations by ClaimSmentor members.

Emergency Response Training provides Rope and Harness field safety training classes for Independent Adjusters in the Texas area near Houston. They do provide a 10% discount off the cost  to  register for classes  to our  ClaimSmentor members. In the past there has been quite a shortage of  rope and harness classes available yet just in the past  week,    I’ve been informed of several new programs becoming available and will post more on those as we are notified when their facilities for training are completed. ERT provides training for emergency rescue and other safety courses for Fire Fighters and other reputable organizations and is just extending their program to the independent adjuster community in June 2009. One of our long term participants on ClaimSmentor will be working with the program from the independent adjuster needs aspect. We do hope you will visit their site soon on the link provided above.

Our second new sponsor is Adjusters Now which is an Xactimate training class option hosting classes in FL in the Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach areas. The owner is Robert Valden who has his level three Xactimate 25 certification from Xactware and 5 years of property claims adjusting experience. The class provides extensive CE’s for Florida adjusters. To see all of our additional sponsors, you can use this link for information on supporting the ClaimSmentor project through your sponsorship of our ClaimSmentor projects: