Mississippi River Flooding- Finding which insurance companies sell Flood insurance by state search

May 14, 2011

Here’s a link for the adjusting companies searching for which insurance companies write flood policies by state:


Must see video of BP’s Ken Feinburg at AL Townhall meeting yesterday- Hope to meet many of you this morning at the Fort Walton Beach Townhall Meeting

January 19, 2011

Here is some must see video footage of the Orange Beach, Alabama townhall meeting held yesterday with BP’s Ken Feinburg:


We will be attending today’s townhall meeting along with other independent adjusters in the Florida panhandle this morning being held here today in Fort Walton Beach, FL along with the founder of the Pensacola, FL Gulf Coast Claims Association and several other independent adjusters in the area. I’ll blog on that either later today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am putting together an article on the fruitless efforts made by hundreds if not thousands of adjusters like myself who applied to work these BP claims jobs from TX to FL  and were not utilized to work these claims. I have heard from hundreds who have applied and were not used being told that they were saving the experienced adjusters for hurricane season which never did cause damage in 2010. Information I’ve learned from many adjusters who were in the operation says that Ken Feinburg had changed the job title to “evaluator” from “adjuster” when he took over. Why? Is that so non adjusters could work the claims?

We’d like to piece together our side of the BP claims story by hearing from the many of you who applied and did or did not work claims. You can reply to this blog and I’ll approve the comments or if you wish to remain anonymous you can email me at dkmoroy@dimechimes.com and I will not use your name in any article or upcoming blog on the subject.


June 1, 2010- Hurricane Season begins- Excellent article by Linda Sterns of CBS Money Watch

June 2, 2010

I can’t go to bed without linking to this blog post at CBS Money Watch by Linda Stern on Daily Money blog which summarizes how I think we are all feeling with the start of hurricane season.

Here’s the link:


Also, I have to say that Anderson Cooper at www.AC360.com has been doing outstanding coverage on the BP Oil Spill each night at 10pm ET. If you haven’t been watching his investigation and reporting on the BP oil spill and the outstanding video footage, I highly recommend it. It’s the best news coverage I’ve seen with interviews from the locals and politicians in the areas thus far effected by the gulf oil spill. 

As Linda Sterns ends  her blog——it truly is looking biblical when you consider hurricanes and the wind and water issues and even considering oil problems in the mix.

I heard a quote on a local radio station here in Jacksonville, FL today with a caller saying this will be the hurricane season from Hades should a major hurricane hit the gulf coast in the oil spill damaged areas. That too sums up how we are feeling in the claims industry with concerns for adjuster safety on top of the other horrors residents in the gulf coast are already feeling.

Where has the last month gone? Blogs resume 5/8/09

May 7, 2009

It seems to have been a very crazy past month with no time at all for blogging!

The office phones are ringing off the hook with calls from adjusters as they spent a most active month on the road attending claim conferences, carrier certification seminars, and other necessary training.

Our ClaimSmentor forums have been most active with adjusters looking for classes before hurricane season begins and it’s very hard to believe we have less than 30 days before the season begins! My husband was laid off a month ago (plant manager for Ready Mix plant here in Nashville) so it’s been a rough time reorganizing our family plans. He’s made a decision to leave the construction industry due to the current economic situation and has a background in auto. He should successfully complete his course work for his FL adjuster’s license tomorrow we hope then his extensive training begins at Auto claims schools. Let me know if you have any firms you especially recommend! I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and we’ll finalize the decision probably tomorrow.

The majority of the month has been spent proactively enhancing our adjuster services programs for our training firm and business services for adjusters so watch for many new additions at our claim staffing firm site (see About US tab for all contact info). We have also concluded our April 2009 50 Hour Fundamentals of Claims class and already 2 weeks into our May online class. We also held our first claims examiner and claims management classes online this week for those considering progression to those positions. As with all classes I teach, I think I learn as much from the  participants as they are the eyes and ears in the field and always catch me up to date on new trends in the field. We had such a great exchange of information that we have agreed to go many more nights (Tuesdays) to finish up the case review studies of human resource / personnel issues they can expect to face in these advanced roles and general standards they can expect to follow while managing those issues. It was quite informative for us all. We hope you’ll consider registering for our June classes for Fundamentals of Claims and for Claims Management Transition classes.

Lots to catch everyone up on! If you happen to be in Boston, MA- we have a great new daily large loss commercial opening there as of a few hours ago.

More tomorrow!