New Social Media Marketing Classes being hosted for Claims Adjusting Firm Managers and Associates

February 2, 2011

We have spent over a year now with all of the social media marketing options through Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and of course this blog which has been in operation since 2007.

We have narrowed down our preferences to this blog of course but also to Linkedin and Twitter for marketing in social media arenas with Insurance company claim executives.

Thus, we are now offering a three day seminar limited to 5 attendees and their administrative assistant to walk you through taking advantage of social media marketing when obtaining adjusting firm contracts. I have watched adjusting firm sites on these markets and find errors basically from left out steps that prevent the parties you need following your firm as well as your adjusters to increase your rosters, create loyalty among your roster members, and to keep all of those interested in your membership on social media sites.

Our course will not just teach you to use these tools but you will leave connected to over 1,000 important claims industry executives and adjusters as well as service vendors as well as being set up with your roster members on your individual sites. We have created the templates to allow you to achieve in three days what it has taken me over one year to achieve by daily working with these tools unlike so many courses where you walk away with no time to actually process systems from tools learned in classes.

These seminars can be hosted individually for your adjusting firm at your location or at our training facility. Please email for complete details or give me a call at 850-797-5067 to discuss your needs.

I cannot begin to say enough great things about the fantastic adventure this past year has been networking with claims industry members I never otherwise would have had an opportunity to meet through social media interactions. It is my definite belief that those who refuse to use these new tools will soon find themselves left behind when it comes to connecting with new adjusters for your firms and in roads to making marketing connections with carrier claims executives.

Number One Claims Job Site for Trainee through Claims Management Positions

January 11, 2010

We research claims job opportunities for our members regularly.

If you haven’t used Indeed yet, you are missing great job opportunities! Indeed draws in claims job opportunities from major employers and numerous job sites such as Great Insurance Jobs. It allows you basically one site to search all claims job postings from multiple sources.