Staffing for a Claims Adjusting Firm Marketing Manager position- Telecommuniting, Benefits, Salary plus Commission

February 2, 2011

We are recruiting for a large adjusting firm in need of an experienced Claims Adjusting firm marketing manager.

This position is as an employee with a base salary plus commission along with benefits and travel expenses covered.

If you have experience marketing to national insurance carriers and are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please forward your cover letter explaining your prior experience along with your complete resume and three references to for consideration.

Updated 3/1/09-Dimechimes Claim Staffing and Claim Training-Adjuster Opportunities for 2009/Now Accepting Claim Recruiting and Claim Staffing Requests And Training Opportunities for 2009

September 15, 2008


Very Important update to this post with our 3/1/09 announcement here:

We will continue accepting resumes at our ClaimSmentor site where there will now be many many more job opportunites posted there for new opportunities not just from my firm  Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training. If you are already on our rosters, you should be receiving an email from us in the next few days. If you will just reply to it with your first and last name and your city and state I will automatically move you to our ClaimSmentor rosters where we have 66 adjusting firms participating who will be presenting job opportunities. We have now opened it up to staffing firms, recruiters, and to carriers so you will see a major increase in the number of assignments and job opportunities you can consider.

We are still looking for people through ClaimSmentor in all opportunities listed below.

For other claim adjuster (staff trainees or independent adjuster) services visit us at Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training for:

. Adjuster Resume Services

. Private Career Coaching Sessions to prepare for  career opportunities in claims, Setting goals for claim professional development customized to your background, work history, educational background, and your specific interests. There are many different paths in claims which may interest you which we can discuss then set a path for you to achieve your goals based on your continuing education budget available.

. Claim interview preparation services -mock interviews conducted to prepare you for what to expect

. Adjuster Information Forums you will be registered in free of charge.

. Our Career Coaching Classes can be packaged together with our 50 Hour Fundamentals of  Claims Class teaching you the basic essentials of property adjusting claims such as homeowner, rental property, condominium claims, and small business losses. We can then offer you Xactimate, Powerclaim, and other software classes at discounted prices through instructors specifically certified by the software manufacturer.

Please do not spend thousands of dollars before you participate in our forums at ClaimSmentor and see what class options are available for online and field class options through reputable companies that we have researched with direct contacts with their education directors. There is entirely too many problems going on in the claims industry with hundreds of new websites and and training classes being taught without clearance by the state department of insurance for CE  credit which is an outstanding tool to prevent you from wasting hard earned dollars then becoming victim to insufficient training. Watch for the new ClaimSmentor seal of approval coming soon to many training firms you are considering. This will guarantee we have researched the firm and discussed with a panel of  experienced adjusters the course presented before we recommend them in our ClaimSmentor links in an attempt to prevent you from paying for classes that are not presenting  insurance carrier quality standards to better prepare you for assignments.



We thank the many adjusting firms and adjusters who used our services during 2008.

Due to the overwhelming response received from hundreds of adjusters during hurricanes Ike and Gustav=e, we are still in the process of evaluating incoming resume submissions and will be in contact with you during the coming weeks as we prepare for 2009 claim handling opportunities. We have also been out in recent months due to significant surgery and medical issues for family members and hope to be caught up contacting all applicants by the end of February prior to the March hail storm season.

We are now updating our claim rosters for 2009 and accepting claim recruiting and claim staffing requests from independent adjusting firms and insurance companies.

If you are with an insurance company HR department an independent adjusting firm who has been in business atleast 5 years with carrier references  and have staffing assistance needs for fulltime, part-time, or temporary claim staffing needs, contact for pricing.

If you are a claims adjuster or claims manager looking for either staff adjusting or independent adjusting opportunities for daily or catastrophe assignments, please submit your resume to for consideration for future opportunities.

Please see the list below for the types of opportunities available and the independent adjusters and claim managers we are looking for. We continue to receive new requests. . We also continue to frequently receive new requests for daily (non catastrophe) claims. Thus, we continue to accept resumes for the following type of positions for future deployment/employment opportunities for adjusting firms and carriers we receive staffing requests from. It is important you send us your resume in lieu of a phone call first so we are familiar with your qualifications to know if you meet our current qualification needs for various opportunities.

Adjusters and Claim Managers,be sure your resume includes your estimate software experience, the adjusting firms and carriers you have worked claims for, the carriers you have completed certification tests for, information on the types of claims you have successfully completed, and 3 references who can verify your claims experience.

Future Opportunities:

Here are the type of positions we are accepting resumes for:

Opportunity 09-0204 Independent Adjusters with Inside Claim handling experience. Must be familiar with Claim Management System electronic claim file handling and handling claims in a catastrophe or daily claim central operation or as a field adjuster familiar with CMS (Claim Management systems) claim handling.

Job Opportunity- 09-0205- Independent Commercial Adjusters needed with Commercial Claims handling experience. Please be specific when submitting your resume for consideration as to the types of Commercial claims and the range of damage (dollar amount of loss you estimate on the average) as well as any business interruption and business contents and salvage handling you have. Be sure your resume includes any specific carrier certification exams you have completed as well as specific information on the estimate software programs you have used such as Xactimate (and version), MSB, Simsol, Powerclaim, and/or Symbility estimating programs.

Job Opportunity- 09-0206- Independent Residential  Property Adjusters for Catastrophe Loss Adjusting. Please be specific on the adjusting firms and carriers you have handled claims for and the types of damage such as wind, hail, hurricane, fire, theft, etc. Be sure your resume includes any specific carrier certification exams you have completed as well as specific information on the estimate software programs you have used such as Xactimate (and version), MSB, Simsol, Powerclaim, and/or Symbility estimating programs.

Job Opportunity 09-0207- Auto Claim Independent Adjusters for Catastrophe Loss handling. Please be sure your resume includes any auto claim estimating software you are trained/experiencd using and any technical courses completed such as I-CAR, etc. Please be sure your request for consideration includes any specific carrier certification exams you have successfully completed for Auto claim handling as well as adjusting firms and carriers you have handled claims for.

Job Opportunity 09-0208 Daily Property Independent Adjusters and Daily Auto Claim Independent Adjusters- this applies to adjusters interested in working claims from their home base that are definitely NOT interested in dropping everything when a catastrophe hits. These are for branch assist openings for carriers and independent adjusting assignments. Daily (non catastrophe claims) generally require a more extensive background as they are not usually confined to wind, hail, and flood losses and include fire, theft, vandalism, and many other types of daily claims which require more extensive claim reports and much more long term type of assignments such as lawsuit file management. Be very specific on the types of claims you have handled and for which carriers if you are applying for daily claim positions.

Job Opportunity 09-0209- Multi Line Independent Adjusters– for those adjusters interested in daily claims that have both property and liability claims experience for either Property or Auto Claims. Please provide complete details on the type of property AND liability claims you have experience handling as well as information on the carriers and adjusting firms you have handled claims for.

Job Opportunity 09-0210- Casualty Adjusters- Auto or Property Only– This opportunity is for applicants who have a liability background only and interested in Casualty assignments as an independent adjuster. Please be very specific on the types of liability claims handled such as premise liability claims, dog bite claims, etc

Job Opportunity 09-0211- Marine Adjusters– for experience personal watercraft adjusters for catastrophe and/or daily claims. Must be familiar with boat and jet ski repair estimates and methods of repair. Please be sure to include information as to any Section II Liaibility or Medical Payments claim experience under your typical pleasure craft boatowners policies.

Job Opportunity 09-0212 Two Story Rope and Harness Team Adjusters- have you completed rope and harness certification safety courses and willing to work on a two story rope and harness team either as the assistant or team leader for the rope and harness team? Submit resumes explaining your experience on rope and harness two or more stories roof assignments with details as to whether the experience covers residential and/or commercial.

Job Opportunity 09-0213- Staff Adjuster positions Auto and Property- Interested ONLY in Staff adjuster positions? If so please use this job code if you are an experienced adjuster. Be specific if you are mobile or do not wish to relocate. Include minimum salary expectations in cover email. We will match you with insurance company job opportunities for staff adjusters. Please note that the majority of insurance companies do require a minimum of a two year degree for consideration for the majority of openings for claims adjusters or claim management opportunites but prefer a Bachelor degree for consideration.

Job Opportunity 09-0214- Claim Management jobs for staff/ carriers only– please be sure you include all educational achievements on continuing education such as AIC Associates in Claims, CPCU courses, SCLA courses, and any other continuing insurance programs as these are often a prerequisite for management positions. Include other details as requested above i.e..adjusting firms and carriers you have managed claims for before, span of control, management duties, as well as any carrier certifications completed. Please be specific when submitting your resume as to whether you are mobile or not.

Job Opportunity 09-0215- Claim Management OpportunitiesField/Inside- Catastrophe Duty- Property– Please provide usual details mentioned above for catastrophe adjusters but include details of prior catastrophe management positions held to include span of control, length of assignments, adjusting firms and carriers involved as well as types of claims you managed. Specify field and/or inside only on your cover email.

Job Opportunity 09-0216- Claim Management Opportunities- Field- Catastrophe-Auto Claims– includes management of auto claim adjusters working in the field through shops, drive through carrier operations, claim offices, and other assigned locations. Please provide complete details on prior auto claims management positions.

Job Opportunity-09-0217- Claim Examiners-Catastrophe-non management-do you have experience examining files worked by adjusters in the field through Claim Management- CMS systems for review prior to submission to the carrier for pre-approval of files to verify file documents comply with carrier file requirements? Please provide all details if you are requesting consideration for these opportunities to include type of claim such as residential, auto, commercial, etc

Job Opportunity 09-0218- Claim Trainee Opportunities- Catastrophe-Auto and Property– if you have successfully completed your state adjusters license exam and are seeking claim adjuster trainee opportunities, please use this job opportunity code when submitting your resume for consideration.

Job Opportunity 09-0219- Claim Trainee Adjusters- Insurance Carrier or Independent Adjusting Firm positions- Non Catastrophe– for those who have successfully completed your state adjusters license exam interested in non catastrophe claim adjuster trainee openings that do not involve travel on storm assignments. Specify on your resume if you are mobile.

It is important that all resumes for adjusters with billingual skills include that information as we have many firms looking for billingual adjusters throughout the year. All resumes for non catastrophe positions do need to specify your Objective (position/s desired) and whether or not you are mobile. If you are mobile, please specify cities you would consider. Read the rest of this entry »

FAQ and Current Job Opportunity Info/Catastrophe Roster opportunities August 2007

August 11, 2007

Update 9/13/07- Here is a link to our latest Job Opportunity classified ad.

Below is our latest ad for roster candidates and for adjusters wishing consideration for upcoming catastrophe and daily claim assignments. We mass mailed those on our rosters the past two days. We had several (30 or so) emails bounce back due to out of date emails so we are posting the information here for those viewing our site. Please send us an updated resume with your new email address if you did not receive our recent mailing and know you’d previously submitted your records for consideration. We are also updating all of our records and request those who have submitted a resume longer than 6 months ago send updated information. Thank you.

Since we moved to this new blog, our old FAQ posting is no longer up. Just to be sure everyone understands our process this is our normal routine:

1) We handle staffing requests received from independent adjusting firms for catastrophe and daily adjuster assignments. We also handle carrier requests for permanent staff adjusters for carrier operations. Once a staffing request is received, we sign a contract with the adjusting firm and/or carrier to solidify the staffing request whether it be a one time request for placement candidates or time sensitive requests throughout the year as new needs arise for them. Some firms use us exclusively to handle all requests while we work with others side by side to compliment their own firms staffing as we have access to candidates they may have difficulty finding as we advertise on many boards constantly that many cat vendors do not utilize. We do not conduct the background checks at this time for these firms. Our contract is clear that all background checks and credit checks are handled by the requesting client to keep our costs extremely reasonable for them. Our services can range from anything as simple as mass mailing their offers for seminars and job openings all the way to extensive services up through induction center activities for our arriving adjusters at their operations.

2) We do NOT charge a fee to our adjuster and management candidates. All fees to Dimechimes Corporation are paid by the adjusting firm or carrier. To their advantage, we do not charge them a portion of your earnings on the fee schedule. We charge a one time flat fee at the time they sign a contract with you. We are one of the only firms we know of that provides a guarantee on our candidates providing them a replacement should they not be satisfied with a candidate we submit.

3) Once we receive a staffing request, we notify the adjusters and managers on our roster lists so they can consider the opportunity and have first option. We will also post on job opportunity boards such as and and CADO from time to time to refresh our candidate lists but prefer personal relationships with those who submit resumes to our firm as first priority. Note that we will obtain a copy of the adjusting firms independent contract and fee schedule at the time of the staffing request so you may consider the opening once we have confirmed you meet their qualification requirements. We have them tell us how many years of experience they require and what software and carrier certifications you must have with each staffing request.

In our first year, we did learn a tough lesson that alot of firms would make staffing requests only for roster building purposes. Thus, we no longer handle such requests requiring a security deposit on staffing requests to document the seriousness of their intent to contact and utilize our candidates which should help everyone on our rosters understand the postings are genuine. We had a few cases where vendors would solicit our services then take months to contact the candidates and/or later change their mind regarding opening a slot in a given territory leaving us and our candidates waiting for information. We hope to avoid any of those chances in the future and have seen improved more prompt results with our new processes during late 06 and 07.

4) Should a candidate be interested in our opportunities, they should refer to the Opportunities tab on our website at to be sure they include all information we need to submit them as a candidate. Remember we are a staffing firm and we must pass your information along to others.

5) Once we review the list of candidates who have expressed interest in our openings, we will go through their resumes and select the candidates best meeting the staffing request for consideration by the vendor managers. They will notify us who they are interested in interviewing. We do ask that they contact you back within 2 weeks of our submission for preliminary interviews. The process time is normally much quicker for catastrophe requests than daily or staff opportunities.

6) Upon selection of the candidates to be offered independent assignments and contracts, the vendor notifies us for our invoicing purposes. We ask that adjusters selected also notify us immediately upon receiving assignments.

7) We do ask our candidates in exchange for our free services to them that they not refer other adjusters/managers to the vendors as this would circumvent our staffing firm fees. Should you have others interested in these opportunities, please have them submit the required resume and references to us  and let us know you referred them.

8) If you ask why use Dimechimes Corporation? We do not require exclusive contracts with us. We can enhance your opportunities by alerting you of new opportunities vendors share with us. There is no obligation to accept these positions. You will be notified of the vendor or carrier involved BEFORE we are submitting your resume/references to them for consideration in the event you have a conflict with that firm and do not wish to proceed further in the candidate selection process for that company.

9) The independent contract you sign is between you and the adjusting firm. They issue all payments to you. While we would not staff for a firm known to have a negative reputation in the adjusting community, it is just as difficult for us to locate information about various firms as it is for adjusters. It is up to each adjuster/manager to do their own research on vendor feedback and reputation as your contract will be handled based on your own investigation on these firms. We will share with you what we do know if you are considering a position they have to offer which we are staffing for.

10) If you have not signed an exclusive contract with the adjusting firm, we will continue to keep you on our rosters so you will be aware of additional openings. Many times, independent firms do not have enough work to keep you busy full time and do not mind your handling additional claims for other vendors. If you have signed an exclusive contract, you can simply ask that we place any further referrals for you on hold then let us know when you wish to become active on our rosters again.

11) We staff for independent and staff positions only. We do not staff for public adjusting firms but there are numerous sources you can check on the web if you are a public adjuster looking for assignments.

12) At this time, we do not share our Dimechimes Corporation staffing rosters with ANY firms. They only receive the resumes from those who have confirmed an interest in a particular job opening. Should we later decide to have open roster services, you would be emailed to express or reject  interest in participation in that type of service as we will not post your resumes for others to see without your agreement to do so as we understand you do not wish to destroy relationships with vendors you may be servicing at this time.

The participants at ClaimSmentor ,which is our online community for adjusters, claim managers, adjusting firm hr staff,etc do have an open roster which participants choose whether or not to participate on. In that case, vendors participating on that site can view those participants resumes. This includes many vendors we do not staff for who would receive exposure to your resume. The registration information and all resume records for ClaimSmentor participants are seperate from those at our staffing firm so you would need to apply to ClaimSmentor should you also wish to join there. Dimechimes Corporation is the founder and sponsor of ClaimSmentor but records between the two operations are not shared. We have hundreds/thousands of adjusters participating on the Dimechimes staffing firm rosters who are not participants at ClaimSmentor.

Feel free to contact us anytime you have additional questions. You can also feel free to post questions of a general nature in reply to this blog entry and we will reply in this forum blog.

Here is our latest job posting found  at

Independent Adjuster and Independent Claim Managers needed now
Dimechimes Corporation, a nationwide Claim Recruiting and Staffing firm provides assistance to Independent Adjusting Firms and to Carriers for permanent staff adjuster job opportunities. All fees are paid by the Adjusting firm or Carrier with no charge to our candidates.We have current openings in August 2007 for the following:Independent Aviation Claim Manager-includes salary,bonus commissions, and fee schedule assignment potential. Candidate must have experienced marketing adjusting firms to carriers.Independent Yacht/Marine Claim Manager-includes salary,bonus,commissions, and fee schedule potential. Candidate must also have experience marketing adjusting firms to carriers.Marine Adjusters with a minimum of 3 years of experienceAviation Adjusters with a minimum of 3 years of experienceCatastrophe Adjusters to work Citizens FL claims with 2 years of experience minimum required

Independent Adjusters to work Daily claim assignments- new opportunities regularly nationwide

Two Claim Sales Marketing Manager opportunities- Must have prior established marketing experience to work as liason between adjusting firms and carrier executives.

Catastrophe Adjusters with a minimum of two years experience to work miscellaneous assignments through vendors during 2007 Hurricane Season.

We have specific information we require to consider candidates. Those requirements are listed here:

Resumes for qualified candidates only are welcome to Stop by and visit our newly launched Adjuster information blog today at

Here is a copy of the mass emailing to those on our rosters:

To:  Dimechimes Roster Candidates

Re: Current Job Opportunities

Visit our newest ad at here listing current opportunities

Our most pressing needs include:

Marine Yacht Division Claim Manager to handle carrier market for adjusting firm as well as manage marine adjusters. Position pays salary, bonus commissions for business brought into the firm and fee schedule claim handling assignments. This is a new marine division you will be establishing for a major vendor. Minimum 3 years of experience. We are also looking for experienced marine adjusters.

Aviation Division Claim Manager- same as marine division with the exception this requires an Aviation claim background of 3 years minimum. We are also looking for experienced aviation adjusters.

Two Claim Marketing Manager job opportunities. Must have prior experience handling adjusting firm marketing directly with carrier executive level operations. Pay includes salary plus commission.

All other opportunities are also listed on the job opportunity link above.

We look forward to hearing back from you should you qualify for these opportunities. We will continue to notify you as new opportunities become available. Just let us know should you wish to be removed from our roster mailing lists. If you have received this more than once, it would be due to the fact we have you listed on multiple rosters meeting your background so we apologize should this create concerns from your end.

Other information adjuster information in the news:

Visit our new Adjuster Information Blog at

Have you seen the new 8/1/07 Citizens information to the task force on new adjuster training initiatives? It’s linked to in our 8/9/07 blog entry for you.

Best Regards,

Deborah Moroy,AIC,IIA

Dimechimes Corporation