Branch Consultants Whistleblower Case- Appeal Filed on the Dismissed case

March 28, 2008

We had previously blogged about the Dismissal of the Whistleblower case filed by unknown adjusters under the Branch Consultants group. We have just located info over at FOLO that the Branch Consultant group has now filed an Appeal on the case. Here is a link to our former blog with all the details on this Whistleblower case alleging adjusters improperly filed claim damages under NFIP.

Here is a link to both the FOLO blog updating information on the Appeal and a link to the news article from yesterday over at with updated information on the appeal. We’ll provide a link to any additional news articles and to a pdf of the appeal filed as soon as we locate it.

Thank you all for your patience with the absence of new blogs recently as we finish the marathon of radiation treatments for my daughter’s tumor leading to my absence the past few weeks. We should finish up a week from today and are looking forward to a much improved recovery for her afterwards. We thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers as we deal with this.

Whistleblower cases and your E and O coverage- part 2

August 23, 2007

I have updated the 8/22/07 blog today to include information on the 2nd whistleblower RICO case, more info on the Scruggs whistleblower case, as well as to discuss adjusters need for E and O coverage. You can view that entire blog here:

Here are two more articles to read with Scrugg’s attorney commenting and a WSJ update from yesterday on the case:

Here are the first comments I’ve seen published from an attorney representing Scruggs on this:

Here is also the WSJ Law Blog entry from yesterday on the case:

See you tomorrow!


Well- nothing is simple on these cases. As soon as I thought I’d finished reporting on the whistleblower cases, the next item reviewed is this August 23rd blog alleging more allegations against carriers:

This was linked to in this AM in the morning blog entry:

Here is a June news article  on the Hood  breach of contract suit and a NU news article from May in case you aren’t familiar with that action involving the Katrina cases:

Here is an August 2007 Clarion news article about the carrier attempting to dismiss the suit:

I hope all of you  are trying to objectively understand what is going on with these cases. Take the time to go directly to the carrier websites and look at their news and press releases for their “direct from the source” news releases. You’ll find  quite interesting information in what appears to be a war of the press releases by all parties involved but I prefer to think of it as the carriers trying to educate the public about many misconceptions found in the press. I’m glad to see them posting information from their perspective when years ago they remained silent on these issues on their websites.

Off to work time to specially link those articles vs just posting them as is!