Gulf Coast Claims Facility 2/29/12 Updated BP Claims Statistics Report

March 1, 2012

Special thanks to ClaimSmentor Property and Casualty Group member, Lee Norwood, for sharing these BP Claim Statistics which were updated February 29, 2012 by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. We get so many hits on our blog from people doing internet searches for updated statistics so I thought I’d share yesterday’s report for those interested:

Update 3 on Worley Catastrophe Adjusting firm Class Action Lawsuit- Altier vs Worley- Class Action Denied by Judge- see court documents

August 24, 2011

We are getting much interest in posts on the Worley class action lawsuit via internet searches leading folks to our blog thus I did a follow up today to see what new court documents could be located.

It is with much interest that I post this updated court document filed July 26, 2011 showing the federal case moved to Deny the Class Action Certification of the plaintiff adjusters. I find it very disturbing that the basis of the denial is that all of those adjusters working did not have signed employment contracts.

I lecture continually in our Fundamentals of Claims course for new adjusters about not going out without a signed contract due to the fact the contract is needed if there are non payment issues or disputes on fee received.

Here again is an entirely different reason for being sure you work under a signed employment contract with the adjusting firm:

If you missed our original blog on the Altier vs Worley case and Update 2, here is a link to the prior blogs:

I do have a call in now to the plaintiff’s attorney for an update on the case as to what happens next. Apparently it is ongoing as I was just told all of the attorney’s on the case are out in depositions this week pertaining to the case but they would have someone call me back later today for an update.

Ken Feinburg answers many BP Oil Spill questions in Pensacola, FL this week on the new Gulf Coast Claims Facility effective 8/23/2010/ BP Claim Stats through 8/11/10

August 13, 2010

The Pensacola News Journal is running a series of BP Oil Spill articles this week based on meetings held with locals this week on the new Gulf Coast Claims Facility- the name assigned to the 20B BP fund to pay damage claims.

First we have this article published 8/11/2010 about Feinburg’s meeting with 300 people and the University of West FL stating the fund will take over effective August 23, 2010:

The interesting things picked up in this article is 1) confirmation that Feinburg still intends to issue settlement funds rather than advance funds that have been issued under the BP claims process for up to 6 months loss in exchange for a release 2) people/businesses who have already filed claims will need to update their claim information through the facility 3) they will accept emergency claims for loss up to Thanksgiving then remain open 3 years handling final/full settlements.

I was very surprised to read in this next article that even if you filed a claim through BP, you’ll have to file a new claim with the new facility:–oil-spill-claims-questions

This begs the question if the advances and payments previously issued through the BP/ESIS process will in fact be deducted from the facility payments by Feinburg’s group.

For many other articles on the oil spill through the Pensacola News Journal, you can view them here:

Other news sources updating comments from Feinburg and others on what will and will not be paid include:

BP may cut off tourism/restaurant businesses with indirect losses by Naples news:

From blog Alabama we have news updates on the National Association of Realtors meeting with Feinburg in Washington to discuss loss of realtor commissions indicating Feinburg is going to consider his position on these losses:

Also, Feinburg is quoted as stating the new claim rules won’t be posted until 8/23/2010 to allow adjusters to be trained and to test the report filing systems:

This article also indicates 39,000 BP claims are dangling awaiting Feinburg’s program to determine whether or not payments will be made on the restaurant and tourism claims for those not located near the oil spill. Note the interesting comments from MS AG Jim Hood:

BP’s site updates stats through 8/7/2010 with 145,000 claims received, 103,900 claim payments made, and 319 Million thus far paid out.

If the article linked to above from the Pensacola News Journal is right- 145,000 claims is alot of new claim reports to be made through the facility if it is true each claimant will have to file a new claim through Feinburg’s Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

The BP Stats excel sheet on their site shows 1,247 adjusters in the 36 claims offices

Here is a copy of their spreadsheet updated through 8/11/2010:


You can find this updated daily on BP’s site on the Claims Statistics tab at . Here is also a direct link to the claims statistics worksheets or you can click on the download link right below the summary of key statistics on the statistics page here:

Will the real Ken Feinburg- BP Pay Czar on 20B BP Fund please advise- Who is handling the claims when you take over- 2 entirely different quotes from you this week

August 6, 2010

This is just unbelievable! If it isn’t strange enough that hundreds of experienced adjusters have applied to work BP claims and can get no where the hopes were out there in the adjusting community that as soon as Ken Feinburg who has been appointed to take over the BP 20B fund administration this month that possibly more opportunities would present themselves for experienced adjusters to deploy to handle these claims.

In two different sources this week, we have Ken Feinburg alleged to be quoted with two entirely different versions of who will be handling the claims! It sure would be nice to clear this up and let the claims industry know – do we stay or do we go?

The first article published August 5, 2010 by Claims Magazine quotes Ken Feinburg as saying he will continue to use ESIS to handle the claims and expand that service if necessary in this article:

It says in part on page 3 of the 4 page web exclusive article:

” Who will work for you on this project? Will you hire contract or independent adjusting companies?  

Right now, we are going to use the people that BP has contracted with and put into place. If we need more [personnel], then we will simply add to the resources that they are using now. (*Editor’s Note: BP is currently using Worley Catastrophe) I am sure that we will add the staff as we need to in the future as we improve the process. 

Next we have the website Pro Publica (their motto is Journalism in the Public interest) publishing an article only a few hours later on August 5, 2010 also quoting Ken Feinburg saying he is replacing ESIS with two other firms (non adjusting firms) who helped in prior mass claim settlements. The article in part quotes a BP spokes woman who confirms and says:

” Patricia Wright, a spokeswoman for BP, confirmed that ESIS would be replaced, and said that the decision was made by Feinberg without BP’s involvement. She said that BP was continuing to pay claims and that ESIS would stay on the job while BP retained control of the process. “Our contractors will continue to work until we transition,” Wright said.

The companies that will replace ESIS, Garden City Group and the law firm BrownGreer, both specialize in the resolution of mass claims. BrownGreer was previously hired by Feinberg [3] as a fee and expense analyst during his tenure as the executive pay czar overseeing compensation at banks that were bailed out by the federal government. “

Here are the links to the two companies named if you want to do your own further research:

Garden City Group headquartered in Melville, MY- Business week shows them as a subsidiary of Crawford and Company :

and Crawford and Company also has information up on their website about Garden City Group here:  (Says they are a class action law firm- this links takes you to an archive of numerous cases they have handled. Their home page says they employ over 400 nationwide).

Law Firm BrownGreer: Their website as well shows proactive involvement in claims administration of class action settlement cases to include Vioxx.

Contact information for BrownGreer:

BrownGreer plc

115 S. 15th Street
Suite 400
Richmond, VA 23219-4209

Main Number: 804.521.7200
Fax: 804.521.7299


Employment Opportunities:

Now here’s another new twist- while researching BrownGreer who apparently has worked with the Feinburg firm before, I found a June 25, 2010 news release quoting the business manager for BrownGreer who confirmed back in June that Feinburg had hired them to take incoming claims information from the BP claimants. Here’s what she says in part in the article:

” Lynn Greer, a partner at BrownGreer, emailed a brief statement about her firm’s involvement in the BP claims process.

“BrownGreer PLC is assisting Ken Feinberg as the Administrator of the Independent Claims Facility established for the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill,” Greer said in the email.”

Here is a link to this full article out of Richmond where BrownGreer is home based:

VIP- BrownGreer does have a job posting up on their career link looking for a claims reviewer here (requires a Bachelor’s degree) and it says they are accepting applications until August 12, 2010:

I’ve made contact with a few sources working in BP claims offices and they knew that ESIS was going but have been told that does not apply to Worley that they are aware of. The adjusters there now do wear badges saying they work for ESIS.

Well, hopefully we will all know soon if independent adjusters through Worley and/or through these two new firms above will be used. The BrownGreer firm already shows they have analysts and claims reviewers on their staff on their career link.

More tomorrow on BP Claims statistics and more conflicting information on what will or will not be paid based on additional news articles under the new 20B BP Oil fund Ken Feinburg will be administering.

So- Should I stay or should I go- enjoy the video!