Guest Blog- by Michael Wiley “A Crude Awakening” Cleaning oil on Personal Watercraft

June 18, 2010

Special thanks to Pensacola, FL  experienced marine adjuster, Michael Wiley, for sharing the research he did for himself on Boatowner claims clean up  for damage to watercraft as a result of exposure to BP oil spill.  While  he did this research for himself, he did not keep a list of the many sources he found to gather this information so I cannot provide links but this paper is outstanding for adjusters not familiar with handling personal watercraft damage. Even those who are experienced most likely have not had to deal with the oil coating boats as they go through the gulf coast water oil spill and chemicals in the gulf used to disperse oil spill slick.

Thank you for your most gracious offer to share this information with the victims of the gulf oil spill and claims adjusters who may be faced with claims for oil damage to their watercraft!

Please click below for the full pdf  titled  “A Crude Awakening ” by Mike.

Oil spill affected boats[1]