Time for our Annual Adjuster Safety Tips Reminder- CDC Shots, Ladder Safety, Personal Safety and Much More/Guest Blog also by Robby Robinson, Independent

May 6, 2010

Each year I like to post this reminder about adjuster safety issues as work picks up for independent adjusters with hail season, tornado season, and hurricane season soon approaching.

Below is a copy of our annual safety tip reminders which is especially important this year with the BP Oil Spill claims and the Nashville, TN flooding which occurred this past week. Both may lead to alot of denials due to coverage issues and exclusions in policies at a time when homeowners and commercial businesses are suffering major life altering losses and tempers may flair when adjusters are in the field inspecting these losses.

 So first, here is our annual links to blogs written on adjuster safety concerns followed by a guest blog entry by 6 year independent adjuster Robby Robinson who suffered injuries this past year and wants to warn other adjusters. Robby is the owner of a new site for adjusters called From one Adjuster to Another:

Spring has Sprung- A Timely Reminder about Adjuster Safety Concerns is Due!

March 23, 2009

We’ve previously posted numerous blogs about adjuster safety issues. With spring’s arrival Sunday, now is a great time to bring these old blog entries back up for new reader’s viewing our blog:

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Defusing an Angry Insured:


Crisis Intervention while Catastrophe Adjusting-Guest blog by Steve Ebner


Please be safe while out there working this season!


Printed with permission of Robby Robinson:


From: Robby Robinson <catadjusterx@gmail.com>
To: Dimechimes Claim Staffing and Claim Training <debbie@dimechimes.com>
Sent: Wed, April 28, 2010 4:00:34 AM
Subject: Robby Robinson’s ladder accident

Hi guys
I want to tell you about what happens when you get in a hurry out on a
claim and  the consequences that you may have to live with or even
worse ,what your family has to live with from you being DEAD !!

26 October 2009

I was on the very top of a 24 ft extension ladder(not my ladder ,but
someone elses ladder and what happens when you use someone elses
ladder, nothing good !!)

The roof was high and to reach the roof , the ladder was close to
vertical and I threw common sense out the window and made the climb
with one person bracing the ladder at ground level and another from a
2nd floor window, the only thing more ridiculous than that set up was
the fool (me) that made the climb.

I didn’t want to reschedule the claim as it had already been
rescheduled twice and did not want to give the risk to a steep roof
team , so I made the climb and everything that followed was what I

Coming off the roof to make the downward climb, the person on the 2nd
floor was not holding the ladder and I tipped the ladder. I don’t
remember the accident , I awoke a day later in the hospital, but the
police report had statements from the homeowner and the Public
Adjuster that was there for the re-inspection with me repping the
Insurance company.

I landed on a 4 ft chain link fence and had a compound fracture
(through the skin) of my left leg, broken pelvis, 4 broken ribs that
separated from my sternum, broken jaw and a fractured skull.

The PA stated that I stopped breathing so he gave me CPR  until the
paramedics got there (I guess all PA’s aren’t all bad : ) He broke my
ribs from the CPR, I have since learned that is a common occurrence in
prolonged CPR.

I had my jaw wired shut for 3 weeks, my pelvis and skull have healed
nicely as they were only fractured. My Ribs took some time but are now

When my leg broke , it tore and severed alot of my leg muscle and I
had some muscle death and was told I’m looking at over a year till it
would fully heal.  As an Independent adjuster I couldn’t afford to
take a year off and I had the option to have a surgery to put rods in
my leg bones for stability and would drastically reduce my recovery,
so I went for it , that was in December and as of today, I have been
out of my wheelchair for over 3 weeks and can walk with a cane
reasonably well.

I had a complication from my skull fracture as an aneurysm developed
under the fracture line (blood clot).  I had surgery to remove the
nasty and I am looking at being able to go back to work around the
middle of May 2010.

I will be looking for a new job as well

because I was fired from the company I was employed by for over 4
years. Don’t misunderstand because I deserved to get fired for my
stupidity and I just want to let not only new adjusters, but even
adjusters with a few years under your belt to know that just one
moment of stupidity , a momentary lapse of judgement can not only cost
you  your job and families security, but could cost you your life !!

Please learn from my stupidity, reschedule or hand it over to a steep
roof team , it’s not worth your job or your life !!

                                          Robby Robinson


If not mentioned in my safety blogs above, here are links to two of our ClaimSmentor sponsor sites that offer Rope and Harness field safety courses which I highly recommend as do many of our members who have taken these classes:

Catastrophe Career Specialities( formerly KSQ2) at http://ksq2.homestead.com/Rope_and_Harness.html

ERT Rescue Rope and Harness Class at: http://www.ertrescue.com/SteepRoof/SteepRoofIndex.html

If you also have a story to share about an accident or dangerous situation you have encountered that would help other claims adjusters, please either reply to this topic as a comment which I will approve OR send me an email to Debbie@Dimechimes.com with your story which we’ll publish here as well.

Thanks Robby for providing your guest blog for others benefit!