When it rains…..it pours! Minnesota gets golf ball size hail May 10, 2011

May 11, 2011

First we have fires, floods, and severe tornado damage….and now we have golf ball size hail in Minnesota which happened last night.

To read the news from the Star Tribune on the storm and to view photos just follow this link.

I worked hail losses in Roseville, MN for almost a year as a catastrophe team manager in the late 90’s. The folks up there were wonderful to work with as were the policyholders. The difficulty adjusters experienced there in closures was the fact there were so many prior losses due to multiple hail storms in the area at the time that is slowed production from the standpoint the prior losses all had to be reviewed prior to settlement to assure no duplication of damages were being claimed.

We can post job opportunities for property adjusters in all of our social media outlets and on ClaimSmentor if your firm needs additional personnel due to all of the current losses nationwide. Just email me at dkmoroy@dimechimes.com if interested in this job posting service to carriers and adjusting firms.

Colorado storm of July 20, 2009 estimated at 350 Million/ 50,000 plus claims

July 29, 2009

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association is reporting that the July 20, 2009 hail and wind storm is the 2nd most costly storm in Colorado and is reporting claim losses exceeding 50,000 losses. For complete details, refer to this bulletin posted on their site:


The June hail/wind storm isn’t far behind at 161 million!

I imagine many of you have received assignments out there. Be safe on those steep roofs while out there!

Colorado Storm Preliminary Storm Damage Stats In from storms beginning 6/7/09

June 17, 2009

Just a ClaimSmentor moment link to Colorado preliminary storm damage statistics and claims for the numerous storms last week beginning 6/7/09:


Final Reminder for 40 hours Fundamentals of Claims Class to begin 6/9/08- Also Vendor and Carrier Field Claims Mentor Opportunities- Post Yours Now

June 3, 2008

We are beginning our next online LIVE 40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims Class Monday June 9, 2008 .

 All information on the class and registration information for ClaimSmentor is listed in this blog topic:


**Note the start date was moved to 6/9/08 with first pre-class reading assignments to be posted this Friday and self study guides on ALE, Contents Claims, and much more to be emailed out to class participants this Saturday.


These are very exciting days for many of the ClaimSmentor trainees who have received their first assignments for deployment on hail storms nationwide. We are most appreciative to the adjusting firms offering these folks trainee opportunities to work in the field as assistants to experienced adjusters on rope and harness teams to assure their first files go well and to assure great claim customer service is provided to insureds.

If your firm is offering field claim mentor opportunities this hail or hurricane season with the vast number of storm claims now being reported, we will post these opportunities in our Career Forum at ClaimSmentor for trainee adjusters to submit their resumes to your designated HR personnel. We have worked with hundreds of trainee adjusters since the inception of ClaimSmentor (now going into our third year) and can attest to the fact that most of these adjusters have obtained their adjuster resident and non resident licenses, obtained many of the required carrier certification courses, and done much more to obtain excellent claim training from ClaimSmentor as well as from many other reliable training sources.

We hope one day to see Insurance company claims departments offer storm season claim intern opportunities to independent adjusters similiar to the programs many insurance companies offer to college students and summer intern opportunities for teachers. Having worked in the claim management carrier ranks and interviewed hundreds of folks for trainee positions, I can attest to the fact these are much more qualified trainee adjusters having their licenses, estimate software classes, construction backgrounds and agency backgrounds, as well as much more training then you ever find by candidates applying for trainee positions normally have. This will save carriers months of training and also help resolve some of the baby boomer retirement and personnle issues many carriers are facing today. Join ClaimSmentor today if you are in HR at the carrier level or adjusting firm level and have free access to our rosters and view these folks resumes yourself.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find such a large group (now 823 members) of valuable candidates! All registration info is on the About page here on the blog. Just advise you are HR personnel  or claim management with the carrier using your carrier email address and we can register you without further identification.

Colorado Hail/ Tornado of May 22, 2008- Updated Damage Reports

May 23, 2008

That was quite some storm in Colorado yesterday and the hail damage report sizes shown on the NOAA storm reports indicates there was major hail there. Here’s some of the best of the news reports we located and other information you may need if heading to CO for tornado/hail storm duty:

Here’s one of the best stories with details on the structural damage:


State Farm’s CO Regional office suffers storm damage and Dept of Insurance encourages insureds encouraged to call SF corporate instead:


Colorado Dept of Insurance website:

http://www.dora.state.co.us  (Nothing on site about adjuster’s licenses- I don’t believe they are required)

Colorado Dept of Insurance Market Share and Carrier Insurance Dept complaint info- Good link for adjusting firms looking for insurance companies to market their services to with their market share for these storm claims:

 Here’s several links to some interesting storm stories in the Denver post on the damage:



**look for the word tornados in the left side of the box on this second link to lots of video footage of the damage


Here are yesterday’s NOAA storm reports showing the tornado and hail damage reports:


**note if your accessing the storm report link after 5/23 then you’d enter 5/22/08 on the link to find these reports

Here’s the Windsor CO website showing neighborhoods closed to public and more info today on damage there and emergency shelters:


Weld County is the county listed in the NOAA storm reports- here is some helpful info on the Weld County Sheriff’s office site:


Very interesting info on how very large Weld County is- and other links you may need to their Building Inspector and Building and Permits numbers:


Weld County covers an area of 4,004 square miles in north central Colorado. It is bordered on the north by Wyoming and Nebraska and on the south by the Denver metropolitan area. The third largest county in Colorado, Weld County has an area greater than that of Rhode Island, Delaware and the District of Columbia combined. The climate is dry and generally mild with warm summers, mild winters and a growing season of approximately 138 days. Read more…

Here are some interesting statistics on the most costly storms in the Rocky Mountain region:


I’ll update this blog post throughout the day as we locate carrier damage numbers.

Haag Education Seminars available for Adjusters and Adjusting firms- Great Roof Damage Assessment Training

April 24, 2008


It isn’t often I’m willing to go out on a limb to recommend a specific school’s training programs but I wanted to pass along this information as we have had many participants take Haag Engineering’s educational seminars reporting back on the excellent quality of the training. I took a one week roofing class at their home office years ago and thought very highly of the program.

The classes meet our search for reputable sources of classes that also provide CE credits. At the top of my list of favorite programs they offer for adjusters are the Roofing Certification Course  and the Roof Damage Assessment classes for adjusters.

Visit www.haageducation.com for your CE credit and other training needs. In addition to their educational programs, they will come to an adjusting firm’s facility to present much needed training such as California Earthquake certification,etc which is an outstanding option given the unrealistic price of gas approaching $4.00 per gallon this summer at a time when adjuster’s have had much less work the past two seasons. You can find a complete list of ALL of the seminars they have available and search by date, city,etc here. New this year, they also offer their class room facilities for adjusting firm for field classes at a much more reasonable price than hotel facilities often used for field meetings.

I’ve often wondered just what did happen to the experiment they were working on years and years ago when I attended a one week roofing school while a staff field reinspector at their headquarters where they were experimenting with newly manufactured shingles WITHOUT the granules on them to see what it did to the life of the shingles(comparing it to a second set from same manufacture group with the granules). Their plan had been to leave this roof section ( I think it was 10 x 10) out in the field 10 years. All experienced adjusters are well aware of granule loss claims by roofers alleging they totalled the roof. It will be interesting to hear from them as to how that ever turned out.

If you get a chance, visit with John Derosa, Haag Engineering Education Seminar Manager who is most approachable and willing to service your training needs where it is most convenient for your group. I am fortunate to have met him in person at the 2007 NACA convention. In the event you’d like to talk to him directly, here is John’s direct contact information:

John M. DeRosa

Seminar Manager

Education Department

Haag Engineering Co.

Failure and Damage Consultants since 1924

Direct : (214) 614-6562

Cell: (972) 897-2947

Fax: (214) 614-6501

4949 West Royal Lane

Irving Texas  75063

I don’t want to fail to mention their publications as well for those of you unable to travel to any of their field locations. You can view those available here. This same link shows tools such as their PITCH gauge and provides information on their newest publications such as the Tile Roof Assessment guide. Having a few of these items myself in my library, I can attest to the quality of these guides and the quality of the information and training guidance for trainees and experienced adjusters alike. Their pricing is extremely reasonable on their publications so they should be within the reach of everyone’s budget. 

Here is also a link on their site where you can check the CE credits available for their classes by state:

Click here

Should you be a ClaimSmentor member or Dimechimes Corporation Roster participant, be sure to ask John for your participant discount on classes and course publications.

Supplemental Request 4/18/08 for TX licensed/Nationwide Certified Adjusters

April 18, 2008


We have received a supplemental request (original was 4/11/08-click here for all details on prior blog post on the opportunity) for TX licensed (resident or non resident) adjusters who do HAVE their Nationwide Insurance carrier certification exam. Please see the prior link for all necessary information for consideration. We do need the approximate date of your Nationwide passing exam as well as the name of the vendor you took the exam through as the adjusting firm we are staffing firm must verify with Nationwide that you have completed their certification. No exceptions can be made. Last week we received resumes from some outstanding experienced adjusters but they did NOT have the Nationwide certification thus we were not able to submit their information for this particular opportunity.

We do welcome all applicants for future opportunities but for this particular one- the Nationwide certification AND the experience requirements must be met for consideration. All others- please just specify in the subject area of your email that you are requesting roster placement.

Note that a 5.4 Earthquake has hit today in Illinois, we’ll have more information up on that soon as well as posting information throughout the week on any additional staffing requests so check back often.

Carrier Claim Numbers Coming in from Last Weekend’s Storms in MS

April 9, 2008

 We’ve had inquiries into the need for Independent adjusters hoping for claim assignments after last weekend’s storm in MS. By way of a brief update, here is an article indicating about 8,000 losses expected with the majority 10K or less. With no carrier in this article reporting numbers over about 2,000 mentioned in the article, it is very unlikely this will produce a large demand for independent adjusters as carriers are very well staffed this year to handle a catastrophe of that size with their own staff adjusters. If we see the numbers rolling over to any significant numbers, I’ll update this post.


 Updated 4/10/08:

Here are some updated numbers reporting 4,450 total claims thus far reported in MS between the carriers polled with 2,300 the largest by 1 carrier for these Mississippi storms:


I’m starting to hear from independent adjusters now being deployed to TX for the Texas hail storms and will update the blog later today with carrier numbers coming in on the other TX and midwest storms from  the last two days.

Storms in TN, KY, AK, AL, IN, MO, MS of 2/5/08- Adjuster Information on Emergency Licensing and Damage

February 6, 2008

We are already receiving reports of adjusters deploying to the February 5, 2008 storms. We are providing some information to assist you in assessing damage and claim potential as well as for emergency adjuster licensing issues. You will also find some other interesting developments from 2006 and 2007 posted below that may come up while out on assignment:

Adjuster Licensing/ Insurance Carrier- Adjusting Firm emergency licensing forms


AL emergency adjuster license form:


Here is current 2/08 info about AL- interesting info about the passes and that they will overnight them. This is an online form and looks like it must be completed by the company to register an emergency adjuster






KY Adjusters license application info- for resident and non resident- see info on the pdf about emergency adjusters/90 days info: (this is last update from June 2007)


Here is more info on Ky emergency adjusters on this form for companies sending in emergency adjusters:



Links to applying for MS license:

On-line License Applications

MS first-time licenses or reinstatements available through Sircon as of Jan. 1, 2007

Go to http://www.sircon.com/Mississippi  “Apply for a License”



Test scores for residents

The Mississippi Insurance Department now has the capability to receive test scores electronically for resident agents/producers. The Testing Service submits the test scores to Sircon on a daily basis. As a result, resident applicants for first-time Life & Health, Property & Casualty and Adjuster licenses are no longer required to submit test scores with their applications. Our processors will verify the test results upon receiving the application, license fee and pre-licensing certificate.

Note that this link had some emergency PA rules too but MS has a new Ins commissioner so no telling how this will all pan out these storms:


Info on MS Emergency adjusters licenses is found in this former bulletin on emergency adjusters in MS during Katrina:


which says in part that Ms Code 83-17-409 authorizes emergency adjuster authorization by the state

I’m curious if this bulletin on PA’s in MS which expired in May 2007 will be renewed:



New Public Adjuster Regs in 07:

TN new Public Adjuster licensing provisions that were in effect in 2007:


TN Insurance Division – can’t find any info on state license or emergency licenses for adjusters- it’s my understanding resident adjusters are not licensed here but you will want to verify that before coming yourself since I am not familiar with emergency licensing standards here and nothing posted on their site:


Miscellaneous Info adjusters might need/be interested in:

MS- See this bulletin about Auto total loss claims bulletin found on DOI site:

Bulletin from 6-07 about sales tax and license fees if a carrier totals an auto on a loss which says a carrier has not made an insured whole if they do not include tthese fees for title, sales tax and license fees:



TN- see note above on new PA licenses required in case you must deal with a PA there

Also – interesting problem contractor listing found on the TN state consumer division site updated 1/31/08:

TN – Problem Contractor listing for Contractors who have failed to respond to complaints in case any of you run into them: (list of 1/31/08 found on Consumer Affairs site on Tn site


TN Building Code info – an update from TN Dept of Ins of 1/25/08 some of you may need to be aware of if working TN storm claims:


Storm Reports:

NOAA Storm reports over 60 tornado reports yesterday and over 100 hail damage reports:

Here is the NOAA Storm reports link for yesterday to check back for updates for those of you new in claims that don’t have this link:


Last 3 hours reports more tornados in AL and TN:


Here is the one cumulative called TODAY’s reports (note the ones above in the last 3 hours aren’t showing up yet on the site:


Photo Galleries of Storm Damage you might want to view:

Photo gallery of damage in Jackson,TN:


Gallery of photos posted at the Tennessean (Nashville) on damage throughout the state:


News reports of the dead and destruction: 

Here is  a sampling of damage reports around the states from last night and this morning reporting 44 deaths and numerous injuries as well as much damage. The initial news reports here in TN were indicating 4 states involved but the NOAA reports show many others suffered hail damage as well like IN, MO, TX:

Some early reports indicating 31 dead:


5 dead in Sumner Co, TN:


Reports of 3 dead in Shelby/Memphis TN:


Madison/Jackson,TN damage:


4 killed/20 injured- Madison/Jackson:


Arkansas- 13 dead/damage in 9 counties:

An earlier report out of Arkansas:


4 deaths reported in AL this am:


I’m sure by the time this blog is reported these numbers have risen. Our prayers go out to all damaged communities and families who have suffered losses. We also pray for the safety of all adjusters reporting to these storms. It is most difficult to work losses with these numbers of fatalities involved.

For those of you who are members at ClaimSmentor, we’ll post additional claim stats on the damage in our Storms Forum.

Don’t forget there is also a roster by state of residence of participating adjusters which now includes hundreds of experienced adjusters with their resumes uploaded which participating adjuster firms can use at no charge (it also indicates if the adjuster has uploaded their resume as well as their experience level directly on the state alpha list).

We are also available 24/7 to assist with any carrier or adjusting firm staffing needs. There is a charge for our services. Note our new office number now that we have relocated to TN is 615-435-4177 or Cell 850-496-7831 if you need additional staffing assistance.

Auto Adjuster Claim Careers An interview with Carey O’Connor with CSP Claims

October 13, 2007

Special thanks to adjusting firm owner, Carey O’Connor with CSP Claims www.cspclaims.com for spending time with me Friday as I interviewed him for this blog series on careers in auto claims adjusting.

Carey’s background is similar to mine with many years on the staff claims side of the business prior to opening CSP claims with several other partners who also had claim staff management experience. I find that a very important element in the success of an independent adjusting firm since they know the “ins” and the “outs” of the business and how things work from a carrier management perspective. We are here to serve the carriers and I’m continually amazed to read some postings by some independents that don’t seem to understand that major point. I will say during my years as a staff claim manager, I worked with many wonderful outstanding independents who “got it” and did a great job for us and I’m sorry to see that many of those types of independents are gun shy about posting on some of the public forums where we could all be getting better reputations with the carriers. I’m seeking out some of these folks for blog interviews and would love to hear from many of you even if only in reply via comments to some blog entries.

Carey’s recommendations he agreed to share with our ClaimSmentor and Dimechimes Corporation readers interested in a career in auto adjusting includes the following:

1) The BEST place to get the multitude of training on the auto side( as well as the property side) is to work as a staff adjuster FIRST for a number of years to gain access to a thorough training program and a large variety of losses.

2) Carey feels the number one auto estimatic software a trainee should learn is CCC Pathways. He advises the majority of smaller and medium carriers who are using independents are either using this system currently or are moving to the system which he sees happening more frequently.

3) Carey highly recommends trainees participate in I-CAR training for learning many more aspects of collision estimating.

4)Carey advises that the top 2 catastrophe property assignments on auto claims assigned out to independent auto adjusters is for hail damage and flood damage to vehicles which can be learned in a very short period of time. Much more difficult is collision losses with many more car parts involved requiring a much more indepth training to properly estimate collision repairs to vehicles on daily claims.

5)Carey advises the majority of auto liability assignments they get from numerous carriers involves limited assignments for the property damage claims involving the repairs to a claimant’s vehicle.

6) In both cases (insured and claimant vehicles) the fee allowances by carriers runs on average about $70.00 per vehicle if inspected at a carrier’s catastrophe drive through operation or $110-$155.00 per vehicle for those handled at a body shop or storage facility or other location for non driveable cars. This rate depends on the allowance of the carrier. There is a fee split with the adjusting firm just as there is on the homeowner claims.

7) CSP Claims has access to a Paint/Dentless repair company for training auto adjusters and a new facility for property training classes and hopes to be offering the auto claim training classes in the not too distant future so you should check back with them after the first of the year if you are looking for a reputable source for your auto training classes.

(8) Carey also indicated the biggest challenge new auto adjusters face is dealing with the repair vs replacement parts issue with body shops and repair facilities similar to what property adjusters face in the home estimating side of things. To comfortably and professionally deal with these issues, Carey feels it is of utmost importance that a good auto adjuster stay up to date on current repair standards by continually taking advantage of the courses available to auto repair technicians to stay current and that you obtain your I-CAR Certifications.

(9) Similiar to a homeowner adjuster having an advantage if they have a background in construction, Carey thinks it is very valuable for auto adjusters to have previous experience as auto estimators or technicians involved at auto repair facilities so they can better be in a position to discuss estimate reconciliation issues with repair facilities. Better yet is to have prior experience as an auto staff adjuster with solid experience not only in repair procedures but claims experience and a significant understanding of the auto policies.

10) Carey felt from an assignment standpoint, the carriers are much more willing to assign auto claims out to independent adjusters due to the lower fees involved (vs homeowner fee schedules) and their firm has been successful in bringing in new carriers for assignments on the auto side while things from the homeowner side have been much slower for everyone in the independent industry. He agrees with our assessment that the majority of carriers have vastly increased the number of staff catastrophe adjusters leaving much less work on the independent side without major storms.

We thank Carey for his time sharing information with us for this blog to assist you in making your decisions regarding auto claim adjuster careers. We hope you’ll take a minute to visit their website at www.cspclaims.com

Here is also a link to information about I-CAR certifications mentioned above as well as to CCC Pathways with Paint/Dentless repair software that Carey mentioned.

We’ll address other Auto adjusting issues later this coming week as well as provide information on other auto estimatic software often requested such as Mitchell.

Tropics Active- Tropical Depression 11 forms – Hail in Phoenix,AZ?

September 23, 2007

Tropical Depression 11 is being monitored for development with reports indicating it may reach Tropical Storm status later today. Here is a link to the first advisory.

Ralph’s Tropical weather site is confirming what Fox news is saying that there are numerous other storms being monitored for development. Here is a link to Ralph’s weather site. It was last updated very late last night so check back for regular updates.

The news is also reporting golf ball size hail in Phoenix, AZ last night. The only thing I can find here on NOAA storm reports for yesterday is 1 report for Gila county with 1.75 size hail. There is also a report on there for hail in Fresno,CA. **update-Fox news weather is showing the golf ball size hail photos from Scottsdale, AZ. I couldn’t find anything in the local news reports in Phoenix or Scottsdale news.

We’ll update this later today as things develop. As far as TD 10 went, it made landfall next door in Ft Walton and we had absolutely no damage that I’m aware of in the panhandle.

Tee off at your own risk, CA court rules…but don’t forget the great contacts you can meet while playing golf

September 3, 2007

Labor day weekend was a great time for many adjusters to enjoy one of their favorite sports…golf.

I thought this was a great time to bring up a few recent articles on the subject. All adjusters know it is rare for a claim conference not to include a golf tournament. Here is a great article by CNN Money titled “Must I play golf to get ahead” that I think provides some great advice!

We talk talk talk about resumes, rosters, deployments and don’t bring up how important informal social network groups are to our careers. I think you’ll find some interesting statistics in this CNN article. You can find so many other opportunities for social networking in the claims adjusting community through activities at your local Claims Association meetings, through forums such as ours at ClaimSmentor, and Claim Conferences such as the annual NACA January convention for catastrophe adjusters.

We came across this recent CA Supreme Court  case involving State Farm which states:

“Being struck by a carelessly hit ball is an inherent risk of the sport,” the justices declared Thursday”

This case was applicable to injuries to other golfers and alludes to coverage to non participants.

I didn’t have time today to locate many internet cases on golf ball accidents to car windshields, home windows knocked out from the course,etc but I know I for one paid many such liability cases or damage to property of other cases (DPO)over the years! Just check the policy provisions for the carrier involved if assigned such a  case.as well as state law applicable to your case. Here is an interesting article on home ownership near a golf course and things to avoid. I never realized how much damage golf balls can cause to a home until a good friend of mine became distressed due to the constant new damage to her home causing her to finally sell it a year or two after purchase. Here is another good article on errant golf balls and also discusses “trespass” issues and golf hazards as well as this article discussing liability for the golf course itself for errant balls. Here is another interesting article about cases in MA for property damage to adjoining residents property.

Hey, we already knew that! Adjusters are very familiar with the damage that “golf ball size hail” creates! If you’ve never reviewed NOAA’s official hail size descriptions, golf ball size hail is described as 1.75 inches in diameter. ( Just some interesting “golf” trivia that has nothing of course to do with the CA case!)

If your new in claims, or an adjuster who happens to be a  new golfer, you might want to read this Rough Notes guide on golf cart liability coverage and exclusions while your thinking about taking up the game. Here is also an example of property damage coverage on golf carts in an ISO 2000 program with options for endorsement ISO HO 0528 for property coverage while other HO package policies may cover the cart itself. Some folks consider a floater policy specifically scheduling their golf equipment as shown in this article.Here is also an interesting article covering what kind of coverage a golf course program must consider to insure the golf course grounds and buildings. There is also a great expense put out by firms hosting the golf tournaments for insurance and awards..just look around this site as one example!

We maintain a running “Comprehensive Equipment” list on ClaimSmentor for new adjusters outlining everything they need to bring with them on their first storm with the input of our participants.We even had an interesting entry from one adjuster that buys hard golf club cases at the local thrift stores for transporting some of his cat adjuster equipment to storm duty using them to store office supplies such as tape, staplers, tape measures, etc. as he can easily move them to hotel rooms from his vehicle. You can never underestimate the mind of a cat adjuster trying to figure out alternative ways to move a mass amount equipment needed into a small truck or car for storm duty!

We hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. If you missed our blog on some interesting info on Labor  day and the 12 hour days/ 7 days a week work hours in the late 1800’s that lead to some of the Labor day unions, read here. Very interesting to note that in 2007 insurance companies are requiring those very hours from catastrophe adjusters!

Welcome to Dimechimes Corporation Adjuster Information Blog

July 26, 2007

Welcome to the newer version of our blog! We will post updates to claim data from new significant storms, updates to job opportunities, and updates to information independent adjusters, claim representatives, cat adjusters, and claim managers need to know about developments in the claim adjusting community.

We have moved to a new blog site which allows us to have pre approval on comments posted to maintain the professional intention of our blog for members on our rosters and firms using our services.

We hope you visit us often!

Best Regards,

Deborah K Moroy, AIC,IIA


Dimechimes Corporation Claim Staffing and Recruiting

Proud sponsor of ClaimSmentor

Catastrophe Adjuster resumes- the requirements to get noticed do differ!

July 26, 2007

We are quickly approaching the peak hurricane season. We talk to many adjusters about their resumes when they call to find out how they can get noticed with the thousands of adjusters who have entered this field due to the strong hurricane seasons in 04/05.

Here is a link to our published article in the June 2006 issue of Claims Magazine regarding Catastrophe adjuster resumes with some suggestions for enhancing your resume. Many career websites tell you that your resume will only get a 20 second overview before HR personnel determine if they want to continue reading and considering you as a viable candidate:


Here is also a current list shown on our Opportunities page with a list of important information you need to be sure is included as commonly asked for by most adjusting firms looking for quality candidates:


Adjusting firms offering opportunities to work Condominium Claims

July 26, 2007

Is your background working residential homeowner claims only? You might want to expand into specialization  handling condominium master policy claims and condo unitowner claims.

We’ve been watching recent developments with adjusting firms offering positions for adjusters to work as interior estimators and damage scopers for their firms. Essentially from speaking with 2 firm owners this past week, they place a team leader in charge of the claim file who is responsible for overseeing file requirements are met and that there is consistency is the estimating process between estimators in the various interior units, buildings, and common element areas. They are then assigning teams of estimators to do the actual line by line estimate entries using macros to enhance the estimating process for a more prompt conclusion to the file.

Adjusters can quickly lose control of a claim involving condominium complexes. In fact, you might want to take a quick look at this website that abounds with nightmares from condominium complexes on repair issues and insurance settlements: http://www.ccfj.net/condoaart.html

You need to learn the important rules of the road on controlling these claims to properly handle them. Examples include the state condominium statutes which vary by state, differing regs on mediation procedures for condominium master policies such as that in Florida and a host of other issues. These tend to be high profile claims drawing media attention as well as the ire of an agent that worked very hard to obtain that customer should you mishandle the claim creating an unsatisfied customer.

We have spent months researching the Florida Condominium claim handling information. We now have a reference self study guide available providing links to all kinds of information you need to be aware of to process claims. It is not just the statute you need to know. You need to understand what is going on in the insurance condo market in FL, the new FL Condo mediation guidelines, media guidelines some carriers prefer you follow, and some general guidelines to understand how to deal with the Condominium Board and unitowners to prevent utter chaos for them as well as for you. There are also new regulations in FL you need to be aware of on claim settlement deadlines established in the state of Florida. It is important you comply with these guidelines as an adjuster to keep you and your adjusting firm out of hot water!

You can find these complete details containing these important reference links for your self study and field reference while handling claims  in our Self Study Guides at ClaimSmentor.

Watch also for the August 2007 issue of National Underwriters Claims Magazine for our article co-authored with Dennis Martin, CPCU on condominium claim handling information. You can view their magazine online here:


It generally updates with the new  issue at the end of the first week of a new month. We’ll provide the direct link as soon as it is up!

Opportunities to work Citizens Insurance of FL claims

July 26, 2007

We continue to receive many inquiries from adjusters about the opportunities available to work claims for 1 of the 45 Independent adjusting firms selected to work claims for Citizens Insurance of Florida.

Due to the number of requests, we have spent months following the topics to provide you links to information you should know to work the claims. We now have a list of the 45 vendors, the 103 page RFP the vendors had to use for operating standards to handle the claims with the amendments, the links to the 2007 Claim Procedure guide, links to the Citizens of FL Task force website and videos of task force committee meetings, Citizens Board meetings and links to the 45 vendors websites and have uploaded each of the Citizens pre-orientation meeting ads by selected firms  we could locate as well as informational emails put out by many of the adjusting firms involved. If you need the details so you have the whole picture (not just information shared by your vendor), visit ClaimSmentor for links to more information.

This independent reference material includes links to so many good news articles on issues you will be facing working in Florida should a hurricane be suffered by our residents again this year. We as adjusters well know that the Florida financial insurance crisis will increase the stress of the policyholders we serve and you should be aware of the many issues they are reading about.

Many adjusters do not know where to locate this information and the reference links you need are all located and provided for you. This will serve as a great field resource when you are out working assignments. Other important information you should view includes Citizens Fee schedules, the fines to be imposed for adjuster infractions of time service guidelines, and contact information for Citizens personnel should you have difficulty recovering your fee payments from firms as some have experienced in prior seasons. That is a whole new topic in and of itself we’ll address in another posting. This reference material is independent research- we are not affiliated with the task force or Citizens of Fl. We are simply a claim staffing firm and also citizens of the state of FL very concerned and proactive in our followup on claim handling issues adjusters are facing.

We are going to continue to follow the developments in training options for you and additional reference material.

How much income can I make as an adjuster?

July 26, 2007

  Web Tag: Insurance Adjuster Pay

We often receive the question from new adjusters about the amount of income a staff adjuster or an independent adjuster or a catastrophe adjuster can make. Many forums say this topic is taboo to speak about it on public forums.

Here are many articles found on public websites for your informational purposes for those of you exploring careers in this profession.

I’ll be posting in this blog later about pros and cons of staff adjusting versus being an independent adjuster. I continue to be amazed teaching online classes on ClaimSmentor how many adjusters have misconceptions about the freedom associated with being an independent because they really have no experience yet with the expectations of carriers for independent adjusters handling their claims….so check back often for updates on many topics!

This first article is by National Underwriter Claims Magazine now managing Editor, Eric Gilkey “Overwork/Underpaid”:


Here is also the latest Bureau of Labor statistics report on Adjuster pay:http://www.bls.gov/oco/pdf/ocos125.pdf

Here is one more salary link for you:


Here you will find a link to an interesting formula used by an adjusting firm for figuring independent pay! Let us know how accurate you think this could be!



**Update 8/14/07- Here’s another site with adjuster income projections:


Make sure you also review our 8/14/07 blog on Adjuster fees in the News for deductions from this gross income type of a listing.


It is very hard to pinpoint an “average” salary or compensation for an independent adjuster. There are many many variables such as the number of files assigned, the tight zoning of assignments in a territory or much travel involved between appointments, the fee schedules of the carriers and the fee split with the adjusting firm. Also, variables exist as to which expense items independent adjusting firms take a fee split on such as mileage, photos, tolls, and other items from the gross fee schedule billings. The net income to an  independent adjuster also varies greatly based on their temporary housing expenses at a cat site, gas expenses depending on travel from home and then site to site,etc..so there is no cut and dry answer but hopefully these well researched articles may give you some indication. Be leary of the ads and rumors you hear about those earning high dollars. While there certainly are those who do earn those figures based on years of expertise, there is no guarantee of such income. All independents can vouch for that after the slow 2006 storm season!