Claim Class Updates and Carrier Certification Class Updates for July 2009

June 17, 2009

We have updated the ClaimSmentor forums with the following upcoming classes:

Day and Evening online Live Class for Florida Condo Unitowners and Master Policy Claim Handling Classes- July 2009

Day and Evening online Live Classes for Additional Living Expense Claim Handling for Homeowners Insurance Claims- July 2009

You must be a registered member of ClaimSmentor to attend these classes.

Today we also posted field classes coming up in July with numerous adjusting firms for:

NFIP- special class FREE in AL for Standard Flood Policy coverage and form completion seminar

Nationwide Certification class- FREE in ALabama

USAA Carrier Certification classes- 3 different adjusting firms offering these in July 2009 from no cost ranging to 50.00 per course depending on vendor offering them

State Farm Auto and Property Certification classes in August 2009

To register for ClaimSmentor, here is the registration link so you can view these topics for complete details in our Carrier Certification forum, Roots and Wings Training Forums for our Live ALE and Condo class info and much more:

NY Appeals Court Rejects Carrier’s Use of Earth Movement Exclusions-see court docs

May 12, 2009

I just ran across this alleged landmark case on earth movement exclusions in a Condo master policy case in NY where the court ruled against insurer State Farm . This info was located  in a Construction Defect group over at Linkedin:

See the court documents here:

This looks like an important case to share a link to for others in the claims industry. 

Pioneer Tower Owners Association vs 

State Farm Fire & Casualty

Company et al.,




Upcoming ClaimSmentor Fundamentals of Claims Property Class Schedule for October, November 2008

October 12, 2008

 We continue to receive a large number of applicants for job opportunities from our staffing firm and new members on claim e-mentor site at ClaimSmentor who have nothing more than an adjuster’s license but no other practical training under their belt due to other obligations to current job assignments preventing them from attending field classes.

We have set up our schedule for online LIVE training classes which begin the last week of October and run through the first week of December as follows. You will find ClaimSmentor registration information below if you are not a current member to participate in these classes (the links below work only once you are registered by us on the ClaimSmentor site as a participant-the link to register is listed at the end of this blog )and to find complete course outline information in our forums about each course:

Next Contents Claim Handling Class– held Saturday October 25, 2008 from 9am to noon  CST held LIVE ONLINE at ClaimSmentor

Next Live ONLINE 40 hour Fundamentals of Property Claim Adjusting.

Held Monday and Thursday evenings on ClaimSmentor from 7-10pm CST November 3, 2008 through December 4, 2008

Next Two Night Live ONLINE Additional Living Expense Training Class held on Tuesday November 11, 2008 and Tuesday November 18, 2008 

Next Condo Master/Condo Unit Owner Claim Training Class– held live online on Saturday November 8, 2008 from 9am to noon CST

All classes include pre-class reading assignments and field self study guides and reading links for future field reference. 

These courses can be presented seperately to adjusting firm new members online or in the field. Email for questions and pricing for field training or seperate online classes for your firm members customized to your training needs. 

ClaimSmentor members- to register for these courses,refer to our Training Roots and Wings Forum  for complete details on each class.

Be sure you reply to each topic in the forums to register for the class. The cost of each class is listed in the topic and are very minimally priced to cover our costs associated with distributing material, pre-class homework grading and course certificate preparation time. 

Should you know of additional new adjusters interested in these courses who are not yet members of ClaimSmentor, there is a link to the registration information so they can register to participate on the About page here on the blog.

CA wildfires – The claims news on damage comes in- CA licensing/ Carrier Info/ Adjusting Firm Info

October 23, 2007


I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching available preliminary information on the devastating fires in southern California looking at it from our prospective in claims. The latest articles from late tonight indicate approximately 600 homes burned. Reports indicate upwards of 265, 000 evacuees from Malibu to Mexico as one article puts it. Other reports list less damage and the photos coming in the from stadium bring back horrible memories of Katrina. God be with the families and the brave firemen battling these blazes.

Below you will find links to many things you will need to know working catastrophe duty in California as well as links to licensing information not only for adjusters but adjusting firms, a list of carriers with the data supplied on direct written premium for adjusting firms wishing to market your services to the carriers involved, and a list of many adjusting firms listed on the California Assn of Independent Insurance Adjusters. We hope you find the details both interesting and informative for those of you researching potential assignments in California.

Information for Insurance Adjusters and Insurance Adjusting firms about working out in California on storm duty:

CA licensing link for resident and non resident adjuster licenses – click here (See Adjuster organizations and Branch office’s too on same link with forms)

CA Assn of Independent Insurance Adjusters-Membership list of adjusting firms- click here

CA Insurance Companies- Alphabetic listing with amount of direct written premium listed for adjusting firm marketing efforts if you are trying to get assignments for your teams out there (don’t forget Dimechimes Corporation can assist with filling your staffing rosters if you need more folks for contact info): Click here and here

Prior blogs on overtime issues with employees in CA :Click here

Prior blog on CA classification of employee vs independent-new law-15-25K fines: Click here

**You can also click on the archives in right column for Temporary Housing and for Billingual Translation Services info

The Current reports of damage from the California Wildfires:

Slide show-over 250 slides of the damage: click here  Notice all of the damaged autos as well as homes and businesses

News stories accounting for the damage statistics thus far:

Malibu – 5 homes, 2 commercial buildings:  Click here

Evacuees over 250,000:  Click here

Comments on evacuation from Malibu to Mexico: Click here

Article says San Diego County-500 homes/ 100 Commercial buildings: Click here

Damage Statistics seperated by each wildfire: Click here

Miscellaneous articles and emergency declarations for CA:

LA Times Road Closure listings: Click here

Southern California photos sent in by the public: Click here

Fire Agency updated reports for all 11 fires: Click here

CA Governor’s speech 10/22/07 on the fires: Click here

CA Governor asks for 1,500 National Guard and Navy and Air Force support: Click here

Website for firemen with current stories from their perspective: click here (check their forums as well as news stories)

Adjusters and Insurance Companies in  the news in CA for the wildfires:

Auto Owners-property and auto claims/ Adjuster in evacuation centers-will call insureds within 30 minutes of loss notice-imagine those standards! Click here

I’ll be adding to this all day tomorrow. I also saw a story about Farmers sending 260 adjusters and I’ll provide that link and others on the damage statistics tomorrow as the news is updated.

Music always expresses deep emotions which I am feeling after viewing the slides and reading these stories. I was brought up the daughter of a Navy Commander attending military churches in our childhood. One of my favorite hymns from those days comes to mind all day today as I watched the fire flights distributing water over the devastated communities which was  the naval hymn “Eternal Father Strong to Save”. “Lord guard and guide the men who fly through the great spaces in the skies, be with them always in the air, in darkening storms and sunlight fair” (here’s a link to the entire Naval hymn) so I’ll close this saying God Bless you to the firemen  who are doing the very best they can to protect families and homes under such dire circumstances.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the adjusters who will be dealing in the field with the aftermath of this storm. Let’s all hope that the great state of California treats you much better than the treatment insurers thus adjusters have received during Katrina storm assignments in LA and MS by the politicians and attorneys there. Storms such as this try the best of adjusters due to the emotional and stressful conditions they are dealing with. Let’s support those going. God Bless the USA.

Lord, guard and guide the men who fly
Through the great spaces in the sky,
Be with them always in the air,
In dark’ning storms or sunlight fair.                                                                          
O, Hear us when we lift our prayer,
For those in peril in the air.

Here’s a link to the music that accompanies these lyrics if you’d like to hear it: Click here


Photos courtesy readers at LA Times:

**Update 10/23/07: Article quoting 16 firemen injured/25 others, up to 300K evacuees, and 655 structures: Click here

**Update 10/23/07 3:40 Pm CST- 2 now dead, 1600 structures destroyed (this is not a valid insurance claim number as there would be partial losses, civil authority evacuation coverage for the almost 500,000 evacuations Fox news is now reporting, fire damage is covered to trees, shrubs, food spoilage and other power interruption coverage, business interruption losses for commercial businesses and other coverages too numerous to list. Many of these Additional Living Expense (ALE) claims can be handled by the carrier claim central in office departments.

 Click here for info on 10K at stadium, 2 deaths, 1600 structure fires and more damage assessment. Excellent photos included.

AIG Insurance Company sprays Phos-Check Fire Retardant on homes to save them: Click  here   for Fox Business news story on this and other insurance measures in CA on wildfire insurance coverage

Army Times news article about where the Army troops will be used at the stadium, fairgrounds,etc to help: Click here

ABC News Excellent article-today’s Governor’s speech, 1239 Federal Firefighters, and tonight’s ABC 20/20 broadcast at 10pm EST as well as comments from FEMA and more damage assessments: Click here

Video and Audio footage of fires at ABC New’s I-Caught: Click here  (The sound of the wind is horrific)

***Updates 5pm CST:

Insurance Network ( IINC)  of CA- list of wildfires with insurance dollar data through 2007:  Click here

Telephone Numbers for Insurance Companies in CA to report a claim (or adjusting firm marketing!): Click here

Insurance Information Institute ( information on US Wildfire Catastrophe 1970-2006: Click here

Insurance Journal information on Carriers Assessing the Damage: Click here

Red Cross Shelters for CA Wildfires and Details on structures damaged and structures threatened per wildfire: Click here

**Update 8:20pm CST 10/23/07  One million now evacuated: Click here

    Carriers report in as of 2pm today to Insurance Information Network of California with 1,760 claims thus far reported and projected insured losses now $500 million: Click here

Billingual Adjusters in Big Demand! Please update your resume if applicable! Translation services for others listed

August 17, 2007


Billingual Adjusters in Big Demand

While I haven’t had time for a blog entry today, I wanted to remind adjusters that their Billingual skills are very important to carrier and adjusting firms. We have approximately 100 adjusters who have commented on it on their resume.

If you have billingual skills and that is not on your resume, please resend your resume asap to and put Billingual in the subject field with your last name and state then make sure your resume includes your billingual information. Please make sure you have read our blog entry on adjusters resumes here before submitting information required for consideration.

You’d be amazed at how much that can increase your odds of deploying in some territories not only with our firm but with adjusting firms and carriers.We received a staffing request in 2005 that requested we deploy all licensed adjusters whether experienced or not that were billingual. The inexperienced were used in the adjusting firm and carriers offices as interpreters.

Should you not have billingual skills, you might find some of these services helpful if your adjusting firm does not have services available when communicating with an insured that does not speak English .Many experienced adjusters also advise they will hire local temps to travel with them to appointments to act as interpreters. Trainee adjusters- this may be the perfect opportunity for you to train with an experienced field adjuster by offering your billingual translation services as you ride along with them for training.

Translate text to spanish /other languages

Translate entire web page to other languages

*This was most interesting- try entering a web address in and watch it turn the site into another language!

Adjusting firms can add a link to Babel Fish that a customer can click on to interpret their website in many languages

English to Spanish translation dictionary

To transcribe a recorded statement spanish/english/others

Dial an Interpreter Service through AT and T

*I’ve used this before on claims has many commonly used forms  and pattern letters in Spanish

If you look on the Products and Services tab- this can be used by individuals who have infrequent needs (listed as personal service) and also another plan for businesses such as independent adjusting firms under the business plan.

We’ll add others next week. We hope everyone has a great weekend! See you Monday!

Please add comments in reply if you have other advice or contacts for billingual services to share..thanks!

Claims Magazine August 2007 issue is up online! Visit our Featured news article ” A Box of Chocolates “

August 6, 2007

Last week we mentioned in our blog about adjuster opportunities to handle losses for condo’s that Claims Magazine would be publishing an article we wrote along with Dennis Martin, CPCU  who is VP of Claims for William Kramer and Associates in the August 2007 issue. The article is now available online here:

We have also published a self study guide for handling FL Condo losses which is available through our staffing firm.


Note that we have also just listed more LIVE online classes for Condo claim handling to be held in both evening and daytime sessions  during August at ClaimSmentor. The classes will include the self study Condo guide. Should you like to participate, visit us at  our ClaimSmentor site today!

Welcome to Dimechimes Corporation Adjuster Information Blog

July 26, 2007

Welcome to the newer version of our blog! We will post updates to claim data from new significant storms, updates to job opportunities, and updates to information independent adjusters, claim representatives, cat adjusters, and claim managers need to know about developments in the claim adjusting community.

We have moved to a new blog site which allows us to have pre approval on comments posted to maintain the professional intention of our blog for members on our rosters and firms using our services.

We hope you visit us often!

Best Regards,

Deborah K Moroy, AIC,IIA


Dimechimes Corporation Claim Staffing and Recruiting

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