Excellent info provided by Xeneros about Lessons Learned post Isaac on Louisiana Adjuster licensing issues

September 9, 2012

We had posted a blog with information about Louisiana adjuster licensing as Isaac was approaching the Louisiana coast as the rules regarding working claims in Louisiana had totally changed after Katrina hit which was the last time many independent adjusters had worked there. If you missed that blog, here is the link:


Xeneros who provides nationwide insurance claims adjuster licensing services for all of your needs has written an excellent blog here outlining problems adjusters, independent adjusting firms, and carriers faced post Isaac landfall as they were unaware of the new licensing procedures in Louisiana.

Great and important information we wanted to share with our readers!


Update on Status of State and Federal Appeals on Citizens of Louisiana Class Action on Claim Settlement delays post Katrina

April 13, 2012

Today must be state windpool day- atleast it is for me as I make the rounds in the news getting updates on pending claim staffing and claim litigation that I’ve previously blogged about.

Here is an article providing the status on the state of Louisiana Citizens state and federal appeals on the Class Action lawsuit filed against them post Katrina due to claim handling delays beyond the state statute of 30 days to handle claims: