Posting at the request of adjusting firm Mariposa claims- Fellow adjuster falls from roof Spring 2011- Help from the claims community needed

We post news about individual adjusters on ClaimSmentor who have passed away or been injured on an assignment.

Mariposa claims, one of our ClaimSmentor sponsors, has an injured adjuster who fell off a roof while working claims this spring. Like many independent adjusters, he has no health insurance benefits or income during his lengthy recovery period and in dire need of help from the claims community to support his family while he cannot work.

Below is the email request received from Mariposa claims requesting help from anyone whose heart is open to helping this fellow adjuster:

Donation requests for a fellow adjuster

Recently a good friend of the company, an amazing professional adjuster and someone many of you know encountered an accident we all know can be devastating.. Brian Jones was working claims in North Carolina and fell off a roof, landing on both feet crushing the bones of both feet to his knees. He has recently had two surgeries and is now bedridden for three months with no weight on his legs and then goes into a longer period of intense recovery and rehabilitation. Brian lives with his wife Summer and their 6 young children in Kentucky. They have no means of continued support or medical insurance and their bills as you can imagine are mounting daily. Mariposa has created an online Donate to the Brian Jones Assistance Fund through PayPal. If you have been much more fortunate this year, we encourage you to send Brian and his family a little help, any amount of donation will go a long way. If all the adjusters on this mailing list were to send 10.00 this would be over 10,000 for Brian and his family. In addition Mariposa will donate a 25% match on all donations. Based on the example of $10,000 in total donations, Mariposa will kick in another $2500 for the Brian Jones Assistance Fund. At the link you can use a credit card or have the funds deducted right from your checking account. DONATE NOW TO THE BRIAN JONES ASSISTANCE FUND.


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