2011 Updates to Temporary Housing Links for Claims Adjusters and ALE for Insureds

We have previously published two blogs on sources for Temporary Housing for claims adjusters departing for catastrophe duty or long term daily assignments and for adjusters handling additional living expense claims needing housing for insured’s in uninhabitable living situations.

I ran across several new sources to consider for nationwide services you might want to give a try to include:

Temporary Housing Directory ( an exhibitor at the upcoming ACE convention in NOLA) at www.temporaryhousingdirectory.com. I’m expecially impressed that they have both hotel and more long term housing options due to the fact they state they can have an insured relocated with a place within one hour! Now that truly is outstanding service if they meet their mission goal!

I am also becoming a big fan of  www.militarybyowner.com which also lists homes for rent (or sale if you are looking) as they have some great listings for rental property especially in areas near military bases. 

Another site where I’ve been able to locate temporary housing with good results in the http://www.vrbo.com/ site which is a vacation rentals by owner listing firm. Although I initially thought this applied only for vacation short term rentals, after exploring the site, I have found many posters listing more long term options. The great thing from an Additional Living expense claim standpoint is the option to extend the rental to meet the repair completion extensions when that happens but also the ability of the insurance company to avoid having to pay long term leases beyond the reasonable and necessary restoration period since long term leases are not required. This also is a great way to reduce ALE expenses since these rental customarily provide cooking facilities thus discontinuance of the need for meals out while an insured is in a temporary hotel.

Here are links to the prior two blogs on Temporary Housing service firms. Hopefully, I’ll get time soon to combine the now three blogs:


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