Remember our blog on “Who Moved my Claims Cheese”? Well 2011 claim changes are very active already!

Some things just never change in claims! 2011 is rolling out many important announcements that will effect claim job opportunities for both staff adjusters and for independent adjusters.

If you missed our initial blog in 2007 which is still relevant today, here is the link:

Here are just four of the more important changes we’ve found via news releases in just the first 5 days of 2011:

Cunningham-Lindsay buys GAB North America operations:

Cunningham Lindsey adjusting firm buys out GAB North America Operations

Hartford Insurance to sell third party claims division:

Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. is narrowing its focus and selling its third-party claims unit for $278 million.

USAA to cancel some coastal policies:

USAA dropping some coastal policies-

NCA Group (adjusting firm) acquires T. M. Mayfield adjusting firm:

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