June 1, 2010- Hurricane Season begins- Excellent article by Linda Sterns of CBS Money Watch

June 2, 2010

I can’t go to bed without linking to this blog post at CBS Money Watch by Linda Stern on Daily Money blog which summarizes how I think we are all feeling with the start of hurricane season.

Here’s the link:


Also, I have to say that Anderson Cooper at www.AC360.com has been doing outstanding coverage on the BP Oil Spill each night at 10pm ET. If you haven’t been watching his investigation and reporting on the BP oil spill and the outstanding video footage, I highly recommend it. It’s the best news coverage I’ve seen with interviews from the locals and politicians in the areas thus far effected by the gulf oil spill. 

As Linda Sterns ends  her blog——it truly is looking biblical when you consider hurricanes and the wind and water issues and even considering oil problems in the mix.

I heard a quote on a local radio station here in Jacksonville, FL today with a caller saying this will be the hurricane season from Hades should a major hurricane hit the gulf coast in the oil spill damaged areas. That too sums up how we are feeling in the claims industry with concerns for adjuster safety on top of the other horrors residents in the gulf coast are already feeling.