Very Important Information- BP Warns of Employment Scams- Please read

June 1, 2010

I know many adjusters have been privy to emails circulating by firms on the Hazwoper Certification and signing up for classes for BP oil claims jobs.

May 31, 2010 BP released a scam warning on employment jobs. Thank God- this is very timely as people are looking for BP oil jobs.

To read the complete BP employment scam release from yesterday- view this link:

Please be careful! The last thing that adjusters need is more training mills and request for their high costs for classes that BP is not even requiring they take. The news on the radio yesterday when announcing this scam release said if BP requires training they provide it and do not charge those working for them for those classes.

Check the BP site at for information direct from BP before paying for classes or accepting employment to be sure it is a legitimate BP oil company opportunity.