BP Oil Spill Claims- Their update as of 5/17/2010-BP Oil Spill Claims Center Info as well

May 17, 2010

Bp is providing regular daily updates on the oil spill.

Today’s report shows 15,000 claims thus far reported and 2,600 claims settled. Here’s the link:


Here is some excellent information adjusting firms may wish to contact to see if work is available through the Coast Guard’s site which lists the types of claims available for compensation from the National Funds Pollution Center:


Make sure to see the great info there about loss of income and how it just pays for loss of profits not loss of revenue using the example of a boat captain who operates out of a now closed marina:


Here also is a link to Forms you might be interested for claims to include a general guide on Interim Claim Regulations for claims under the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund:


Here is a link updated as of yesterday listing all of the BP Claim Centers in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana:


Here is an informative Claims Journal article quoting the Insurance Information Institute on preliminary information on claims and damages insurers can expect from the BP Oil Spill:


Adjusters are definitely searching for updated job opportunities. Thus far the only two firms we know of who have put independent adjusters on standby are Worley and Crawford and Company. Our sources are telling us thus far that Worley is the main adjusting firm handling these and Crawford is putting people on standby lists. From those deployed on the BP Oil claims thus far we are hearing the daily rate is $450 per day to the adjuster plus BP is paying per diem as well which is unusual in the independent adjusting business so they are very thankful for this excellent treatment at a time when independents are suffering reduced fee schedules from many carriers as we blogged about yesterday. The folks I’ve heard from so far are working business interruption losses and are being required to have adjuster licenses although as far as I’ve heard thus far these are BP claims not insurance carrier claims. I also found IAS Claims advertising training for adjusters on their site but do not have information if they are currently receiving assignments or simply preparing for the possibility of assignments as it sounds in the Breaking News section of their home page.


I will update the news I’m getting from those getting these assignments once we know information for sure and once things settle down.

Tomorrow I’ll post links to excellent Business Interruption training material as well.

As far as other job opportunities involving the oil spill- the adjuster world is buzzing about the HAZWOPER certification and sources are pointing two Hazwoper Certification training sites for those wanting to work mitigation assignments :

Here are links to websites that offer the Hazwoper training. Training ranges fees range from $350-$400.



I’ve been told the second firm is now offering it for $275.00 with the discount code OIL. Rumors later today also said they are offering it now to some groups for only $150.00. I have no information on this program but atleast these links might take you to a place to start if your interested in work they may offer. As far as I have heard, this Hazwoper Certification is not being required by the adjusting firms for the claim assignments. From the information I’m getting this certification is being done for those interested in the Safety Monitor and Mitigation damage firms but will update this as I learn more.

****Update 6/1/2010- See BP Oil Employment Scam blog post- don’t know if that applies to the above training we had heard about or not but adjusters need to check this scam warning before taking any training:


Here are FAQ from OSHA on the Hazwoper Certification if you want more information:


Here’s a link to all kinds of other sites offering Hazwoper certs and even some salary info for positions requiring HAZWOPER certification: