Coming in July 2010- The ANFI- Associates in National Flood Insurance Designation through AICPCU has recently announced a new designation that will be equally as important as the AIC designation.  It is for adjusters interested in handling flood claims.

The name of the designation is ANFI – Associates in National Flood Insurance. It is to be available beginning in July 2010 as a 3 part course. Here is a link to it as well as to the AIC designation we’ve previously discussed in several prior blogs.  I have completed AIC and all but my last part of CPCU and the information gained has been of significant value throughout my claims career. These designations are especially important should you be looking to advance in staff claims opportunities as continuing insurance education is usually preferred for staff claim and staff management positions.

Here are the links:

ANFI designation:
AIC designation:

We also published a blog entry just yesterday on universities also offering degrees in insurance. I highly recommend pursuing this if you are serious about a career in claims as it opens many avenues. The AICPCU program has been accepted by most universities to award college credit for these designations such as AIC, ANFI, and CPCU as well so your completing several important continuing education goals at the same time. I see you already have a degree but Ill post the link anyway for others viewing this topic which may not have a Bachelors Degree.

Here is a link to the blog:

We also had an article published by Claims Education Magazine in their Winter 2008 publication titled “Luck- Where Preparation Meets Opportunity in 2008 that also provides information and links to how to obtain college credit for your AICPCU completed courses. Here is a link to that article:

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