National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters (NACA)deadline for 2010 Membership Applications is 3/15/10

The National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters (NACA) has just released their March 2010 newsletter.

It is a great newsletter full of information about their recent 2010 Claims conference in Austin, TX as well as announcements on the new officers for this year. There is quite a bit of valuable new information on the new committees and requests for volunteers. Also, be sure to review the information for existing members that started out in the apprentice program about the need to submit your request to move to the General adjuster status if you have completed atleast one year in catastrophe adjusting as I know many of you  have.

Last but not least, be sure to see the details posted about the May 11, 2010 Texas Windstorm conference- another don’t miss event for claims adjusters. This is only the 2nd conference the Windstorm network has held in TX and I understand their conferences are always full of great information for the claims community!

I can’t close this out without telling Woody Britton, former past President of NACA (twice! ) and active ClaimSmentor member, congratulations from all ClaimSmentor members on his lifetime award at the 2010 NACA convention for years of dedication to the NACA association.

We are very proud to have the National Association of Catastrophe adjusters as a sponsor at ClaimSmentor. If you are not currently a member of this association, we strongly encourage you consider joining before the March 15, 2010 deadline for this year’s applications.

Link for NACA membership and application forms:

Link for NACA mentor program:                             

Subscribe to their newsletter:                                   


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