Supplemental Info on Geico Auto Adjuster Overtime Issues

February 27, 2010

It is just amazing the great information found while experimenting with Twitter this month for use in the claims industry.

One of the great finds today is a detailed article explaining the overtime issues in the case that Geico recently won by Weil Gotshal  law firm.  Their newsletter with a pdf  link to their article can be found on page 4 using this link.

We recently blogged with a link to the Washington Post articleon Geico’s win on these auto adjuster overtime issues  in this prior blog.

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February 27, 2010

We have now added a link in the right column of this blog where you can now subscribe for email notifications of all new posts.

Thanks for asking for it! It took me a while to figure it out as I am still learning my way with blog use!

We hope you enjoy this new feature on our blog.

8.8 EQ and many after shocks in Chile- Translation services adjusters may need!

February 27, 2010

We are watching all of the news on the Chile 8.8 Earthquake which struck today. News stations are reporting over 25 after shocks already.

We are posting in the Storm Forum on ClaimSmentor news from the adjusting community should any be deploying adjusters for our members. We are also retweeting important posts we come across on Twitter if you’d like to follow at as well.

This is a great time to bring back up a former blog on translation services insurance adjusters may find useful:

Galveston Amended Court Order of 1/25/10 on TWIA Deposition on Hurricane Ike Claims

February 17, 2010

I ran across this Amended Court order of 1/25/2010 regarding TWIA Depositions on Hurricane Ike Claims and wanted to provide a copy for our members who may be involved in TWIA Claims litigation: view here

USAA and Nationwide Catastrophe Certification Classes 3/11/2010 in Dallas, TX

February 12, 2010

Special thanks to Carey O’Connor with CSP Claims for sharing information with our ClaimSmentor members about the upcoming FREE carrier certification classes in Dallas, TX for adjusters wishing to take the Nationwide and USAA Catastrophe certification classes to work claims for these carriers. Be prepared and attend! These classes are free but there are experience requirements. All details are listed below:



USAA and NATIONWIDE Insurance Certification Class

March 11, 2010

Dallas, TX 

Claims Service Professionals (CSP) will be hosting certification classes for USAA and NATIONWIDE Insurance.  Classes will be held in Dallas, TX on March 11, 2010.  CSP is expanding its current roster of Catastrophe, NFIP, and Daily Claims adjusters and is seeking experienced property adjusters.  We strongly encourage anyone that has at least 3 years of property claims handling experience to attend this certification class and to visit our web site at and complete an on-line resume. 

The free classes will run from 8 AM to 5 PM on Thursday, March 11, 2010.  For both of the classes you should bring a photo ID, calculator, pen/pencil, and notepaper.   For the USAA class you will be allowed to take in your laptop computer in order to access Xactimate.     

Required dress code is business casual. 

Nationwide Insurance certification will take place from 8 AM to 12 Noon.  3 years of property claims handling experience is required to attend the class. 

USAA certification will be from 1PM to 5 PM.   NFIP certification is highly recommended and 3 years of property claims handling experience is required to attend the class.  

Please RSVP your notice to attend the Dallas, TX class to:
Location details of this event are listed below.  Seating is limited, so please send in your RSVP as quickly as possible.  

March 11, 2010 8AM – 5 PM

Holiday Inn Express

1521 Inwood Road
Dallas, Texas 75247
(214) 905-1400



If your adjusting firm is a member and supporter of ClaimSmentor and you have seminar you wish us to post on this adjuster information blog, please contact to post this on this blog and in our ClaimSmentor forums.


Carey O’Connor

Claims Service Professionals

719.322.6435 cell

800.710.6782 office

CertainTeed Class Action Settlement? Details in Post along with website info

February 11, 2010

The above link contains information about a class action settlement on the CertainTeed roof shingles.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many roof totals adjusters have done for shingles not resealing due to the premature wear and tear mentioned in this article. I’m curious if insurance carriers have enough details-doubtful- in their wind/roof claim files to go back and recover through this settlement? Any ideas readers?

For the class action website we previously wrote about, here is a link to our prior blog on this topic:

I double checked CertainTeed’s press releases and there is no news yet posted

Fenton, et al., v. Farmers Insurance Exchange, No. 07-4864, DC MN, 2009, MN Staff Claims Adjuster Overtime Decision

February 2, 2010

Here’s some information on an over time case involving a Farmer’s case, Fenton, et al., v. Farmers Insurance Exchange, No. 07-4864, DC MN, 2009 .

It sounds like an SIU (Special Investigation Unit arson fraud adjuster) Investigator won a decision in MN on adjuster overtime pay. According to this article, it was based on the fact their supervisor made the final decision if a case was fraud or not. It seems the states are across the board based on alot of other decisions I’ve posted on this blog. This is surprising since a claim supervisor making the decision on a claim file would be applicable on all claim files that exceed an adjuster’s authority, files to be denied,  and normally any coverage issue files as well.

For information on Fenton, et al., v. Farmers Insurance Exchange, No. 07-4864, DC MN, 2009, here is a link I found on today’s email update from a great site for HR that I subscribe to at  

Here’s the link:,stid.7491,sid.374530

This link will take you to all other blogs I’ve posted that included other claims adjuster overtime cases. This does apply to staff adjusters not independent adjusters. I’m curious if the independent adjuster classifications will be questioned as well with the 2010 concentration on employee versus independent classification we’ve been reading about.

Doing some additional web search for a link to the court documents on the Fenton vs Farmers case, I came across this link to an entirely different court finding in Farmers favor in 07. It sure is interesting comparing this to the Fenton case: