Carrier Certifications- Exchange of Information between ClaimSmentor members and participating adjusting firms

We have postings in our carrier certification forum on ClaimSmentor up now that we are approaching the beginning of the peak months of hurricane season for participating adjusters to reply to each topic by carrier if they have obtained the certifications for various carriers so our participating 72 adjusting firms can go directly to a pertinent carrier’s forum topic to download resumes of those now qualified to work claims for a carrier.

 We hope this exchange of information between our member adjusting firms and participating adjusters (now at 1150 plus members!) will be a valuable exchange of catastrophe assignments for the adjusters and a pool of candidates for participating adjusting firms as we begin the busier months of hurricane season!

Thus far we have up a forum topic to post if you offer certification testing for a firm or have certified with a firm for the exchange of info on the following carriers:

Allstate, American Family, Citizens of FL, Farmers, Homewise, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, NFIP, Royal Palm, State Farm, Tower Hill,  TX Windpool,  and USAA (alpha order). If you know of others requiring certification training or firms offering any of the above, please let us know for the most valuable exchange of info between independent adjusters and independent adjusting firms. Thanks!

If you are not yet a  member of ClaimSmentor, you can join us today once we receive the required registration information found here:

We have received numerous registration requests while we were closed the month of July 2009 and will be getting those all caught up by Monday so there is no need to send a duplicate request if you already sent your information in. You will receive an email confirming your registration along with a private login id to participate once we have registered you.


One Response to Carrier Certifications- Exchange of Information between ClaimSmentor members and participating adjusting firms

  1. catadjuster says:

    Thanks for the info!

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