Happy Mothers Day to all of our ClaimSmentor and Dimechimes Claims Staffing Firm Moms!

Just a moment of your time to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day! Here are two articles you might enjoy and wish to share with your own moms as you visit with your children and families today.

Here’s wishing all of our ClaimSmentor moms a very happy Mother’s Day 2009!

We hope you enjoy the following links on the origins of Mother’s Day and a Tribute to Mothers to honor you all and perhaps share with your moms.

This first one is about the origins of Mothers day- it is beautiful with the background and the music:
And a tribute to Mothers by same author:
I often have the opportunity to get a glimpse into your lives as you progress up the stair steps in the claims industry. It continues to amaze me the personal work-life issues many of you face yet you continue on in your studies and your catastrophe assignments while balancing these issues. You truly are an amazing group of women and today we celebrate you!

As I work with new adjusters and talk to experienced adjusters through both my claim staffing firm, our adjuster service programs, and ClaimSmentor, I often hear your personal stories behind the scenes. The issues you face as national catastrophe adjusters out on the road missing many important events at home while you service the needs of disaster victims, the balancing acts you manage every day working claims and/or training for new assignments and annual carrier training programs to work as an independent. You truly are women of strength and endurance and we are blessed to share events in your life with you as we work together to enhance the image of independent adjusters in the claims industry.


Best Wishes for a Great Mother’s Day- Deb


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