Just one ClaimSmentor Moment #3-Books We Have Recommended for Claims Adjusters

W e have 3 places that we have made recommendations for books for adjusters if you are looking for great material you can read between assignnments or if you are just breaking into the claims industry.

1) At ClaimSmentor in our “Training Materials” we have numerous links to catastrophe adjuster books recommended that we have had a few experienced adjusters review to see if they would recommend them for adjusters. There are about 4 great ones posted there specific to catastrophe estimating and scoping training.

2) Here at our Blog at www.dimechimes.wordpress.com  Just look down the right hand column and look for the Categories tab and drop down link and view the Book Reviews postings.

3) We now have linked to books at Amazon that we strongly recommend by well respected authors at AICPCU, Kevin Quinley’s Books, and Spencer Johnson’s books on dealing with work place relationships and change in the workplace. Here is a link to the recommendations over at our Linked in Claims Group you are welcome to join at www.linkedin.com/in/dimechimesclaimsmentor > Just click on this link to see the book recommendations through Amazon there.

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