Are you getting any Chinese Drywall liability or property claims? Is it the new “Mold Gold” as Trader likes to call it?

Very interesting. Last night I got a call from a firm owner wanting to know what I knew about Chinese drywall claims. I promised to research it when I had a chance to since I’m still playing catch up.

This morning what do I run across but a Harleysville Construction Litigation Claim Manager posting a discussion question in his Claims group. Here is a link if you can help him out. This would be great training informations for all independents working daily commercial liability claims:

Chinese Drywall Claims- Are you getting these claims?

This is interesting. I got a call yesterday wondering what I knew about Chinese Drywall Claims. Zip…since I’m Training but that also intrigued me. Today I then ran across a Linked in Discussion question by a Claims Manager for Construction defect claims wanting to know if anyone knew about it.

Here is a link to this Claim Managers question. I’ll be very interested to see if anyone from our group can provide more details.

Either reply here as a comment on this topic which we always welcome or reply to his profile on our Dimechimes ClaimSmentor Linkedin Group at:

We welcome anyone in the claims industry to join our group as long as your profile at Linkedin is completed.

Thanks for helping the Harleysville Claim manager out! 

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