Visit us at LinkedIn and Join our Group for the Claims Industry


We have just created our LinkedIn Profile and a Group for staff and independent claims industry members. If you want to join us there where you will also be able to view our blogs and network with connections we’ve made on Linked in, here are the links:

LinkedIn Profile:

You will find our Linkedin group by looking at the left column  once you get on my profile on the above link.

Here is an  article on Linkedin that might help you decide if you are interested in joining as a great way to network with those in the claims industry in addition to your networking  with us at ClaimSmentor. This  article is on 10 reasons why it’s a good idea for locating job opportunities:



One Response to Visit us at LinkedIn and Join our Group for the Claims Industry

  1. Dimechimes says:

    We now have approximately 100 members between our group profile and individual profile. Be sure you join both groups:

    To also join our group for the Claims industry- be sure to view the Groups link on the left hand column of my profile and look for the Dimechimes ClaimSmentor Claim Industry group and click on that to join that group as well.

    Linkedin Tip for those creating your own profile. After you create your profile look on your profile for your Public Link to your profile. Click on that and change it to a personal name like ours instead of using the initial number assigned to your profile.
    This is a wonderful marketing tool for ad
    justers and adjusting firms to network with claim professionals in the industry.

    There are high profile members of insurance carrier claim departments there as well and a great source for job opportunities.

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