Branch Consultants Whistleblower Case Reinstated- Appeal Court Decision February 2009/Also links to info on the Rigsby Whistleblower cases

February 23, 2009

We had previously written on this blog about the Branch Consultants case being dismissed in this prior blog entry on 10/17/07:

Here is another blog  on 3/28/08 we wrote about the appeal filed with links to many other blogs and news articles:

We have now learned the Appeal Court decision of February 09 has reinstated the case.

We have located some news coverage giving many more details to include a news link at State Farm who was now dismissed from the case commenting about the case. Some of these articles do include the names of which companies have been dismissed from the case and which insurance companies, adjusting firms, and software estimating companies are still named in this case.

 Here is a link to the news on State Farm’s Katrina news link:

Attorney Kanner who represents Branch Consultants has information up on the Qui Tam section of his website that contains information about numerous news articles that have been published on this case here:

For those who remember this case with the 4 unnamed whistleblower cases  (the news says they are PA’ s (public adjusters) filed under “Branch Consultants” who we never could find a website for, the Court of Appeals reopened the case this week. We did locate the name of one of the adjusters in a news article linked to in the first blog above (Max Johnson named in a news article):

Here is a blog post over at with links to the court documents from this week:

To see lots of blogs Slabbed has posted updating the status on the EA Renfroe/State Farm/Rigsby cases you can also view these- there are so many I don’t even try to post them all but many are interested in these cases:

And here is the news story with a good summary and update on the Branch Consultants RICO suit: (Note this names the carriers, 3 adjusting firms and software firms involved in this whistleblower case):

**Update 2/25/09:

***Update 3/1/09

Great article at National Underwriters P & C with information about State Farm and Allstate being dismissed from this case.