Helpful Claim Resource Links for Adjusters- Software, Magazines, Training, Licenses, Forums..much more

 We have updated all of the links on our  Dimechimes ClaimSmentor Adjuster Information Blog and now have seperate links for Adjuster Forums, Claim Career sites, Claim Estimating Software Sites, Claim Blogs of Interest, Insurance News, Claim Conferences, Claim Forums , Claim Magazines,and much much more.

To find all of these links just scroll down all of the entries on the right side of our blog. Just click on a link you are interested in to find resources available  for that topic.

To find blogs related to your training needs, you can also scroll down on the right column and find a drop down menu by Categories or use the Search tool found on the right hand column to find all blogs on the claim topic you are looking for.

We hope this helps all of you who find your way to our Adjuster Information blog through search engines searching for these many topics! Happy Hunting!

We'd love to hear from you- please leave a reply with your comments!

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