Auto Adjuster Claim Training Updates- Blog 4 of 4 on Auto Claim Training

It has been a while since we updated information on training options available for new adjusters looking for auto adjuster training for auto independent adjusters.

Here is a link to our prior three blogs from 07 and 08 on Auto claim training options:


Here is an interesting  Q & A about Auto claim adjusting over at Pilot Catastrophe at  here on this link:

It was very interesting to see in that post that they say most of their carrier clients provide the auto estimating software for the adjusters. When you read the other blogs we’ve done here, you’ll see it is quite an expense to pay the monthly fees for auto estimating software programs required to write the estimates.

We’ll be writing more tomorrow about Crawford and Company training courses but for now let me give you a link to their newer online claim training options and one is for the the auto claims career path for both a class on Auto Physical Damage claims and Auto Liability claims:

The main website for their online classes is . I am simply amazed at the reasonable price of their courses as well as the fact they are a very well known and respected independent adjusting firm not just a catastrophe vendor!

Pacesetter Claims is often recommended for auto adjusting by members of our ClaimSmentor site and here is the link to their Auto section of their website. You’ll have to contact them for specific details on auto class training schedules they provide:

Here is an online option on a self study course over at Wardlaw Claims on Auto Liability Investigating:

Their auto lab site says it can house up to 15 damaged vehicles used in their lab:

Wardlaw also has  four classes available from Basic Auto Adjusting to total loss evaluations at very reasonable costs here:

I’ve also recently spoken to Mr Bray with Auto Claims Direct. You can view their current openings for appraisers and auto adjusters with atleast 3 years experience in auto claims or body shop experience:

Mr Bray also has an interesting blog up for auto adjusters here:

Watch for more training options for Auto adjusters in the coming months as we hear from new service vendors  at ClaimSmentor!

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