We are back! Next 50 Hour online Fundamentals of Claims class begins March 2, 2009

February 3, 2009

We apologize for the lengthy delay in blog postings! We’ve had extremely limited time available for blog postings due to major operations my daughter underwent this past month but hope to be back on the blog on a more regular basis now that she is recovering at home.

We have improved our Fundamentals of Property Claim Adjusting course to move it from an 8 session course to a 10 session course all held online live at  ClaimSmentor . We have added a session on Contents claim handling and a session on Condo unitowners and master policy claims handling to our original 8 sessions. All participants completing the 10 sessions to include pre-class reading material and self study guides you can use out in the field as well as pre-class homework questions to assess your understanding of the pre-class reading assignments will receive a 5o hour Fundamentals of Property Adjusting Completion certificate. This includes 30 hours of online class instruction as well as 20 hours of pre-class reading and homework assignments.

If you are a new adjuster you will never make the comment again “have license ready to go to work” after taking this course as you will be simply astonished at the amount of material you need to learn to properly adjust claims.

This course is not an estimating course like many you will find out in the field. It is essential that you learn estimating through those valuable classes.  We address all of the things you need to know  in addition to estimating and the list is just simply way to long to go over in this post but includes communicating with PA’s and Attorneys, time demands, sample letter formats, file requirements, signing independent contracts, fee schedule reviews, electronic claim file processing and CMS systems, insurance department complaint handling, quota ratios you must live by ,samples of all commonly used forms in claims, recorded statement taking and outlines , partner adjusting, current trends and changes in adjusting and much much more.

Many courses available to independent adjusters are taught by other adjusters who have worked in the field. We teach our course from an entirely different perspective. We teach you how a claim manager thinks based on personal experience both as a staff and independent claim manager. You need to know and understand procedures based on the expectations your manager will have of you not based on hit or miss training from acquaintences. We also differ from much of the available training as we are not affiliated with an adjusting firm and this course covers the pros and the cons of the claim industry in a reality based method so you will have a much better perspective on the reality of this career.

If you are not a member of ClaimSmentor and wish to join us, the registration information can be found on our About page on this blog. Once registered you will be able to review the complete agenda.

Another most enjoyable aspect of this class is that it is held ONLINE live so your questions as we cover each session can be asked during class with an immediate response to address your concerns or any material you may not completely understand.

This is a great way to learn the property claim industry from home saving the funds normally required to attend a field class with travel expenses on top of the cost of the course.

Not sure if you need additional training or if this Fundamentals of Claims Adjusting for Property losses is for you? Take this self assessment test and you decide!