Happy Thanksgiving to Dimechimes Claim Staffing and ClaimSmentor Members!Watch for new Blog Entries to Resume 12/1/08


Dimechimes Claim Staffing and ClaimSmentor would like to wish all of our members a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend and the safest of travels as you visit your family and friends this

We look forward to working with you all through our forums when we return from
the holiday weekend. We will also begin new blog postings next week as we have
not been able to update blogs since Ike due to other obligations with our claim
staffing firm.

Best Regards,

Deborah Moroy,AIC,IIA

Dimechimes Claim Staffing and ClaimSmentor Founder 

We would also like to take this time to thank our many sponsors at ClaimSmentor for their sponsorship during 2008. Current sponsors include claim industry giants:

www.Xactware.com  Xactimate/Xactware estimatic software

www.Eberls.com      Eberls Claim Adjusting Firm

www.sidingmatch.com  Siding Match

www.customtoolbelt.com Custom Tool Belt

www.nacatadj.com  National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters-NACA

www.ce.ucf.edu/insurance University of Central Florida FL Adjuster Licensing and CE’s-Dr Michael Birzon

www.haageducation.com Haag Engineering Education website

www.powerclaim.com       Power Claim property estimating software

www.claims-portal.com    Claims Portal website- Telescoping Ladders, Stapleton Ladders, Sprint Cards

www.Clickclaims.com        Claims Management System by Click Claims awarded 2006 AMBest Award for

                                                     best claims management software.

  Dimechimes Claim Staffing Firm, Claims Career Coaching Consultations, Claims online classes, Claim Resume Services

If you are interested in banner ad options, view our sponsor page at ClaimSmentor. Banners can be purchased for Dimechimes Claims Staffing website  and for ClaimSmentor in 468 x 60 GIF format or a Featured banner ad size option also at ClaimSmentor  in size 600 x 160 in GIF format. You will find all website and contact information for our sponsors where ads run 24/7/365 as well as in rotation in our forums for members on the About page on this blog.


New to Claims? Explore 2009 Opportunities for online LIVE Claims property training classes, Career Coaching private consultations, and Claim Resume services on our training link on our Dimechimes Claim Staffing and Claim Training website-see About us page for contact information.

Our offices will be closed November 26, 2008 and reopen on December 4, 2008 in observance of the Thanksgiving season and business meetings early next week 12/1-12/3.

We'd love to hear from you- please leave a reply with your comments!

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