Two Carrier Certification Exams offered week of 9/22/08 followed by deployment-Updated 9/25/08

We have two clients offering carrier certification exams the week of September 22, 2008 for additional exams added at the last minute as the carriers have additional needs for independent adjusters.

The State Farm certification exam will be offered twice this week in TX. It is expected that those who successfully pass the certification exam that are properly licensed and experienced will be immediately deployed for Hurricane Ike duty locations.

The Nationwide certification exam is offered by a 2nd client this week on Wednesday in Ohio. Two years experience required and successful completion of the exam for Nationwide on Tuesday is expected to lead to deployment opportunities in OH where over 900,000 residents went without power last week. These will be wind claims. Great opportunity to avoid the nightmares of dealing with the housing and logistics issues going on over in TX and for those on the east coast wishing to work closer to home. ***Update- this was changed from Tuesday to Wednesday 9/24/08 at 8am. **Update 9/25/08– The test was handled yesterday. We are taking a waiting list for the vendor and will notify applicants when the next exam will be administered. They do require 2 years of experience prior to sitting for the exam so submit your resume and 2 references so we can confirm you have the required experience to pass this on to the adjusting firm sponsoring the exam for future Nationwide deployments.

There is no charge for either exam. Both adjusting firms must also be sure you successfully pass the background check so I wanted to also post that so there would be no surprises.

Those interested in either of these opportunities to certify should send their resume and 2 references to and be sure to put the carrier exam you are wanting to sit for in the Subject field so the emails are immediately pulled as we are receiving an overwhelming number of emails this week and don’t want you to miss this opportunity should you be interested.

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