Preliminary Damage Statistics from Hurricane Gustav/ Updates on Temporary Housing in Gustav damage territories

September 3, 2008


Prior Blogs on Temporary Housing for Adjusters- includes temporary rental apartments through corporate housing vendors, RV rental locations and much more:

Great FEMA website with Housing Portal currently shows 2,310 rental locations available in LA- great resource for adjusters: 

Two other great sources are In Town Suites and Microtel which both are reasonably priced and have locations in MS and or LA:  **rates usually about 200.00 per week 

You can always check with the carrier you are being deployed with as well to find out if they have reserved a block of rooms for independent adjusters and/or if they have a corporate discount at near by hotels you can take advantage of. 

Here are some very preliminary damage statistics showing while initial damage assessment were between 7 to 10 million that damage assessments are now being decreased to the 2 billion to 5 billion dollar range as of late last night:

Very low numbers of claims thus far reported to carriers as evacuees have yet to return:

Initial reports were at 10 billion:

Bloomberg news reports damage estimates reduced to 2 billion to 5 billion dollar range:

Updates on Deployed Adjusters:

State Farm deployed 1700 and Allstate 1000 adjusters:

Discussion of SF and Allstate Mobile units and satelitte equipment. This takes about the SF Dallas and Jax facility too which are both of their cat claim central in office operations:

Carrier Market Share for Residential and Commercial Policies in States with Gustav Damage:

Citizens of FL now has a new date published for new RFP for 9/30/08

September 3, 2008


This notice was posted 8/26/08 on the Purchasing Link for RFP 08-0016 saying the new RFP will be posted by 9/30/08:





RFP # 08-0016


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Rebid of RFP No. 08-0016 Independent Adjusters for Daily and

Catatrophe Claims is in review and will be issued by September 30, 2008.

Please monitor the Citizens Purchasing website for the notification of the

rebid at


Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Purchasing Department

Citizens Center

2101 Maryland Circle

Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 575-0936Facsimile