Two Carrier Certification Exams offered week of 9/22/08 followed by deployment-Updated 9/25/08

September 21, 2008

We have two clients offering carrier certification exams the week of September 22, 2008 for additional exams added at the last minute as the carriers have additional needs for independent adjusters.

The State Farm certification exam will be offered twice this week in TX. It is expected that those who successfully pass the certification exam that are properly licensed and experienced will be immediately deployed for Hurricane Ike duty locations.

The Nationwide certification exam is offered by a 2nd client this week on Wednesday in Ohio. Two years experience required and successful completion of the exam for Nationwide on Tuesday is expected to lead to deployment opportunities in OH where over 900,000 residents went without power last week. These will be wind claims. Great opportunity to avoid the nightmares of dealing with the housing and logistics issues going on over in TX and for those on the east coast wishing to work closer to home. ***Update- this was changed from Tuesday to Wednesday 9/24/08 at 8am. **Update 9/25/08– The test was handled yesterday. We are taking a waiting list for the vendor and will notify applicants when the next exam will be administered. They do require 2 years of experience prior to sitting for the exam so submit your resume and 2 references so we can confirm you have the required experience to pass this on to the adjusting firm sponsoring the exam for future Nationwide deployments.

There is no charge for either exam. Both adjusting firms must also be sure you successfully pass the background check so I wanted to also post that so there would be no surprises.

Those interested in either of these opportunities to certify should send their resume and 2 references to and be sure to put the carrier exam you are wanting to sit for in the Subject field so the emails are immediately pulled as we are receiving an overwhelming number of emails this week and don’t want you to miss this opportunity should you be interested.

New Source for Temporary Housing in TX and LA area for Adjusters and Insured Additional Living Expense-Temporary Housing Part II-Updated 9/25/08 1PM CST

September 20, 2008

Thanks to a participating Claim Manager on ClaimSmentor, we have a new source for Hurricane Ike territories in and near the Houston, TX area.

We had previously blogged with links to many Corporate Housing vendors who are familiar with insurance housing for additional living expenses and for adjuster housing in this prior blog if you missed it:

Here is the newest source highly recommended by a claim manager who recently had the opportunity to work with them in Houston. Please let them know you heard about this from our blog or ClaimSmentor when contacting this group:

Melanie Levy
Houston Apartment Insiders
832.721.6748 (direct)
1.866.869.9192 (toll free)

**Update 9/25/08– 2nd new source who contacted us wishing to find adjusters and displaced insureds rental property for additional living expenses and adjuster catastrophe housing:

Kate Sansom
Marketing and Military Contracts Specialist
Preferred Corporate Housing
³Your Permanent Solution for Temporary Housing Nationwide!²
(800) 960-0102 ­ Ext. 16
(713) 722-9013 ­ Fax

For Nationwide Furnished Corporate Housing:
To Submit a New Housing Request:

DUNS: 838451920
NAICS Codes: 531110, 531190, 531210, 531311, 721110, 721199, 721310
CAGE Code: 3B8H4
SIC Codes: 6513, 6519, 7011, 7021
PSC Codes: V231, V301, V999, X161, X163, X169

Here is a 2nd contact there as well:

 Business Development Director, Stacey Sugg

Cell  (713) 857-8093
Office  (800) 960-0102 

Email at

Independent Agents Rank Claim Service as Top Measurement of Carrier Performance- Part III of Claim and Agency Relationships can Make or Break an Adjuster

September 17, 2008


Due to major storm damage as a result of Hurricane Ike, it is timely to bring back to the surface a former blog we wrote on Claims and Agency relationships due to the fact many adjusters do not understand the need to keep the agent in the loop on the status of the claim. I was amazed when teaching a fundamentals of claims class how many new adjusters felt they had no obligation to communicate timely with the agency force. If you missed our first two  blogs on this here is a link:

The Claims Journal has just released the results of a survey of Independent Agents who also consider claims and agency relationships a top concern by considering it a top measure of performance of a carrier. Here is a link to their article:

Please keep the agents- both agents who are committed to one insurer as well as independent agents informed timely on their claims. It will make a world of difference in your ability to resolve difficulties on some of your toughest claims.

Updated 3/1/09-Dimechimes Claim Staffing and Claim Training-Adjuster Opportunities for 2009/Now Accepting Claim Recruiting and Claim Staffing Requests And Training Opportunities for 2009

September 15, 2008


Very Important update to this post with our 3/1/09 announcement here:

We will continue accepting resumes at our ClaimSmentor site where there will now be many many more job opportunites posted there for new opportunities not just from my firm  Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training. If you are already on our rosters, you should be receiving an email from us in the next few days. If you will just reply to it with your first and last name and your city and state I will automatically move you to our ClaimSmentor rosters where we have 66 adjusting firms participating who will be presenting job opportunities. We have now opened it up to staffing firms, recruiters, and to carriers so you will see a major increase in the number of assignments and job opportunities you can consider.

We are still looking for people through ClaimSmentor in all opportunities listed below.

For other claim adjuster (staff trainees or independent adjuster) services visit us at Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training for:

. Adjuster Resume Services

. Private Career Coaching Sessions to prepare for  career opportunities in claims, Setting goals for claim professional development customized to your background, work history, educational background, and your specific interests. There are many different paths in claims which may interest you which we can discuss then set a path for you to achieve your goals based on your continuing education budget available.

. Claim interview preparation services -mock interviews conducted to prepare you for what to expect

. Adjuster Information Forums you will be registered in free of charge.

. Our Career Coaching Classes can be packaged together with our 50 Hour Fundamentals of  Claims Class teaching you the basic essentials of property adjusting claims such as homeowner, rental property, condominium claims, and small business losses. We can then offer you Xactimate, Powerclaim, and other software classes at discounted prices through instructors specifically certified by the software manufacturer.

Please do not spend thousands of dollars before you participate in our forums at ClaimSmentor and see what class options are available for online and field class options through reputable companies that we have researched with direct contacts with their education directors. There is entirely too many problems going on in the claims industry with hundreds of new websites and and training classes being taught without clearance by the state department of insurance for CE  credit which is an outstanding tool to prevent you from wasting hard earned dollars then becoming victim to insufficient training. Watch for the new ClaimSmentor seal of approval coming soon to many training firms you are considering. This will guarantee we have researched the firm and discussed with a panel of  experienced adjusters the course presented before we recommend them in our ClaimSmentor links in an attempt to prevent you from paying for classes that are not presenting  insurance carrier quality standards to better prepare you for assignments.



We thank the many adjusting firms and adjusters who used our services during 2008.

Due to the overwhelming response received from hundreds of adjusters during hurricanes Ike and Gustav=e, we are still in the process of evaluating incoming resume submissions and will be in contact with you during the coming weeks as we prepare for 2009 claim handling opportunities. We have also been out in recent months due to significant surgery and medical issues for family members and hope to be caught up contacting all applicants by the end of February prior to the March hail storm season.

We are now updating our claim rosters for 2009 and accepting claim recruiting and claim staffing requests from independent adjusting firms and insurance companies.

If you are with an insurance company HR department an independent adjusting firm who has been in business atleast 5 years with carrier references  and have staffing assistance needs for fulltime, part-time, or temporary claim staffing needs, contact for pricing.

If you are a claims adjuster or claims manager looking for either staff adjusting or independent adjusting opportunities for daily or catastrophe assignments, please submit your resume to for consideration for future opportunities.

Please see the list below for the types of opportunities available and the independent adjusters and claim managers we are looking for. We continue to receive new requests. . We also continue to frequently receive new requests for daily (non catastrophe) claims. Thus, we continue to accept resumes for the following type of positions for future deployment/employment opportunities for adjusting firms and carriers we receive staffing requests from. It is important you send us your resume in lieu of a phone call first so we are familiar with your qualifications to know if you meet our current qualification needs for various opportunities.

Adjusters and Claim Managers,be sure your resume includes your estimate software experience, the adjusting firms and carriers you have worked claims for, the carriers you have completed certification tests for, information on the types of claims you have successfully completed, and 3 references who can verify your claims experience.

Future Opportunities:

Here are the type of positions we are accepting resumes for:

Opportunity 09-0204 Independent Adjusters with Inside Claim handling experience. Must be familiar with Claim Management System electronic claim file handling and handling claims in a catastrophe or daily claim central operation or as a field adjuster familiar with CMS (Claim Management systems) claim handling.

Job Opportunity- 09-0205- Independent Commercial Adjusters needed with Commercial Claims handling experience. Please be specific when submitting your resume for consideration as to the types of Commercial claims and the range of damage (dollar amount of loss you estimate on the average) as well as any business interruption and business contents and salvage handling you have. Be sure your resume includes any specific carrier certification exams you have completed as well as specific information on the estimate software programs you have used such as Xactimate (and version), MSB, Simsol, Powerclaim, and/or Symbility estimating programs.

Job Opportunity- 09-0206- Independent Residential  Property Adjusters for Catastrophe Loss Adjusting. Please be specific on the adjusting firms and carriers you have handled claims for and the types of damage such as wind, hail, hurricane, fire, theft, etc. Be sure your resume includes any specific carrier certification exams you have completed as well as specific information on the estimate software programs you have used such as Xactimate (and version), MSB, Simsol, Powerclaim, and/or Symbility estimating programs.

Job Opportunity 09-0207- Auto Claim Independent Adjusters for Catastrophe Loss handling. Please be sure your resume includes any auto claim estimating software you are trained/experiencd using and any technical courses completed such as I-CAR, etc. Please be sure your request for consideration includes any specific carrier certification exams you have successfully completed for Auto claim handling as well as adjusting firms and carriers you have handled claims for.

Job Opportunity 09-0208 Daily Property Independent Adjusters and Daily Auto Claim Independent Adjusters- this applies to adjusters interested in working claims from their home base that are definitely NOT interested in dropping everything when a catastrophe hits. These are for branch assist openings for carriers and independent adjusting assignments. Daily (non catastrophe claims) generally require a more extensive background as they are not usually confined to wind, hail, and flood losses and include fire, theft, vandalism, and many other types of daily claims which require more extensive claim reports and much more long term type of assignments such as lawsuit file management. Be very specific on the types of claims you have handled and for which carriers if you are applying for daily claim positions.

Job Opportunity 09-0209- Multi Line Independent Adjusters– for those adjusters interested in daily claims that have both property and liability claims experience for either Property or Auto Claims. Please provide complete details on the type of property AND liability claims you have experience handling as well as information on the carriers and adjusting firms you have handled claims for.

Job Opportunity 09-0210- Casualty Adjusters- Auto or Property Only– This opportunity is for applicants who have a liability background only and interested in Casualty assignments as an independent adjuster. Please be very specific on the types of liability claims handled such as premise liability claims, dog bite claims, etc

Job Opportunity 09-0211- Marine Adjusters– for experience personal watercraft adjusters for catastrophe and/or daily claims. Must be familiar with boat and jet ski repair estimates and methods of repair. Please be sure to include information as to any Section II Liaibility or Medical Payments claim experience under your typical pleasure craft boatowners policies.

Job Opportunity 09-0212 Two Story Rope and Harness Team Adjusters- have you completed rope and harness certification safety courses and willing to work on a two story rope and harness team either as the assistant or team leader for the rope and harness team? Submit resumes explaining your experience on rope and harness two or more stories roof assignments with details as to whether the experience covers residential and/or commercial.

Job Opportunity 09-0213- Staff Adjuster positions Auto and Property- Interested ONLY in Staff adjuster positions? If so please use this job code if you are an experienced adjuster. Be specific if you are mobile or do not wish to relocate. Include minimum salary expectations in cover email. We will match you with insurance company job opportunities for staff adjusters. Please note that the majority of insurance companies do require a minimum of a two year degree for consideration for the majority of openings for claims adjusters or claim management opportunites but prefer a Bachelor degree for consideration.

Job Opportunity 09-0214- Claim Management jobs for staff/ carriers only– please be sure you include all educational achievements on continuing education such as AIC Associates in Claims, CPCU courses, SCLA courses, and any other continuing insurance programs as these are often a prerequisite for management positions. Include other details as requested above i.e..adjusting firms and carriers you have managed claims for before, span of control, management duties, as well as any carrier certifications completed. Please be specific when submitting your resume as to whether you are mobile or not.

Job Opportunity 09-0215- Claim Management OpportunitiesField/Inside- Catastrophe Duty- Property– Please provide usual details mentioned above for catastrophe adjusters but include details of prior catastrophe management positions held to include span of control, length of assignments, adjusting firms and carriers involved as well as types of claims you managed. Specify field and/or inside only on your cover email.

Job Opportunity 09-0216- Claim Management Opportunities- Field- Catastrophe-Auto Claims– includes management of auto claim adjusters working in the field through shops, drive through carrier operations, claim offices, and other assigned locations. Please provide complete details on prior auto claims management positions.

Job Opportunity-09-0217- Claim Examiners-Catastrophe-non management-do you have experience examining files worked by adjusters in the field through Claim Management- CMS systems for review prior to submission to the carrier for pre-approval of files to verify file documents comply with carrier file requirements? Please provide all details if you are requesting consideration for these opportunities to include type of claim such as residential, auto, commercial, etc

Job Opportunity 09-0218- Claim Trainee Opportunities- Catastrophe-Auto and Property– if you have successfully completed your state adjusters license exam and are seeking claim adjuster trainee opportunities, please use this job opportunity code when submitting your resume for consideration.

Job Opportunity 09-0219- Claim Trainee Adjusters- Insurance Carrier or Independent Adjusting Firm positions- Non Catastrophe– for those who have successfully completed your state adjusters license exam interested in non catastrophe claim adjuster trainee openings that do not involve travel on storm assignments. Specify on your resume if you are mobile.

It is important that all resumes for adjusters with billingual skills include that information as we have many firms looking for billingual adjusters throughout the year. All resumes for non catastrophe positions do need to specify your Objective (position/s desired) and whether or not you are mobile. If you are mobile, please specify cities you would consider. Read the rest of this entry »

Preliminary Damage Statistics from Hurricane Gustav/ Updates on Temporary Housing in Gustav damage territories

September 3, 2008


Prior Blogs on Temporary Housing for Adjusters- includes temporary rental apartments through corporate housing vendors, RV rental locations and much more:

Great FEMA website with Housing Portal currently shows 2,310 rental locations available in LA- great resource for adjusters: 

Two other great sources are In Town Suites and Microtel which both are reasonably priced and have locations in MS and or LA:  **rates usually about 200.00 per week 

You can always check with the carrier you are being deployed with as well to find out if they have reserved a block of rooms for independent adjusters and/or if they have a corporate discount at near by hotels you can take advantage of. 

Here are some very preliminary damage statistics showing while initial damage assessment were between 7 to 10 million that damage assessments are now being decreased to the 2 billion to 5 billion dollar range as of late last night:

Very low numbers of claims thus far reported to carriers as evacuees have yet to return:

Initial reports were at 10 billion:

Bloomberg news reports damage estimates reduced to 2 billion to 5 billion dollar range:

Updates on Deployed Adjusters:

State Farm deployed 1700 and Allstate 1000 adjusters:

Discussion of SF and Allstate Mobile units and satelitte equipment. This takes about the SF Dallas and Jax facility too which are both of their cat claim central in office operations:

Carrier Market Share for Residential and Commercial Policies in States with Gustav Damage:

Citizens of FL now has a new date published for new RFP for 9/30/08

September 3, 2008


This notice was posted 8/26/08 on the Purchasing Link for RFP 08-0016 saying the new RFP will be posted by 9/30/08:





RFP # 08-0016


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Rebid of RFP No. 08-0016 Independent Adjusters for Daily and

Catatrophe Claims is in review and will be issued by September 30, 2008.

Please monitor the Citizens Purchasing website for the notification of the

rebid at


Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Purchasing Department

Citizens Center

2101 Maryland Circle

Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 575-0936Facsimile